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With increased innovation in the features of smartphones, there is a rise in citizens becoming journalists sharing updates on their communities through social media and tools such as photography and video. To an extent, smartphones are rapidly replacing laptops and tablets for professionals on the move.


Giving an update on smartphone consumer trends, Huawei country device manager Li Mao noted that smartphones are rapidly becoming tools for business for most users and therefore usage is not limited only to phone calls.


He notes that because they use their phones for a range of activities including email, social media, journalism and photography, smartphone users in Zambia are focusing on battery life as the main feature of their smartphones.


“We’re seeing this across all our range of smartphones where consumers are using their gadgets for journalism, social media, email, photography and video. As consumers begin to explore their gadgets, their expectation from smartphones is that battery power will see them through the day and avoid the inconvenience of having to recharge,” adds Li Mao.


He notes that Huawei’s understanding of consumers’ needs has seen the company introduce the Y6 Pro smartphone which can fully charge within ten minutes but is also able to charge other phones as well.


The Y6 Pro is fitted with an enormous battery and a technology called Reverse Charging which means the handset can be used to charge other phones. Li Mao adds that the Y6 Pro is targeted at consumers that are price-conscious but still looking for a smartphone that has top features such as strong battery, camera and design.


“The focus of our Y series range is to deliver smartphones that excite the market at an affordable range but also deliver a memorable user experience,” he said.


The Y6 Pro comes with a 5-inch high definition (HD) display screen, 5MP selfie camera, 13mega pixels (MP) rear camera, 2GB RAM and 16GB of onboard storage. Other features include Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, WiFi hotspot, WiFi direct and Dual-SIM support.


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