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Zambia ready to hold elections alongside referendum – SADC Election observers

General News Zambia ready to hold elections alongside referendum – SADC Election observers

Oldemiro Baloi
Oldemiro Baloi

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) Electoral Observation Mission (SEOM) says it has concluded that Zambia is prepared and ready to hold elections on 11th August concurrently with the referendum.

Speaking during the launch of the SEOM to the 2016 general elections, Oldemiro Baloi head of mission has encouraged the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to conduct its work professionally citing that the political leadership should also lead by example in terms of electoral behavior.
Mr. Baloi who is also Mozambique minister of foreign affairs and cooperation says it is also important for the electorate to act responsibly.

He says they are confident that the deployment of their observers will contribute to enhance the credibility of the overall electoral process.

Mr. Baloi has appealed to Zambians to follow the laid down procedures should there be any areas of disagreement during the process.

He has further urged political parties to adhere and accept the results of the elections and lodge their complaints and grievances through the relevant institutions such as the constitutional court.

SADC Electoral Observation Mission has deployed 49 observers across the country to observe the august 11th general elections.

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    • What do you expect: Baloi came to earn allowances. In Africa, it is all politics of the Belly! Politics of deceit and manipulation!

  2. Zambians themselves are saying they are not ready for spoiled referundum. Some guy from a dull country says they are ready.
    Anyway, what can he say. Even if I was sent to Zimbabwe I would say the same that Zimbabweans are ready for elections, when infact they will never and shall never be

  3. Its good to see that SADC Obsever Mission is now here. Since these elections are being held in terms of the SADC Electoral Guidelines I would have thought that their first ppriority is to re-state the Guidelines and Procedures. For example how will the votes be counted,tabulated and announced? We don’t expect the sitting govt to order ECZ to announce cooked results and then proceed to unilaterally announce the Winner without consultation and agreement with Opposition Parties and obsever missions. SADC should urge ECZ to follow these procedures to the Letter. Lastly we wonder how a Constitutional Court which gives an open licence to these illegal Ministers to abuse govt assets and loot govt funds will protect the vote in the event that the vote is stolen? This does not inspire and create…

  4. Losers always have excuses for anything and everything…UPND should realize that they are a small party in terms of numbers (strong holds) and that because of their style of politics (tribal) most regions will vote on tribal line including tribal groupings, chi mbuyas, etc. So expecting victory by UPND from such settings is like expecting to draw water from the rock – Simply put HH and UPND don’t have the numbers to pull it and the expected GBM factor (at the expense of real UPND “owners”) has not worked anywhere, on the copperbelt, Luapula, Muchinga and Northern Provinces. Eastern Province will vote for their son – thanks for the message from Southern Province on the need to vote for one’s own. because of Inonge Wina Western Province will give PF a good number of votes, Likewise for…

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