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President Lungu Stubbornly Ignored Advice on the Referendum-Nevers Mumba

Headlines President Lungu Stubbornly Ignored Advice on the Referendum-Nevers Mumba

President for Movement For Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Nevers Mumba Casting his vote at Woodlands A Polling station in Lusaka yesterday,11-08-2016.Picture by Josephine Nsululu/Zanis.
President for Movement For Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Nevers Mumba Casting his vote at Woodlands A Polling station in Lusaka yesterday,11-08-2016.Picture by Josephine Nsululu/Zanis.
MMD President Dr. Nevers Mumba has attributed the failure of the Referendum to President Lungu’s stubborness in ignoring free advise offered to him by many stakeholders not to hold the August 2016 Elections together with the Referendum.

Dr. Mumba said on his part, he had offered exhaustive advise on how to proceed with the referendum, at a press briefing dated 10th December, 2015 and other fora, at which he congratulated the Members of Parliament for passing the Amended Constitution but also cautioned Mr. Lungu against holding the Referendum together with the General Election as it would fail. The following reasons were advanced:

To successfully hold the referendum, the government was required to hold a national census to ascertain the total number of elligible voters i.e those who would be at least 18 years of age and issued with National Registration Cards. For the Referendum to pass therefore, at least 50% of these elligible voters, NOT THOSE WHO VOTED, needed to vote ‘YES.’ All this was explained to the nation at great length. Regrettably this advise was ignored.

The cost of holding the Referendum was the same as holding an election, more so that this year included Mayoral elections and it was felt that this would be a major drain on the country’s coffers in the face of a budget deficit, particularly that key cooperating partners such as the USA and others, had clearly indicated that they would not contribute towards the Referendum budget. It was suggested the Referendum be deferred to a later date. This was ignored.

We now ask the ECZ to tell the nation the total cost of holding the just-ended election with the referendum.

It was strongly felt that there would be logistical challenges in successfully holding the Referendum without massive countrywide publicity and sensitization at all levels and in all Zambian languages. It was felt that there was insufficient time between December 2015 and August 2016 to achieve this as most citizens would not be reached to help them clearly understand the issues involved and what they would be voting for.

All this was ignored and the result today by ECZ speaks for it self. It is now clear to all that there appears to have been another ulterior motive for insisting on rushing the Referendum. Regrettably, most of the people interviewed on various electronic media platforms in the last few days have said they did not know what the Referendum was about and therefore either voted ‘NO’ or simply abstained from the referendum vote altogether.


  1. Being stubborn can be a good thing. Being stubborn can be a bad thing. It just depends on how you use it.
    – Willie Aames

    • I just wish Nevers Mumba could reduce on his attacks on President Lungu. The referendum meant that it could succeed or fail. There were two options with equal probabilities and the option of failure was the successful event. Is he regretting after what his party campaigned for. I think we should just move on. It failed and that doesn’t mean life ends. We stop crying and carry on with our lives. People who mean well are never appreciated until when they are long gone. Lungu was not doing that for himself but for common good. We have chosen our path and we walk on it!

    • Nevers has been given a tough self humiliating job of being a rabbis barking dog of mourning GBV and Hichilema during their funeral process. Its due to lack of economic lifeline, he has been told to bark aimlessly a hundred fold to bag monthly rentals and food stub. Yielding to a call that gives citizens the right to decide in a vote is democratic.Elections are about win or lose. You win some and lose some. ECL has won the tripartite election in the Legislative House and the Executive not mentioning the most local Government offices. He has 90 MPs Vs. your zero. Your only represent yourself and pay masters. As such cannot pass any bill or impeachment motion in the house but barking.

    • I have never had respect for this politics of the belly clown. He is bitter because ECL turned him down for a pact, my advice to him is keep enjoying the braii’s at Free mason’s mansion as well as brown envelopes from fat Albert.


    • JUSTICE MAMBILIMA mu judges bad Kind!!!!
      THEY WAS NO NONSENSE from tu ma CADRES WHEN SHE CHAIRED ECZ!!!!!! Tu bena ISAACS na “Mr AKAMUNOFU” twalifye tu ma “Sweepers”, lelo tu le TOMBAUKA NO KUSAMWA kuli ba MBULI ba CHULU!!

      Abena RB CRIED LIKE A BABY!!!!!!! Nomba ka chagwa kale mona kwati kantu sana te???? MAMBILIMA AKA KUNYESHA!!!!

      MUSHIPE ale moneka nawo WA MA NO NONSENSE – “Mr AKAMUNOFU” bali kupesha pa MICC te??

      I thank you!!!

    • If all upnd cadres including hh think like upnd bloggers on this page then the whole party is cursed together with mumba himself. With all your negative campaign you still call lungu stubborn? I have never seen a backwards thinking group worse than upnd. You suc.k to say the least.

    • Nevers Mumba is spent and unprincipled politician who opinion carries no weight at all and Zambia does not need such turncoats

    • I have one message to one Chagwa Lungu . Respest the Law and your life will spared.If you want to impose your self as president even when the attorney General has advised we shall arrest you simple. Don’t put Zambia on fire.How can we have a fair trial when Lungu is president with immunity. which Judge is going to adjudicate a siting president in Africa?Stop plying games or we shall visit you for a nice treatment,you know what i mean in military language.


    • Kwena uyu bukalabwakwe if I was near nganimponona kale. Aba bastyupiti went round the country decampaining the referendum and today ati ni Lungu. Anyway ……loading

  2. zambian, dont call this ***** MMD LEADER, is no longer. , former man of God who has no respect to the leaders. UPND contributed to the failed REFERENDUM, dont blame for LUNGU. And UPND should stop talking on it as they have achieved what they wanted. from the on set , they wanted REFERENDUM to fail now he want to put blame on LUNGU. See what this ***** is saying.

    • Please…dont call him former man of God, call him man of Gold. Let’s expect him soonest to cross over to PF

  3. Lets call a SPADE a Spade!

    Holding this referendum was just another plan for Lungu to cover up his RIGGING of the election!

    And now we can see this drunkards evil intentions! his greedyness is unbelieveable! Even 2.3 MILLION US DOLLARS is not enough for this man!

    How much more must he steal from the people of Zambia before they say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  4. Any advice from disgruntled Nervers Mumba is simply poison to kill. If it can’t kill, for sure it is guaranteed of 100% failure rate because Nervers Mumba himself is a very successful failure. Its at your helm of leadership that MMD failed to field presidential & parliamentary candidates. You can’t even give an account for destroying MMD & recent loss of UPND can solely be attributed to your joining of their party & you are busy condemning those who are doing their best to sustain their parties. Is it ECL who wanted the referendum for his benefit or people of Zambia by passing the constitution? If people are less interested in the referendum now, is it a crime for anyone? Time will come just like the brexit referndum came after many years of consideration. For now let us shelf it.

  5. Nevers Mumba, you are a fool and a BIG DISGRACE to the christian community. People hoped that you where going to be a leader with the light of the CHRIST, but alas you are HOLLOW and EMPTY full of nothing but rubbish.
    May the Lord strick you with all kings of illness for being a traitor and wolf in sheep skin.
    Remember you will never see blessings until you truly repent of your sins.

  6. A Mumba just raise money and go back on your own to Canada. No need to be bitter with Lungu. We all know who told people to vote no. In fact even if all people who voted said yes, it was still going to fail. 50% of elegible voters is impossible to achieve in Zambia.

    • Who said the Canadian’s want him. in fact he would not even be able to met the requirements of a resident visa.

  7. Dr. Mumbai you campaigned against the referendum.You told people that voting yes was voting for ECL. You achieved your goal. The referendum failed. I will not claim to be more God fearing than you sir but definitely I will never be this insincere in my journey on earth.

  8. @6, there was no rigging naiwe we chipuba. How do you you rig with tons and truckloads of so called premarked ballit papers? Did you find any in those tru ks you embarrassed Zambia on? Today in the UPND petition there is no mention of premarked/stuffed ballots not even.one time. What kind of people are UPND?
    As for Nervous Mumba aka bwali, thevrefetendum failed because UPND told its supporters no to vote yes. Simple and straight forward. If HH did not give such irresponsible directives to.his supporters and to illiterate villagers, the numbers from Dundumwezi alone would have resulted in a successful.referendum. Please ignore this idoit of a bemba politician even if he is from.my clan.

  9. But you have to understand HH’s tenderprenuerial instincts. He did not want the referendum to succeed because he expected to win the elections. If he had won, the referendum would have gone against the lies that he told people on his way to the elections, you know his utopian promises of free education, etc.

  10. Look HH is a liar and he is in politics for his own economic gain. Its not difficult for anyone to see that. That is why the people of Zambia have rejected him five times. And the same people are about to reject him for the sixth time within the next 14 days.
    Dununa is right about failing 17 times per hour, I thought it was just sarcasm but now I am wiser, looking at this rate of losing an election twice within 21 days!

  11. Dr Mumba, you and your fellow sadist campaigned against the referendum and now people know that you don’t have the interests of Zambians because the enhanced bill of rights was all in best interests of ordinary Zambians. But you feasted on ignorance of UPND followers & abused platform God gave you as pastor to save which you’re now using to decieve. The devil does indeed come to destroy. But behold Zambia, God is in control and the devil has already been defeated on Calvary and now we as Christian Nation are protected by the blood of Jesus. God Bless Zambia

  12. Just like you have ignored Gods calls to go back to the pulpit. Dr Mumba, the big fish will not vomit you like Jonah this time around, it will eat you.

  13. Without doubt, voting “Yes” for the referendum is more important than voting for a president. Further, the referendum is for all Zambians, and not just those interested in politics and so yes, it should have been held separately from general elections.

    Good laws are better than a good leader.
    Voting “Yes” for the referendum would have meant Zambia gets a new constitution; one that would make make leaders accountable and thus propelling Zambia forward.
    But alas, I forgot we hate progress.


  14. This useless man again. Please can we kick him out of Zambian politics for good. Look at the destruction he’s left behind him, destroyed a vibrant party because of his stubbornness and has no shame to call others that. Zambian people should not tolerate these good for nothing opportunists. They are getting in the way and taking us backwards.

  15. People made a choice that’s all. Let’s move on.It appears every day Mumba must find something to fight Edgar.

  16. Mumba you’ve run away from church so what can you tell us about stubbornness. How many people have told you about you remaining in church. What did you answer on how it feels to be a vice president. You should be ashamed of yourself but because you don’t have that in you . You feel nothing but time will bring you to your knees

  17. “Zambia shall be saved” and Zambian was just about to be saved alas,its you Nevers Mumba who has shot down our hopes. Now we know that Zambia shall only be saved when its you at the helm

  18. Chi Never Mumba is being used by Tribla party UPND.Bembas are being beaten in southern n u’re supporting such a tribal party.Pipo from other tribes are now regreting fvoting for a tribal party.Zambia will never be the same if the corrupt concourt nullify s the elections.We know that Chibomba is a tonga but she should be careful to overturn the will of pipo.There will be war in zambia if the concourt is not careful.We voted for PF period

  19. Just trying to figure why the likes of Mumba harbor so much for Edgar. My conclusion is that the lot of them have been trying to be president of zambia for decades, but here’s a new kid in town, just pops up and state house is him. I am Mumba can even try witchcraft to get rid of this new kid.

  20. All above bloggers are just *****s and stooges. Lungu is not president and so it shall be after 14 days.If he refuses we shall give him sweets.Where is Gadaffi we made him to craw like a worm and punctured his eyes ,Where is Sadam we also mind blind before hanging him.Were is Mugabe hiding in state house Zimbabwe has run out of Dollars and protest are all over the game will be over soon. Whos is Lungu just a fly.Zambia is too poor to hang on for one year with extreme hunger.We shall first keep our dollars ,Hunger and poverty will increase without food we shall see if you can eat Lungu. Then we shall silence him.We are doing this to make zambia respect the rule of law and Democracy,protecting the oppressed. God be with you.

    • HH is the one who should be very careful and should not take the majority of Zambians for granted because Copperbelt and Lusaka are watching very closely…

  21. Mumba has to survive for the next 5 years. How does he survive?
    1.By hero worshipping HH
    2. By hero worshipping GBM
    3. By barking like a dog for UPND so that someone can give him a few coins for his millie meal

  22. Nevers has no one to turn to now that his master lost elections. He was hoping to manipulate hh for VP position had gone well. He is just an opportunitist. Muselela kwakaba. Whose duty was it to campaign for human rights? Nevers should have ensured people were encouraged to vote yes. Who is he blaming for the referendum failure?

  23. Only people who are not educated and those who learn to write and ready on the street can use insults on this page. i really wonder why insults instead of expressing your self in a normal way is very much used by PF followers. Does it mean all these PF believers who are commenting online are street venders. I say street venders because those are the people who does not watch their languages when discussing matters. If you want to go through all the comments written in different newspaper online, then you will find hundreds and hundreds insults written by PF believers. It just shows a shameful discussion to the people of zambia. I am a zambian leaving abroad. Just to ready insults is not funny. Be mature and write sensible words than insults.

  24. Of all people this UPND goon Mumba is now sounding extremely useless in Zambia. I would shut my mouth if I were him. He is now suddenly too loud and abusing his voice. Just thinking.



  26. Free advice for Nevers Mumbwe; take a step back and reflect on your life. You are probably never made to be a polictician. Try getting back to the church.

    The dark brotherhood wants you to believe that you need to take part in their evil campaign and that you need to help relative good win over relative evil. Beware; this is all a smokescreen, because if relative good managed to eradicate evil, then it would annihilate itself at the same time. In fact, they appear to be perfectly caring, even spiritual. In fact, do see themselves in opposition to the dark beings, and they will seek to draw you into this struggle through a very simple logic aimed at deceiving the common people. All this is the works of their Master. They seek to make relative good conquer the world by destroying evil. Yet relative good can never annihilate its relative opposite, and thus the struggle can continue indefinitely leading to…

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