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Victory Ministries invites Stephen Kampyongo for a service in Chinsali

General News Victory Ministries invites Stephen Kampyongo for a service in Chinsali

Vice- President of Victory Ministries International Reverend Abel Thosi, who is also presiding pastor of Victory Ministries Bible Church Woodlands-Chalala Branch, has extended an open invitation to Honourable Stephen Kampyongo to attend a church service at the Chinsali Victory Bible Church, his home area where Pastor Mwango, the presidIng pastor, will be on hand to give him a warm welcome so that he could confirm for himself that the ministry was alive and well.

Reverend Thosi was responding to allegations by Honourable Stephen Kampyongo, made on a live Hotfm radio talk show this morning, 5th August, that Dr. Nevers Mumba had abandoned his ministry and given his churches away.

He explained that the ministry was still vibrant and that Dr. Mumba was a frequent speaker at many of the 53 branches of which 43 are locally based and was the main speaker at the Kasama Victory Bible church Sunday service just two weeks ago during his campaign tour in Northern Province. Reverend Thosi said Dr. Mumba remains not only founder but also President of this ever-expanding ministry and remained a respected and world-reknowned name in the region and around the world with thousands of graduate pastors of the Victory Bible School now running various independent ministries around the country and in the region.

He further explained that Dr. Mumba has a busy preachng calendar every year and is a frequent guest speaker at many churches in Lusaka, around the country, in the region and abroad and was a highly sought-after guest speaker at churches in the region while on tours of duty as Republican Vice-President.

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  1. Power has blinded Kampyongo, he thinks he will forever be in power. He is talkative and very childish.
    From GBM its now ba Nevers Mumba, who doesnt even even insult like him.

    • Ba shimapepo, I’d rather you left Dr Mumba to defend himself rather than you dragging the whole ministry into politics……….he knew what he signed up for when he joined politics……..otherwise your statement will justify what people have always been saying that it was wrong for him to join politics.

  2. Guys, please we know that the church is there to save cheeky, insolent, arrogant, big headed thugs like Kampyongo. But this breed never repents and will end up contaminating your congregation. There are some souls you should strive to save but this one is beyond. I am PF but I should be Frank in my discourse

  3. Stephen Kantyongo: He is a very good example of what Kashimba Chimbwili would call Kakunkubiti – a typical mother fuc.ker!!

  4. This is ridiculous, how come then we dont hear of the church or ministry now. 26 years ago it used to be on tv and radio and was bigger than some political parties today and u say its growing and bigger . I think you lying

  5. pastor thosi does’t know . indeed this ministry what he is talking about, because giving a talk is not preaching, if that is what the ministry no wonder their is lucifer is confused, cula afwile ntangalala.I thought pastor Nsofu was in charge.Kampyongo was right giving a talk is totally different from preaching, you leading people to hell and amgedon as your lucifer believes

  6. It is good that Victory Ministries defended itself otherwise lost souls and people seeking divine deliverance and council from the church would have been misled to into thinking the ministry was dead. The political Minister’s statement was a dangerous statement in the spiritual realm.

  7. Mumba is lost he now spend church offering to cheat,beat,kill pipo in political circles litipo ilkulu and he shud repent

  8. I like No2…whose comments are true about Kampyongo (and the likes of Mumbi Phiri etc). People should be careful when talking about Godly issues otherwise they will end up cursing themselves or the generation of their off spring. Kampyongo na Mumbi Phiri bantu batipwa, nangu baya na ba President ku church these will still speak stale things after service. We muntu mu Christian nation waya mukwangalila kwi church?!!!! .. Kampyongo ulekawata akatina SATANA iwe .. Lucifer akakoca pantu tefyo akweba.. tawaishiba’ti alatina Lesa naena? Wikatuletelela mu chalo cesu mwansakabinga.

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