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Daily Nation Newspaper lied, says US Embassy

General News Daily Nation Newspaper lied, says US Embassy

American Embassy  in Lusaka
American Embassy in Lusaka

The American Embassy has refuted a story in last Thursday’s edition of the Daily Nation entitled “USAID Supports Referendum ‘Yes’ Vote”

In a statement, the US Embassy said on Thursday, August 4, 2016, an article entitled “USAID Supports Referendum ‘Yes’ Vote” ran in Daily Nation that quotes a person named Aaron Phiri who is stated to be a United States Agency for International Development (USAID) coordinator.

But the Embassy says USAID has no employee named Aaron Phiri.

‘USAID has no position entitled, “USAID coordinator.” The article is based on quotes by someone who is not an employee of USAID and who therefore does not speak on behalf of USAID or otherwise represent USAID. The U.S. Embassy has requested a retraction by Daily Nation,” it said.

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    • Now what’s your stake on the referendum? Is it YES or no? If you supported the idea of holding referendum along side with general elections then you you automatically supported a YES vote. Wanzawei.

    • @HH Techilema. Your analysis is very skewed. Let me simplify it for you.

      1.The referendum is an activity like an election:
      2. A referendum, like an election, is a democratic method of deciding on “something”:
      3. supporting a referendum is supporting a democratic process like an election:
      4. supporting a democratic process like a referendum does not amount to supporting a particular decision subject to the referendum, just like supporting a democratic process like an election does not amount to supporting a particular candidate participating in the referendum.

      So in summary, the US Government may have supported the process of making a decision, but not the decision.

      I hope that helps

    • Holding of the referendum alongside the general election was for two reasons.

      1. To capture more than 50% eligible voters
      2. To cut down on the huge cost.

      It’s immoral for you or your party to campaign a NO vote because that is up to an individual to decide. Should the referendum fail it’s zambians to lose because that will mean more money to be spent to hold it and again aparthy will come in as people will be fatiqued

  1. These guys at the US Embassy are Dull!! Now you see how it feels to notice the Lies we read in our local publication including The Post you support!!!

  2. USA is against voting yes because they support gay rights. Yes means no gays will be allowed in Zambia period.

    • Junza, you need to read the Bill of Rights. Even the current government are not in support of a yes vote. They are hoping it fails just like David Cameron thought BREXIT would fail but chances are it will pass because many Zambians including you Junza don’t understand what you ll be voting YES for. Gay rights is actually one of the things you’ll be voting for if you vote YES!

  3. Reporting is poorer by the day. Whats that last paragraph saying? Cant figure out. I also doubt whether an american can break chizungu like this “‘USAID has no position entitled, “USAID coordinator.”
    No position entitled? “Titled” should be the word but this is in quotes meaning this is what the reporter heard. Did he hear right?

  4. Besides this Daily Nation Newspaper website is been shattered.I think its getting to end of its own road-Election fever.

  5. LT, US embassy did not mention the word lie. Its just an incorrect story and The Daily Nation will apologise as they are gentlemen. Unlike the Post which tells lies deliberately everyday and never apologises even when they are caught red handed
    Abash Mmembe and Post, we bury them forever tiday. And I am starting an imdependent balanced newspaper today, on the lines of the Post of 1990, not this modern toilet paper printed in mmembes toilet.

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