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Samuel Chavula, the suspected “Hacker” who entered ECZ restricted area

Videos and Audios Samuel Chavula, the suspected "Hacker" who entered ECZ restricted area


    • Did PF bail out their battered thug Maxwell? Why people get so stupid that they die for people like Edgar or HH?

    • These are usual worthless diversion of a defeat burden in our African election culture. Ask any skilled Geek with solid network or cyber security background, you don’t need to enter a server room to hack targeted data if motive arises. This why its called cyber warfare.

    • Senior citizen u r right. I see a lot of stupidity and ignorance; talk of ICT illiteracy we cannot even go there. Yes your very right. Cyber crime means that u dont need to be physically at the servers to manipulate data or information because those servers are on line and manipulation can be done anywhere. So ba-UPND it just shows too much high levels of ICT illiteracy on your part. Its irritating to see such kind of very high levles of ICT Illiteracy.
      These guys starting from their leaders give stubborn arguments based on their own ignorance and folishness on their part. Their woman lawyer is the worst of their kind. President also ni-marubbish.

  1. HH has a mountain to climb. He has to win against all odds with ECZ, the police and GRZ all bought by lungu.

    • We all know he is reaping. Zambian Taxpayers money! K23 million of it.

      What are you saying? That he must STEAL even MORE?

      And you are proud of that?

  2. Chris Akufuna don’t interrupt people to speak. be careful. I want to thank this woman she is very very alert. keep it up mum.

  3. R I G G E D R I G G E D R I G G E D R I G G E D R I G G E D R I G G E D R I G G E D R I G G E D R I G G E D R I G G E D R I G G E D R I G G E D R I G G E D R I G G E D R I G G E D R I G G E D R I G G E D R I G G E D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Why was this individual there? With an official ID card??? There is a wrong motive here, lets be honest atleast for once!!! Anyone confidence about a clean win would not go to those desperate measures of cheating. Shame on them!!!

  5. This whole election is stinking! Esau Chulu looks like a criminal hiding something in his closet! People on the copperbelt have serious mental issues! They will feed their family on bemba tribe! With all that suffering u can still bring back Edgar! Be prepared for a rough ride! Mwalibelela ukuchula! Surely as normal people can u vote for someone on account of being perceived to be humble! And this is somebody who has become very rich in record time and u are very proud of him! Only in Zambia where docility reigns supreme!

  6. If is the hacker then is an *****. What he was doing then physical hacking just like the thieves. Real hacker sit at home.

  7. If this Guy is a hacker, then he must the most dumb of them all. And the people who believe this must surely question their reasoning.
    1. To begin with, Election results are released at polling station, written on Paper (Hard Copy) and distributed to all people representing political parties.
    2. How then would an alteration to digital data affect the information already written on paper (Hard Copy Backup) and disseminated to interested parties?
    3. A hacker does not need to physically enter a server room to manipulate data. All that is required is an online connection and a live server.
    4. This one must be really dumb to accept such a stupid job.
    5.Lets stop alarming the nation and lets all be responsible.

  8. The Chairman of ECZ, E. Chulu’s answers to the Chavula issue were very evasive and depressing. Chavula was accredited to ECZ to steal HH’s votes by manipulating the figures using computers. He was officially accredited in an IT security area and Essau Chulu and his officials pretend not to know him but they do. This is clear evidence that ECZ is conniving with PF to rig the elections and they have employed computer specialists for the sole purpose of rigging these elections. I can’t help but think Chulu is conflicted and is part of PF Election Rigging Team. Can Chulu and his Election Rigging Team deliver to Zambia a free,fair and credible elections? It doesn’t look like It becoz he was appointed Chairman of ECZ by Lungu for the sole purpose of rigging these elections infavour of…

  9. Where is all this suspicion coming from. Their are monitors, observers, chain of interest groups with pvt (s) and the list is endless, surely fellow Zambians, is it worth it to go for each others throats. I strongly believe that we can do better than this. I feel whoever wins or loses has done pride for mother Zambia and must immediately get down to business and help bring down unnecessary tempers which can destroy us as a nation. Whatever outcome, we must all learn and come out better in our endeavors. ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION and FOR ALL ZAMBIANS

  10. Zambians are just docile!! How can you vote for a person who has rocked the economy to continue to do so at the expense of the country? You really need to have your heads examined! I am so shocked the the miners on the C/B, who have lost so much went ahead and gave a landslide vote to PF! Why? The docile and dumb miners believe that the mines will be reopened after elections…..Guess what losers! You are in for a rude awakening! You have been played!

  11. I am failing to UNDERSTAND.
    How posible is it to rig these elections when there is atleast 6 verifcation stages. At every point all political party’s representatives or so called agent are present. The results are only announce when all political parties agree that the result ECZ has is what their party representatives have at the polling stations.

    Let us be patient and wait for the final results to be declared. ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION ONE LOVE

  12. Nosedramas and Je Je, are you still deluded? This is nothing! He cannot, could not change or alter an election that a five-time loser experienced!

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