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President Lungu to comply with the directives of the Constitutional Court Judgement on Ministers

Headlines President Lungu to comply with the directives of the Constitutional Court Judgement...

President Lungu
President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has accepted the judgment of the Constitutional Court that ministers vacate office following the dissolution of Parliament.

According to a statement to the media by his pres aide Amos Chanda, President Lungu says the Government respects the Ruling of the Constitutional Court and has taken note of its interpretation of the provisions of the republican Constitution.

The Head of State says the Government will therefore comply with the directives of the court because no appeal is provided for against the Constitutional Court decisions.

The President has stated that interpretation of the law remains a preserve of the Judiciary and therefore the Government will make no further comment on the matter.

The Head of State has, however, noted that the Constitutional Court in its wisdom relied only on the Article, which deals with vacating the office by a Member of Parliament on dissolution.

The Provision of the Constitutional (Amendment) Act No.2 of 2016 which are in contention as to whether the ministers and deputy ministers stay in power after the dissolution of Parliament are as follows:

(a) Article 72(1), a Member of Parliament shall, except the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker, vacate the seat in the National Assembly upon a dissolution of Parliament;

(b) Article 116 (3) (e), The office of Minister becomes vacant if another person assumes the Office of President;

(c) Furthermore, the Constitution of Zambia Act No.1 of 2016 provides under Article 7(2) that holding the post of Vice-President, Minister or Deputy Minister shall continue to hold that position under the Constitution until that appointment is terminated by the President in accordance with the Constitution.

The President has also stated that the Government relied on the two latter provisions of the Constitution for Ministers and Deputy Ministers to stay in Office until terminated or the new President is sworn into Office.

“Nevertheless, the Government respects the Judgment of the Constitutional Court and has taken note of its interpretation of the provisions of the Constitution and will therefore comply with the directives contained in the Judgment as they also note that there is no appeal from the Constitutional Court. Interpretation of the law remains a preserve of the Judiciary and therefore the Government can make no further comment on the matter.”


  1. Gross misconduct! I can not blame the man, he is Zambian and in his own worrying words “Zambians have a problem with reading! The reading culture amongest Zambians is bad” plus the man confessed he has no vision. Enough of these politics of arrogance come Thursday “VOTE CHANGE” it’s not theoretical to read the current situation in Zambia, just open your fridge and see


    • As if he has any choice not to……why are they even telling us this? I was expecting the Presido for the sake of transparency and goodwill to the people indicate how and when his ministers and deputies will settle the Monies instead he continues to try and justify his decision. For the first time in this country we have had Ministers who weren’t MPs in office …thank goodness the courts nullified this

    • Lungu is running a criminal enterprise called PF. They have pillaged the Zambian treasury, and continue to harass and murder Zambians. Lungu is a mass murderer and a thief who stole K23m in one year.

    • Is this guy normal? Its not like he has a choice. Unless he is suggesting that the ruling is stage managed…am actually beginning to think so. He sounds like he had a hand in this ruling. Under his administration we have since rampant disregard for court orders. So this statement is a calculated move aimed at manipulating our perception. ..he wants us to cheer that he is humble. Thursday come already!

    • Democracy is growing in Zambia. Government losing a constitutional argument is very healthy in a functional democracy. Learn from the record of President Obama a Harvard Graduate and Lawyer Professor who Has Lost In The Supreme Court constitution cases More Than Any Modern President. The Obama administration has lost most of its lawsuits that wound up in the U.S. Supreme Court. That’s far short of the modern presidential record. I can give you countless cases to make you see that in democracy Administrations run by the best layer Presidents can still lose constitutional arguments.

    • I blame the bunch of lawyers who sat and wasted our Tax to come up with such a useless constitution. Why did they include the two statements the president has alluded to? What was the motive?did they forget that on some page they had indicated that the Ministers office will remain functional? Our Lawyers in Zambia just like our Journalists are useless. Failing to edit such an important document before it was presented to the public and yet they call themselves LAZ? Shame.


    • Did these LAZ lazy cadres also look at the responsibilities of a Minister and how government functions will be affected when that office is vacant. Hope they started by adjusting the Ministers duties and that in his absence the permsec can act.

    • The is an utter disgrace…how about an apology for starters as you are a Lawyer who can not read…here is something of great importance and and usual you are cowering behind your Chola boys Amos and Sunday Chanda. He is more than happy to issues threats and nonsense about outcome of election results but has no time for this. This man is not a leader but just a coward and a drunkard we are paying $60,000 do to absolutely nothing – can anyone tell me what this visionless lazy bum has done in his 15+ months in power? He signed this selfsame constitution at Heros stadium yet he didn’t understand a single word even a Grade 9 pupil knows that when Parliament dissolves ministers vacate offices.

    • And some docile **** we say oh Lungu is a humble man look at the way he holds his hand together with respect…really laughable..as far as he is concerned he is right it just he has no time to appeal.

    • Ifact Lungu should have resigned.He is not fit to be president and chief of the armed forces in Zambia.Thats what happens when thugs and criminals impose a fake bush lawyer from Chawama to become president.You can compare Lungu to Levy P Mwanawasa lawyer wa ma lawyer.Lungu has costed resources and many Zambians.On morol grounds lets not vote such a shameless animal back to state house unless we are sick upstairs.

    • I am very suspicious of the ruling and timing by the Constitution court. If this ruling was made a couple of weeks-months ago then I would have applauded it as being just. You know the saying that goes ‘justice delayed is justice denied’. There is no practical implication of the ruling coming a few days before the elections as the ministers and deputy ministers where able to utilise the positions and resources that come with them (vehicles and drivers for instance) to campaign, not to mention the salaries and allowances they kept on drawing and no doubt also applied to campaigning. It is for this reason I fear that this ruling is with the full blessing of ECL and is meant to legitimise the Constitution court so that if any petitions are brought to the Court after the elections even if…

    • Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu has said that ministers will continue working after the dissolution of Parliament that is scheduled for next Wednesday.

      President Lungu told reporters at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport before departure for Uganda to attend the inauguration of President Yoweri Museveni that the Constitution allowed ministers to remain in office after dissolution of Parliament.

      A heated debate has emerged over the status of ministers after dissolution of Parliament following the amendment of the Constitution.

      The government has insisted that the amended constitution allows ministers to continue serving after dissolution of Parliament, but key interested parties have argued that since ministers are appointed from Parliament, they stop doing government duties…

    • Judiciary is highly politicized. I am for a change but not insults and throwing our values to the wind. Ministers have been there under KK, Chiluba, Mwanawasa and RB. All had continued as President cannot run country alone. He needs continued support, guidance and action from the cabinet. If there is no Minister, everything will fall on President, One-Person-Participatory-Democracy, a soft word for Dictatorship.

      Constitutional Court judgement is WRONG, and I am ready to discuss with any person in his right mind and reasonable posture.

  2. It’s ok. Ruling accepted. Was expected from chuuuundu judges.Job already done. Next. ..fire ka hh

    • Yes flush HH and GBM tomorrow in the toilet cos they are smelly. Please Zambians, don’t allow dirty anyhow in Zambia. All those useless judges flush them. How did they think government was going to function? Kupusa chuundu chaitawa judges.

    • Who appointed those selfsame judges? @Mjb do you know the role of a minister? Remove Parliament from that equation and a minister is irrelevant.

    • This kawayawaya Chakolwa has [email protected] the Zambian Constitution. Despite writing the Constitution himself with his PF controlled Parliament, he completely failed to write into the Constitution what he wanted to achieve politically. Lungu is the epitome of laziness, incompetence and failure. How can such a lawyer failure run a country, when he cannot even construct his own Constitution? This is the problem with the filaisova attitude. Nothing solves itself; everything has to be worked on, guided and led. KaChakolwa is the worst President that Zambia will ever have!

  3. Pathetic. Not even an apology & people are wondering how the heck Zambia became the 3rd most hungriest country on the globe in 2015. Ministers are stealing money the freestyle way meant for development & we have idiiots cheering up to these acts. Disgusted

    • Kawayawaya kaChakolwa is like the self – proclaimed chef who is taken down with food poisoning from a meal he cooked himself. Incompetence and stoopidity have no cure, even being in State House.

  4. These nincompoops are not fit to rule. On the one hand you say you accept the judgement, then in the same statement you continue to mention your flawed interpretation of the law. A simple apology would have made sense.

    • He gives his defence then he states that “Nevertheless” he respects…that is not respect. Lazy Lungu should not be a lot in for another 5 years he has no respect for law and does not know anything about governance or leadership.

    • Awe ,we Bembas natu muntumpika sana uyu Lungu. He behaves the way he likes because he thinks the majority Bemba vote will always be on his side, so he can do as he wish. yes we put him there but we can not support this kind of behavior.Lets kick him out ale tusebanya. The Guy is not fit to be president. We shall now be the laughing stock in other countries.

    • The Constitutional Court also mentioned that there is no provision for Deputy Ministers in the new constitution, as was pointed out to Chakolwa earlier in the year. This means that all those Deputy Ministers, who were 2 or 3 per ministry(30 to 40 of them), owe Zambians 7 months’ worth for abuse of national resources. These mugs must pay up immediately!

    • @Jay Jay, that is respect. President has given his interpretation and it is logical and supported by tradition from KK, Chiluba, Mwanawasa to RB. All Presidents kept the cabinet to run the country. Without a cabinet, it will be One-Man-Participatory-government, a soft word for Dictatorship.

      It is a different aspect that most of the ministers in Zambia are a drain on exchequer and country can do without most of them and most of the Permanent Secretaries.

      Zambian economy, size of country and population can manage with 10 ministers (including deputies) in total and 20 Permanent Secretaries. They spent so much time yapping, drinking, travelling and womanising. It is a disease that has to be eradicated.

  5. Zambians, all said and done, the ball is now in your court. Actions speak louder than words. Your vote is your voice and your future. Vote wisely. All the best.

  6. President Lungu is the only man appointed on earth to lead Zambia into 2021.

    Thank you Mr President for leading by example.

    Some Under 5 dictators have never held a convention in 10 years for fear of their own Satamic free masson shadows.



    • Let’s meet here on Monday 15th August @Loadist.

      I’ll help you formulate a plan to overthrow Hap Hazard Kaponya (HH) from the helm of UPND which continues to see its opportunities dwindling every election cycle.

    • (Stolen post)


      1. Job losses on the Copperbelt
      2. Excessive national debt
      3. Unprecedented load shedding
      4. Unprecedented abuse of the Public Order Act
      5. Unprecedented biased coverage of public media
      6. Closure of the Post Newspaper
      7. Under-performance of health facilities
      8. Very High cost of living
      9. High bank interest rates
      10. Very high cost of fertilizer
      11. Very high unemployment
      12. Failure to stop political violence
      13. Unexplained amassing of personal wealth
      14. political intolerance
      15. Dilution of constitution
      16. Abuse of public resources by retained ministers
      17. Bribing of chiefs before elections
      18. Lies about reopening Mulungushi Textiles
      19. Abuse of Human Rights of citizens
      20. Failure to revamp…

    • 20. Failure to revamp Zambia Railways and Zambia Airways
      21. Ferrying of musicians to PF rallies in ZAF choppers
      22. Failure to give loans to marketeers countrywide
      23. Lying to ex-miners about land
      24. Peddling tribalism
      25. Failing to contain corruption by the executive
      26. Wasting public resources through unprecedented by elections
      27. u-turning too many times on introduced policies
      28. Dividing the church because of politics
      29. Failing to build the national tabernacle for prayers
      30. Pretending to be a believer in hard times
      31. Turning state house into a pub
      32. Surrounding the presidency with mediocrity
      33. Demonizing university students after provoking them
      34. Wasting public resources on unnecessary trips
      35. Failing to back orders of statutory legal bodies

    • 36. Late payment of civil servant salaries
      37. Embracing false prophets
      38. Unfair denial of use of airspace to other candidates
      39. Failing to protect citizens from violent political cadres
      40. Giving markets and bus stops to political cadres
      41. Allowing cadres to grab land from rightful owners
      42. Trying hard to rig elections
      43. Supporting rogue regimes hated by their own people
      44. General lack of patriotism
      45. Failure to discuss national vision on live presidential debate
      46. Chickening away from international media
      47. Allowing foreigners to acquire national registration cards
      48. Helping foreigners to register as voters
      49. Curtailing freedom of assembly and movement
      50. Embarrassing first lady through bad association with females

    • Nicely summed up:
      (Stolen post)


      1. Job losses on the Copperbelt
      2. Excessive national debt
      3. Unprecedented load shedding
      49. Curtailing freedom of assembly and movement
      50. Embarrassing first lady through bad association with females

    • Foolishness baba is voting for a mongolian ***** like Lungu over and over again and expecting that he will now give birth to a vision, assist to bring peace in Zambia and socio-economic development.

      I just wonder how we ended up with this mentally disabled lawyer with no close understanding of law.

      You can remove someone from Chawama but you cannot remove the kombonic and mongolian syndrome from him.

      I now believe those who say that he had a mental disability from birth and later became a lunatic due to disproportionate and extreme beer drinking.

      How does one defend Lungu’s unsound mind and gross misconduct?

      Do Lungu some justice by voting him out of office so that he can have time to go to an alcohol rehabilitation center to be provided with a holistic rehab…

    • programme for his alcohol abuse issues that are making him fail to reason properly in addition to being a lunatic.

      The court ruling is just an iceberg of many other immoral and illegal decisions he has made as a president.

      As Zambians, we deserve better than this mongolian idi.ot.

    • Yes, there are people who held Conventions where PANGAS were used to chase all their opponents! Any wonder that this violence has continued to be used on innocent Zambians? Come 11 August 2016, we will have our say with our votes!

    • Mr Kudos, i had known that you would speak out of context. Whilst you were supporting and defending this useless Lungu, can you now see what he had been up to all this time? You still can’t see. PF and ECL are going down the drain. I wonder what you see in these buffoons…

  7. How stupid ati lungu was chosen by God, wouldn’t God give wisidom to a man that he chose to lead a so called Christian nation? Lungu disregarded the constitution, disregarded advise from LAZ and authorized his ministers to plunder the resources of of our land while majority are in economic distress, that he himself caused through mismanagement. He must be impeached!

  8. Lungu disregarded legal advice from the Attorney General so he knew what he was doing by keeping the Ministers was illegal. Lungu wanted to use the illegal Ministers to help him to rig the elections in his favour. The illegal Ministers abused state resources and looted public funds to finance the PF campaigns. The illegal Minister of Finance is on record casually and deliberately stealing money from Treasury and remmitting these funds to PF and busy enriching the PF elites including himself. The illegal Minister of Local govt was busy putting in place modalities to rig the elections. Lungu himself was co-ordinating the theft of Tax Payers money to finance his PF party. Apart from paying back money to Treasury ,Lungu and his illegal Ministers must be arrested and prosecuted for committing…

    • Democracy bane’ we can all see that the president is walking the talk. Interpretation of law varries from judge to judge and govt has accepted. That is being a true leader, unlike abanensu kwisamba uku, who have openly declared that they wont accept peoples choice.

    • I still agree with the President’s interpretation on Ministers staying in office. As for Deputy Ministers, I did not agree with his argument at that time and I still do not even now. The real problem here is the way the constitution has been crafted – too many lacunas. Those individuals that were tasked to clean up the document, and LAZ, did not do a fine job.

      Oh, and I also accept the ruling of the ConCourt…

  9. Zambians please read between the lines please. It’s not about the tribe or colour but about someone with brains to deliver good governance and remove corrupt people who can rob you in total day light.

  10. President Lungu is a courageous man to put a new constitution in place, we now have a running mate, 50+1, dual citizenship, establishment of a constitutional and more progressive clauses enhancing governance. Given time and his own full term, Lungu is a far better guy. I am voting PF for now, until 2021.

    • Lungu is useless and wetbed. Used by clever Ngosa simbyakula to come up with a constitution which has potentially knocked him out of the race. Lungu has been dribbled by Ngosa Simbyakula right and center. The 50 + 1 was avoided by Mwanawasa and Banda.But because he is dull he accepted it. He brought on board the Refrendum and said only those with voters card should vote hoping to improve vote turn out and reduce Voter apathy in his strongholds but the opposed has happened his strong holds have been seriously infiltrated by UPND. Lungu now is like a snake with a chopped tail it can not run fast,soon Lungu will enter a danjon of Vultures that will finish him off of the stolen cash so that by the time he is going back to Chawama he will be a Phiri an bwela ku chokela ku Zimbabwe.

  11. The problem is that we draft the laws with the need to have the lawyers interpret them.
    Its clear this constitution amendment act has a laguna. That provision only applies in the case of the death of the president.
    However, when parliament in dissolution, I dont think it should stand.

    • @ mwinelubemb listen ECL is a true statesman. As you have highlighted his predicessors avoided giving the Zambians the new constitution but he has done it. The clauses on the constitution were fomulated by the Zambian people and the president just honoured our wish. So whether it works for or against he has given us our wish. Mistakes are envitable as long us we are human.
      Now can your demi god, free manson and kalusa exhibit such levels of states manship ? He has bluntatly told us that he wont accept the peoples wish in in tomorrow’s elections. we dont need such stiff necked person to be our commander in chief. Let us vote wisely, vote ECL tomorrow!! I thank you

  12. I don’t see anywhere in the new constitution where it says ministers should vacate office after dissolution of parliament. The constitution yes not the new. The conscourt are misinterpreted the law here. The fact that they can’t be challenged saves them the shame. High court ruled on this matter convincingly.
    Democracy has won in this case and no doubt that the current president doesn’t interfere with the works of the judiciary. Imagine if it was ftj or l.p..

    Vote wisELy Don’t vote fullisHHly Few hours left.

    • I’m voting wisely. I’m voting for HH. Edgar has completely failed. He is a lawyer who can’t even interpret the constitution properly. How embarrassing! He is a danger to our democracy!

    • @HHtechilema how can you see with those tinted tribal Glasses you are wearing.You follow everything Lungu says as long its against HH.Open your eyes what is Good for Zambia its good for all Zambians.HH is Zambian he will not kill you lets try him we see how he will keep us.If he fails we chuck him out for sure Lungu is a weak soul.He has failed no matter how we defend him ,yes he is our son but umwana ushimfwa alaletela ba wishi Nsoni.

    • @14 HH Techilema. What is the primary qualification of a Minister? That he should be a Member of Parliament. What happens when Parliament is dissolved? They lose their primary qualification and therefore cannot be Ministers.
      It would have been different if Ministers were appointed from OUTSIDE Parliament! Then they would not be affected by what happens to Parliament.

  13. Another decoy by Lungu… He wants to use this so called Constitutional Court to mask his imminent rigging of the elections. What kind of court by the way where there’s no appeal or recourse?

    • Maverick you are wise these Guys they rehesed this plan to try and make the constitutional court look legitimate.Our eyes are open.No one will fool us this year.Lungu should Go.

  14. Revolutions are about VISION, Visions in this case are about the future and tomorrow ist BACK TO THE FUTURE for ALL SANE ZAMBIANS…Yes the future is not a point in time but it does arrive – ZAMBIA FOWARD!!!

  15. The concourt is soon to rule against the opposition and I can’t wait to hear the insults from the sons of anarchy. Tic tac tic tac…. Kikikik

  16. 20 things we now know about Hakainde Hichilema
    9th August 2016 Disclosure
    1. Hichilema took away Zambians’ jobs. It was him who liquidated Zambia’s mines, banks and factories. It was him who fired tens of thousands of workers.

    2. Hichilema pushed Zambians into poverty. Hichilema shut down companies without paying the workers. Former employees sold their personal properties to survive. Their children dropped out from high school because there was no money to pay the fees.

    3. Hichilema threw Zambians out of their homes. Hichilema sold the houses occupied by the former workers. The tenants were thrown out into the streets. Those who had bought houses in government empowerment schemes were forced to sell them to provide at least for minimal household basics.

    4. Hichilema has…

    • @ Paul. Then why don’t you prosecute him? Who made the decision to privatise? Was he in the MMD government. As I remember, MCS was “Minister Without Portfolio”, and they made the decision to privatise.
      If you have evidence, arrest and prosecute him otherwise you are just vilifying someone without any evidence and showing your incompetence.

  17. Zambian blood on his hands. It was Hakainde Hichilema who killed Luanshya. The mass RAMCOZ layoff resulted in starvation and death. Malnutrition rose and so did the diseases related with starvation: malaria, tuberculosis and elephantiasis. Hichilema closed hospitals and clinics.

    5. Hichilema enriched himself at the expense of the Zambians. He acted with ruthless cruelty. While the people were suffering, Hichilema paid himself tens of millions of dollars.

    6. Hichilema stole hundreds of millions of dollars from Zambia’s people. In a single year, Grant Thornton Zambia made $644.3 million in revenue. Grant Thornton is the company through which Hichilema handled the privatisation and liquidation of Zambia’s parastatals.

    7. Hichilema committed perjury. He deliberately gave false…

  18. information in his declarations of assets. Trying to hide the fact that he stole the privatisation money, Hichilema gave false testimonies before Chief Justice. Hichilema committed a criminal offence and is liable to imprisonment for seven years.

    8. Hichilema has built his fortune on fraud and corruption. Hichilema has stolen from the people of Zambia. He defrauded Zambians by giving a state-owned hotel to himself. He took Zambians’ money by putting companies into receivership and appointing himself as liquidator.

    9. Hichilema took bribes from foreign mining companies. Hichilema received payment for using his government connections to obtain illegal favours for multinational mining companies. He was paid to support foreign companies interested in taking over Zambia’s natural…

    • @Paul last minute personal attacks on HH without proof from court will not make Zambians believe you.How can one person not even working in Government single handedly sale a mine a Bank or houses belong to Government and all the three presidents just let him just like that.My man your Lungu has been caught twice by courts 1.when he stole pension money from a widow records are there and he was striped of his practicing licence.2Now he has been caught by the Concourt and told to payback millions of money stolen from GRZ coffers by his minister ,is that not enough evidence that Lungu is not fit to president let alone a headman.

  19. resources. He is guilty of influence peddling.

    10. The American Government is against Hichilema and condemns his tribalism. Hichilema is considered a violent and tribal leader by the Government of the United States of America. He has no chance to become the country’s president because his tribalism is a major threat to peace, unity and democracy. According to the US State Department, UPND is a tribal party and Hichilema secured his position within UPND by “tribalism, harassment, and intolerance for leaders who do not speak Tonga language of Southern Province”.

    11. Hichilema hates non-Tongas. Hakainde Hichilema and his followers identify themselves by using the Nazi straight-arm salute. The message is sinister, but also clear: Tongas will lead Zambia and if you are not a Tonga you…

  20. will suffer. The Nazi salute is a proclamation of Tonga superiority.

    12. Hichilema is a freemason. He is a leading member of the Eagle Lodge #7232 part of the District Grand Lodge of Zambia (English Constitution) which is placed under the jurisdiction of the United Grand Lodge of England.

    13. Hichilema doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ. Hakainde Hichilema has chosen the masonic false god, the Gaotu, over the Jesus Christ. He doesn’t recognize the God of the Bible. Hichilema is part of an anti-Christian religious cult.

    14. Hichilema serves his masonic masters. Hichilema’s candidacy is the latest part of the masonic conspiracy to control Africa. Alexander P Scott, Guy Scott’s brother, is Hakainde Hichilema’s superior in Freemasonry.

    15. Hichilema’s party is a masonic creation…

  21. UPND’s logo is one of the most important symbols of Freemasonry. The hand is a sign of allegiance and devotion not to the Zambia’s people, but to the Masonic Masters.

    16. Hichilema lies about his own family. Hakainde Hichilema has a secret daughter, Chi Chi Hichilema, whom he has kept hidden since her birth. Hichilema has been dishonest about his own children.

    17. Hichilema has been cheating and humiliating his legal wife. While claiming to be a champion of monogamy, Hichilema has been living a polygamous life. He has at least one more child with a woman other than his wife.

    18. Hichilema is a woman-hater. Hichilema teaches that women should have no civil rights and should be given restricted access to knowledge. He marginalizes, humiliates and discriminates Zambian women. By…

  22. nominating a woman beater as his vice-president, Hichilema has already proven to be a supporter of domestic violence.

    19. Hichilema’s running mate is a psychopath. The vicious attack on a young female teacher by the UPND cadres was the result of Hichilema and Mwamba’s incitements. The UPND mob follows what its leaders practice and preach. Geoffrey Mwamba is a psychopath with persistent aggressive behaviour. He has no empathy for his victims and blames others for events that are actually his fault. His mental illness is a guarantee for future violence.

    20. Hichilema insults Zambians. After stealing some of the country’s most valuable enterprises, after selling Zambia’s hotels, banks, factories and mines, after forcing Zambians into poverty, Hichilema is asking the people to be…

    • @Paul……and the FIST symbol is “holy”. I feel offended when people can think so low demonize the the ” Palm” symbol and praise the fist!! What warped crap thinking is this? same hand is condemned or praised depending on the structure it makes by. playing with the finger shapes. may be I should leave my ethicist thinking to drop low and join those sinless the “Christians for Lungu”

  23. grateful for his own wealth and to vote for him in the presidential election. Hichilema’s candidacy seems like a slap in the face of Zambians.

    • So what is your point bambo? Listing your preceptions is not laying a premise – come out of your dark Corner and say the niggle !!

  24. I think I will vote UnwisELy with my ka single vote. Lunguis should have resigned by now for his conduct/misconduct on allowing his ministers to steal my tax

  25. This is a trick by the government to instill confidence in the Zambians to trust the constitution court, so that when the 11th August election results are disputed & taken to the same constitutional court, then it rules in favour of the pf. Who ever disputes will be asked that is it not the same constitutional court which ruled against the pf’s ministers, how can it favour the pf?

    Common Zambians, think & see between the lines. Think like Lawyers or the least have a chess players thinking structure.

    Amam zambians tamutontonkanya kwena!

    • @27 that’s why we say that your tribal leader is an inder5. He is the one who was opposed to the formation of the concourt but after it ruled against govt he is the first to even making baby statements and calling for his under5clinic press conference in support of the concourt ruling. Next they will rule against him he will cry and pee in the diaper.

    • Why do you upnd and your leader insult zambians like this. So you are the only ones that tontokanya. Enough of this we will put you where you belong few hours from now. @ Paul thank you for your well tabulated facts about this shetani.

  26. I still can’t understand why a so called lawyer has been able to disregard the constitution which he swore to uphold, how he has unleashed violence and death upon innocent Zambians through his cadres and PF. as president, he is responsible for the blood that has been shed in our country

  27. @ Zambian Intellectual, whatever the motive is, for now let us upload the CC. Whether Lungu wins or loses, he will go in the history of Zambia as the most incompetent and violent president Zambia has ever had. The dark cloud over him will remain forever. But we can forgive him if he truly asks for forgiveness for the evils that his administration has done to Zambians.

  28. We have a leader that respects the rule of Law in one ECL compared with the Hungry Hyena and GBV both known Law breakers with criminal records and pending cases in court!!! This is why we are winning be it the first or second round PF and Team ECL are getting the job done because Zambians don’t trust these conmen in UPND.

  29. Edgar Lungu and PF are crooks. Some employees of Dept of National Parks and Wildlife have not been paid their salaries for 5 months and yet Lungu and his thugs were in office illegally for 3 months drawing salaries and allowances. He went further to sale govt vehicles to his illegal ministers at give away offers. Lungu is a very greedy person who is not fit to be a leader. HH 2016

  30. ECZ must disqualify PF from participating in these elections or atleast all those that held cabinet positions should be disqualified because they abrogated the electoral law by continuing to ride on the advantage of being in government and ordering civil servants to conduct works on their behalf that advantaged them. They also had the benefit of getting prime information from the president and the intelligency wing. Kambwili and his fellows will never come back to parliament again ever. even if they win their seats will surely be nulified. Therefore instead of wasting money on by-elections in their constituencies in the event that they win, ECZ must spare our resources by disqualifying these individuals. The president even if he wins he will be impeached and for sure he wont have the…

  31. The president even if he wins he will be impeached and for sure he wont have the numbers to defend him in parliament. So Zambians lets not waste time and resources on PF. Vote for UPND and save our resources as voting for PF is as good as chopping our own legs.

  32. Thank you LORD for President Lungu. I’m proud to live @ a time when we have a President who fears the Lord, who respects the rule of law & who is humble. It was his vision & perseverance that gave us the new Constitution & the new ConCourt. Now we have proper separation of powers. On top of that he’s pushing that we have more significant rights through referendum on Bill of Rights. What a great gift from God. The devil is not happy & is telling us not to claim our additional rights. If the ConCourt ruling had gone the other way, I can’t imagine the insults, arrogance & abuse that would’ve come from the 2 UPND leaders & their supporters. God Bless you Mr President & God Bless Zambia!

    • @36 The Chosen One. You still have not told us which church Lungu belongs to. Sata was Roman Catholic, KK was Methodist, RB was Dutch Reformed, HH is SDA. Where does your “christian” President belong to? Is he still a Muslim?

  33. One is seriously given to wonder what type of lawyer we have wielding the instruments of power in our corridors of state today! It is clearly apparent to any average minded person that the Constitution of Zambia Act No.1 of 2016 Article 7(2) Lungu relied upon to illegally keep PF stinking parasites leeched to our coffers is actually subject to the provisions of the Constitutional (Amendment) Act No.2 of 2016 Article 72(1) – a Member of Parliament shall, except the Speaker & the Deputy Speaker, vacate the seat in the National Assembly upon a dissolution of Parliament & Article 116 (3) (e) – The office of Minister becomes vacant if another person assumes the Office of President. There is therefore no excuse for this blatant & costly ignorance of the law, he breached the constitution & all…

    • Nowhere does it say, …office of Minister becomes vacant upon dissolution of parliament…

      Ma therefore yapakisa…

  34. As comrade Fred Membe often quotes: ‘whom the gods are about to judge, they first make mad’. The CC ruling has laid a solid ground to petition ANY seat that could be won by any of the illegal ministers and their deputies. What a game changer this ruling is. And this from self-appointed judges by ECL. Interesting times ahead, but meanwhile, we are moving FORWARD!

  35. I am very suspicious of the ruling and timing by the Constitution court. If this ruling was made a couple of weeks-months ago then I would have applauded it as being just. You know the saying that goes ‘justice delayed is justice denied’. There is no practical implication of the ruling coming a few days before the elections as the ministers and deputy ministers where able to utilise the positions and resources that come with them (vehicles and drivers for instance) to campaign, not to mention the salaries and allowances they kept on drawing and no doubt also applied to campaigning. It is for this reason I fear that this ruling is with the full blessing of ECL and is meant to legitimise the Constitution court so that if any petitions are brought to the Court after the elections even if…

  36. The fact: the review commission recommended a cabinet outside parliament which can remain in office after desolution of parliament (as they are not part of parliament) until next cabinet is appointed. ECL rejected this but instead doctored the document to allow PF Ministers to overlap and earn illegal salaries and allowances after desolution of parliament. This is skuldugery at the worst. Bring back umuchanga!

  37. Senior Citizen,
    Please if you want to support Banda because you both hail from kumawa kumodzi, just do so as opposed to drawing a comparison between your “sangomic” Chagwa’s disastrous unconstitutional move with some of the Obama administration’s court cases. And for your own information, his administration won exactly 85% of all cases they brought or were brought against them in court. So do not come here telling stinking lies like Trump, bozi uleke iwe awe sure napapata!

  38. Enough has been done and said. We just wait for tomorrow to find out what we the Zambian people decide on who should lead us for the next 5 years. We have heard enough insults and have seen violence never before in the history of this country. Time now to discuss more progress issues, too much politics

  39. Its only a matter of hours to asher a new vibrant and intelligent Zambian in the name of HH. The whole world will nod to our choice as Zambians. Inverstors will start trooping to Zambia. Zambia will once again be a land of milk and honey ,full of peace and development. Zambians will be united under under a minority president hh who will have fear to undermine the Rule of Law.

  40. @Bismak you are right I can hear the Drums of Victory growing loud from the Kaleni Hills on the Confluence of the might Zambezi across on the lake shore of Tanganyika and Bangweulu down to Muchinga Escapements Across the Lukanga Swamps and the Baroste plains and down to the Batoka Gorge and lastly down the might Victoria (Shungu Namutitima or Musio Tunya) falls.Yes the Zambia has accepted HH and every vote through out Zambia will count.The professe of Zambia a land of Milk and Honey full of peace and prosperity will be real on 15th August 2016 at the supreme court grounds.

  41. Just watch Chagwa’s toilet acrobatic on retention of cabinet after the dissolution of parliament seriously inplode the PF. I mean, given the fact that the cabinet is seriously bloated with nearly every PF MP being a cabinet minister, their election nullification after the polls will leave PF with no MPs in parliament. Worse still, once their election is nullified, they cannot recontest, then the recriminations will start. I would hate to be in Chagwa’s position, win or lose he is doomed. It’s like finding oneself between two pu.ssies, one infested with HIV and the other with STD while you’re saturated on mtototo! It’s death the FTJ style, period!

  42. One thing l like about God is his immense kindness towards his Children. He has yet given us another chance to vote wisely, please, please, please x10000000000000000000000000 lets not blow this chance. May God bless you all.

  43. Lungu is a very dull lawyer and president. The provisions of the law on which he relied upon to keep cabinet ministers in office are very weak. There is no where where the provisions justify what he did. That’s why the Constitutional Court, even if appointed by Edgar and aimed at protecting him, could not do it for fear of embarrassment. Articles 116(3)(e) and 7(2) do not allow anyone to remain as minister once parliament is dissolved. Article 7(2) is very clear and refers to the day to day governance where the president can remove a minister or reshuffle cabinet; it does not empower the president to leave ministers in office once parliament is dissolved. One wonders who was helping Lungu to interpret the law. If it is the legal adviser and the Attorney General both must resign…

  44. The attorney general said otherwise on ZNBC but Lungu ignored his opinion. His actions were deliberate and impeachable


  46. A president is expected to preserve, defend and uphold the Constitution of the land. When a president is found to have failed to do that, he/she should resign. It is even more serious when such a president is a lawyer by profession. President Lungu must resign immediately. If he does not Zambians have a very reason to fire him on August 11th.

  47. Fire Renard, have you ready the Constitution your self? what Lungu did or said is also rewritten in the same constitution the judges are using, so do not judge him as I said earlier those judges are up to something, I wish Lungu did not appoint them, but time will catch-up with them.

Comments are closed.

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