Rae Hamoonga
Rae Hamoonga

Some suspects in the riots that rocked some parts of Southern Province have started appearing in court.

According to a statement from Police Spokesman Rae Hamoonga, 22 suspected UPND cadres that were detained for riotous behaviour appeared in the magistrate court in Namwala for plea yesterday.

They all denied the charge and the matter has been adjourned to 24th August,2016 and 26th August,2016 respectively for commencement of trial.

Bail has been denied and all suspects have been remanded in prison.

Police has meanwhile apprehended 33 suspects in Maala area of Namwala and are being screened.

In Mazabuka, four dockets have been completed and a total member of 15 suspects appeared in court yesterday for plea.

About 136 people comprising 124 male and 12 female suspects were apprehended, charged and arrested for riotous behaviour, malicious damage to property and Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily

Mr Hamoonga said the number of suspects may be more than 136 taking into account the fact that number of offences as some suspects are facing more than one offence.

In Monze, 50 suspects which comprised of 48 males and 02 females were apprehended, charged and arrested for riotous behaviour and are appearing today whilst the 26 are being processed.

In Choma, 53 suspects were apprehended and after a screening exercise six were positively identified to have been involved in several cases of arson that took place on 15th August,2016 between 1600 and 1730 Hrs at various places within Choma.

47 suspects were likely charged with conduct likely to cause breach of peace.

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  1. Just jail the *****s they think HH is their God. jail them so that their family who failed to advice them know that zambia is a law country.


  2. This is good. Where is hh and gbm now, why ain’t the fighting for your freedom that you can be released since you were fighting for him, he’s sleeping in his comfortable bed at home drinking tea whilst you are sleeping in police cells where it is cold and stinky. This is very good, next time you will know that you can’t take the law into your own hands. Job well done hamoonga, you know which side of your bread is buttered.



    There is no need to cry after being advised to give chance to others to contest for Presidency this year. Pride come before a fall. Where is the integrity in demanding for justice when one cannot even explain the exaggerated figures in Southern Province. How does a constituency which normally has 12 000 voters suddenly get 38, 000 votes? Unless one is blind, the scheme was meant to demonise the UPND. HH has very poor leadership qualities and weak advisers. He must go as his 5 years terms is over.



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