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Police gunned down in shoot out in Lusaka as thieves bolt with over K200,000

General News Police gunned down in shoot out in Lusaka as thieves bolt with...

Rae Hamoonga
Rae Hamoonga

A police officer identified as Constable Pytihas Ntulukila was this morning shot dead by some unknown person as they attempted to rob a Cash Transit Vehicle he was in.

The incident happened between 09:00 hours and 10:00 hours along Lunzia Road off Addis Ababa Road in an aggravated robbery.
The Constable Ntulukila was in the company with another police officer in a Cash Transit Vehicle that was collecting cash from various filling stations in the enroute to their Head Office along great east road.

The vehicle in which the officers were in was hit from behind by a Toyota Noah and later stopped.

According to Police Spokesman Rae Hamoonga, when they got out of the cash transit vehicle to check what had happened another motor vehicle, a Toyota corolla approached the scene and the occupants of this motor vehicle came out and started firing indiscriminately thereby shooting Constable Ntulukila in the abdomen who was later rushed to Care for Business Hospital where he later died.

The Toyota Noah was reported stolen vehicle yesterday around 23:00 hours in Makeni east here in Lusaka.
Mr Hamoonga said Police have since launched a man hunt for the criminals who snatched cash amounting to over 200,000 Kwacha.

“We would like to warn these criminals that as Police when you attack one of our police officers whilst on official duty you have attacked the entire police. We shall not leave any stone unturned to bring these criminals to book by employing all legal means at our disposal,” Mr Hamoonga said.

“To this end the Zambia Police Service would like to make earnest appeal to members of the public who may have information to report to the nearest police station so that these criminals can be made face the full wrath of the law.”

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    • Yet a file photo of a smiling officer is used be LT can you be humane and start using a sensible picture of Hamoonga (rape, murder, accidents, beheading etc) with pictures of a smiling officer, do you guys have feelings smh

    • Also check if their political parties who may be so desperate to win, they may need extra cash for campaigns. I don’t trust PF.
      Sorry Constable, we hope you get honored well because we heard the PF presidential candidate warning officers who are not supporting them, they may prefer to attend PF rallies than funeral of their own.

    • Zambian Watchdog: Latest

      Information has emerged that Police officers are having problems to trace suspects that this morning shot dead a Police Officer before snatching K200,000 because trails indicate that the suspects where using a Toyota Corrola with a number plate ECL 2016.
      A Police source has disclosed that after a Toyota Noah hit the vehicle carrying the cash the deceased officer and the driver came out of the vehicle to check the extent of the damage. At this stage some un identified man came out of the Toyota Corrola and started firing and in the process shot the officer named as Pythias Ntulukila in the abdomen.
      The officer was rushed to the nearby Care for Business Hospital where…


      he later died. ECL 2016 is a number plate most supporters of Edgar Lungu have put on their vehicles from the time Campaigns started.
      The Zambia Police Force that claims to bé a service has never impounded any vehicle with such number plates though it is illegal under the Road Transport and Safety Agency Act. Last month the Law Association of Zambia President Linda Kasonde said there was an increase in lawlessness in the country under the current government. Meanwhile, Police Spokesperson Ray Hamonga confirmed the incidence in a statement to the media. Mr. Hamoonga said the incident happened between 09 and 10 hours along Adis Abbaba road in Lusaka.

    • First of, the police guards seem to have acted very unprofessionally. They should have known that they whole thing was a setup, when they were hit from the back, and should have never stopped and exited the vehicle. Secondly, I don’t know what type of vehicle they use in transporting money, but sounds like it’s not an armored and bullet proof vehicle. Thirdly, these police guards should have been clad in bullet proof vests, and maybe that could have saved the life of the one that was shot, since he was shot in the abdomen. Thirdly, the quickest way to get tips from the public is to announce a reward— put a bounty over these criminals’ heads.

    • stupid statement from police. when you hit one of us you have hit the whole police force! it should be when hit any person the police will hunt you down for depriving a human being the life to live

  1. Nonsense.
    When is the next rally for the opposition.That is where you show how tough you are.Just go and bury your fellow coward or wait for the next opposition rally to show us what you are made of.

  2. May our God In Heaven help our police service catch these criminals in Jesus’ Name. killing An innocent man on duty is evil. Please lets be humane in our comments.

  3. These cops arent trained in cash-in-transit procedures. First of all never stop or disembark for whatever reasons !

  4. Zambia Policemen. IG now begging to the general public to whereabouts of these criminals. Why not ask from your usual state house command.

  5. How the hell will you catch the suspects if the only thing Police do is man roadblocks to collect some kasaka ?

    Since when are police concerned about catching criminals ? Their only interest is where cash is concerned or they are sufficiently “motivated” to perform law enforcement duties.

    The worst part about it is that they willy-nilly set up roadblocks wherever there fancy takes them, without any regard for how much traffic jams they are causing.

    Any decent President would separate traffic police from common police. The traffic officers look after traffic matters and the police officers catch criminals.

  6. A useless President that has destroyed Zambias economy is the REAL cause of the poverty that drives desperate people to do these criminal acts!

    Lungu must go! He has no solutions and we will only see more of this under another PF Goverment.

  7. Condolences to the family for their loss. While the action should never ever be condoned, the question should be, what led these dangerous and heartless people to carry out such a crime. Poverty causes people to carry out desparate actions. Ati boma isebenza, really?!?

  8. Useless, even criminals out smart them, how do you stop like that without offering protection to the loot?? Investigate the driver, surely this could be an inside job and for sure the Police officer was not part of the plan. My God feeling is that, he was asked to go and check what was happening by the driver so as to give access to the criminals to take cash. Why was he not shot??

  9. Blood money is death money. Hamoonga i command you to catch those demons & hung them. And pease dont waste tax payers money by taking them to court, just hung them

  10. As a nation we need to start immediately using cash-security dye-packs for all bulk cash movements. All filling stations should be encouraged to sell petrol using bank cards rather than the current practice of accepting hard cash only as is the case with most filling stations. It is very sad that an officer should lose his life over any amount of money.
    MHSRIP. His name should be honored for being a victim cash-in transit system that fails to discourage would be robbers.

  11. Those thieves know that they will be killed very soon by Police. Hardcore thieves do not kill policemen its just a matter of time we shall hear that they are dead…

    • Kudos/Techilema and Senile Citizen your Lungu wants to sort civil servants.

      Ma civil servant especially bakapokola nama ticha mwazimvelela…….it now you vote for UPND or you are sorted out by ECL PF. Edgar afunu kumudula mikosi….yazanda.

      Nindani azagonjesa….Civil Servants vs Edgar Chagwa Lungu PF?

      Its your life and your families at stake….its either you survive with UPND victory or perish if PF Lungu wins.

      The die is cast and the VOTE is yours ba Civil Servant. SAVE YOURSELVES…..vote Team HH/GBM.

      Choose life and avoid death…..run away from death of having Lungu back to torment and kill you…..VOTE UPND!!

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