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7 UPND cadres sentenced to two years imprisonment with hard labour

General News 7 UPND cadres sentenced to two years imprisonment with hard labour

Court hammerSEVEN United Party for National Development (UPND) who assaulted two Patriotic Front (PF) cadres in Choma in February this year, have been sentenced to two years imprisonment with hard labour.

Each of the seven who include Phinias Simalili, Marcus Ng’andu , Saidi Mwale , Kizito Siamani, Steve Kalonga , Joe Munsaka and Jonathan Mwanza have been sentenced to two concurrent conviction of 24 months.

In the first count the seven were alleged to have assaulted PF member Jeena Phiri on Saturday February 13,2016 while in the second count they were jointly charged for assaulting Saidi Malunga of Choma on February 13, 2016.

In convicting the seven at the Choma magistrate courts yesterday, Mazabuka based magistrate Chinkashi Chilingala said the accused would be an example to others in the country.

Mr Chilingala said the country has experienced unprecedented political violence and there was need for the courts to bring sanity and peace in the nation.

Earlier the accused pleaded for leniency as they were still in their youths and were also bread winners.

But the magistrate said the offence of assault carries five years and convicting them to 24 months was a reduction.


  1. Way to go and please let this set a good example to would be offenders of political violence even us PF will hope our Max will be given the same.

    • @Saulosi, Mwaliteta is your PF ex-minister.
      Maxiwell and those PF cadres bailed out by Kaizer, deserves 4 years. The beatings they received was not enough.

  2. Wow. That case has been dealt with speedily. Is that truly from a Zambian court where cases have been pending for decades. Also just wondering whether this will contribute to national healing and bring about national unity. Has Max Chongu and team been sentenced as well?

  3. Have any of the servely wounded UPND supporters seen justice ? We all have seen pictures of bloodied UPND supporters in the media and nothing Is done.

    Selective justice at play with a senior minister kambwili going on air to issue tribally hate filled statments.

    Who would blame the peoples from the south wanting self determination and self rule from the corruption , stealing and brutality of Northern tribes ?.

  4. Selective Justice indeed. This will divide this country further coz this will breed Terrorism and extremists.

    Lungu and his PF is worst government in history of this nation.

    Let others smile for now.

    One day ,,we will all regret.

    • When max and his criminal friends were been locked and denied the right to vote no one said it’s selective from the pf even when we all knew state house could have easily reversed that. Upnd charlatans you don’t own any people just like Pf. Anyone faces the law in their own capacities because no party sponsors criminality behaviour. So ba under 5 it’s high time you learned that no party owns any person.

  5. Nothing selective wait until someone assaults you because you have an opposing view then tell me about selective Max has not seen the light since he assaulted someone in Petauke

    • Max has been released. Has he been sentenced to jail ?

      He is only one of the many brutal PF thugs terrorising citizens.

      We see blood of UPND supporters every day.

  6. Those PF thugs caught on film nearly killing UPND supporters including the bus driver in mutendere are still roaming the streets harassing citizens……


  8. @ Jay Jay Low, you remind of Animal Farm. A good lesson in Animal farm is that when the minority rule, Some animals are more equal than others. So what eventually happens is that even those who thought they were in the inner circle discover that there is an even more inner circle so at the end of the day everyone fills left out. God created a balanced world no one can overturn it. Proverbs says “those who set landslides for others get crashed themselves”.

  9. The whole Zambia is now a crime scene. Pathetic leadership breeds injustice and injustice breads resistance plus rebellion which leads to arrests by PF police which leads to protests by non PF Zambians as only non PF offenders are arrested which leads to encouragement of PF thugs to attack more descent Zambians holding different political views which leads to arrests and jailings of opposition activists which leads to complaints and more riots for luck of justice and the cycle continues. Listen, as long as there is no JUSTICE there will be no PEACE in our country.

  10. I welcome the sentence since that’s how their leader HH want to put this country through everything is law suits. He who plays with the laws shall perish by the law.

  11. Kaizer is free. Max is free. All PF thugs and the killer of Mapezi and others are still free. Shame on the courts

  12. Incredible how most speak without knowledge. This is what is adding to issues in Zambia. We have what we call the rule of law. Individuals and governments are regulated by laws and not by arbitrary actions. No person or group is above the law. We are forgetting one thing here which is the way the elections where dealt especially by ECZ and Priscilla Isaac’s scandal. In countries where they practice the rule of law, she would have either resigned, forced to resign or faced jail time. The chap Chavula caught in a restricted room with a name tag belonging to ECZ, how did he get it and have access to the room? Whatever became of Kelvin Fube Bwalya? If this is how the system works in Zambia then the three named accomplices need to be in jail too. The right to vote comes with responsibilities.

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