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UPND refuses to be intimidated by violent PF cadres

Headlines UPND refuses to be intimidated by violent PF cadres

upnd bus2

The UPND has refused to be intimidated by PF. After a horde of PF cadres attacked a UPND double decker bus in Munali yesterday afternoon, hurling rocks that caused injury and stealing UPND materials, a UPND team swept up the broken glass and checked on fellow supporters before continuing on to the University of Zambia.

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema said the Zambian youth are hungry for change. They want universities that stay open, they want a government that doesn’t withhold meal allowances while ministers are busy feeding themselves, and most of all they want jobs and business opportunities.

Mr.Hichilema said UPND is ready to deliver its 10 Point Plan by cutting waste and fighting corruption. He said UPND is ready to support and empower business professionals, entrepreneurs and civil society leaders of tomorrow.

UPND bus1

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    • @impondo…. whatever you call yourself, who provoked who? PF thugs followed UPND supporters.

      You, Lungu and PF thugs your days are over, you will be in a shock in few days from now.




  1. The show of force that you have now displayed is what you should have done on getting into Mutendere……

    This is war and UPND are playing a child’s game!! Battle ready should be the name of the game. You have enough numbers to zimya the criminal PF elements.

  2. Stop promoting violence with your comments instead condemn it and preach peace. You think you will be spared when it spills and get out of hand.

    • UPND cadres made a mistake by entering an areas where PF was also holding a similar programme. They should have avoided that area and gone an route. Instead of condemning only PF, advise UPND not to ask for trouble by provocative actions like what happened in Mtendere. Both parties need to openly talk to their cadres to avoid working in the same area at the same time.

  3. We certainly don’t need violence and indiscipline! This thing of physical fights over issues of governance are sure signs of our backwardness so is the behavior of damaging ECZ vehicles and interfering in the electoral process! Happy we are inching closer to the end of this trying moment and just hoping everything ends well but those committing crimes during this period should be brought to book even after elections to set a precedent for our future!

  4. Let it be an eye for an eye for the violent PF cadres. We know no arrests will be made unless it were UPND who harrassed PF. Let us get ready to fight these baffoons at any point as we campaign. Lets have something to defend ourselves.

    • Iwe chilu pf says as it is. In eastern province cadres are in police cells so what are you talking about. Even now you know that you provoked the situation but as usual you cant admit!

  5. We vote PF out so that we recover our monies from these illegal Ministers so that we pay meal allowances to students.Let us come in large numbers to remove this useless goverment

  6. PF stop the nonsense, you were give five years to rule but you continue behaving like you are still in opposition. Just a day in between, you are gone.

  7. I really doubt if those were PF cadres cos of this operation watermelon issue. I suspect they are all up nd cadres fighting for the cash they didn’t share properly

  8. PF thugs you killed your own brother just because you have been brainwashed by selfish politicians. Is it because of poverty? Zambia is indeed a failed state.

  9. Such bravery and peaceful campaign by UPND cadres is simply unmatched. Well done comrades very proud of you and our prayers for your safety go with you. We are heading for better times after Thursday, God bless our once peaceful country.

  10. HH will be sent to the political dustbin a day from today. Whilst he is dreaming and fight the impossible of ousting PF GBM and the cartel are scheming of of the take over of UPND after the humiliation on 11 August. HH doesn’t know what will hit him watch this space.

    Pray that UPNDown does not cease to exist after the 8/11 polls. HH will be retired in 2 days. Tick Tick Tick!

  12. As for me and my family, we put our vote on HH and UPND. Nothing will change this. By By Lungu.

  13. As for me and my family plus a lot of church members from the North-we are 100% voting for PF and ECL because voting for violent GBM and evil HH can be a curse in the eyes of Almighty God!!voting for hh and gbm by a true Christian is like GIVING K10 TO A MAN AT A BAR TO BUY SHAKE SHAKE-PROMOTING EVIL!!we cannot do that.all our church leaders have told us to vote for a God fearing president in Edgar Lungu on 11/08/2016!!!go PF go!!

    • Amen and so apparently you have judged yourself to be more righteous than your brother …. I wonder which christian practice this is. And apparently the branding of Edgar as God fearing man seems to have worked for the gullible like yourself Sir! I will ask a simple question before ECL was elected president which Church was he a prominent member of ? For his age he could have been an elder by now only his wife was a committed Church Member while Edgar Patronized Bars…. and unfortunately for all you can say this is a FACT you will never Change

  14. My family, my extended family my wife’s family are all voting HH.

    they have had enogh of PF thuggery for example where kayzer zulu discharges firearms in public and assaults women at filling stations for no reason other than he is lungus advisor.

    They have had enough of hunger with inflation at 22% while they see PF officials getting very rich like magic.

    They have had enough of unemployment.

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