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Government urged to consider implementing progressive clauses in the Bill of Rights

General News Government urged to consider implementing progressive clauses in the Bill of...

fodepTHE new Government has been urged to consider implementing progressive clauses that are contained in the draft Bill of Rights following the failure of the referendum vote.

Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) Livingstone District chairperson Gideon Musonda said there was need for the new Government to find ways of implementing progressive issues contained in the draft bill of rights.

Mr Musonda said the country had missed out on a progressive document and hence the only way was for the new administration to seek means of implementing progressive clauses contained in the document.

He said this in a press statement released in Livingstone at the weekend following the failure of the referendum vote.

Mr Musonda said there was need to need to build consensus on important national issues going forward.

“As FODEP, we are very disappointed with the results of the referendum vote. The people of Zambia have missed a huge opportunity that would have enhanced their standard of living.

“However, our appeal to the new government is that they should find means of implementing progressive issues contained in the draft bill,” Mr Musonda said.

He said the country had lost a progressive document that could have added value to the well-being of so many poor Zambians.

“The failure of a referendum is attributed to the politicisation of a non-political issue. We had the main opposition party campaigning against it and urging their followers to ignore it.

“Some political parties and members of the civil society were campaigning for it to succeed. It has failed because we were divided as a people,” Mr Musonda.

Last week, the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) announced that the referendum vote was not successful.


  1. FODEP just shut up you want to start making noise so that you are funded by the donors…Good thing is that the donors are aware that you campaigned against the referendum…

  2. Great “idea” (LOL)!!!
    Just one “tiny” problem, which Article of current Constitution can be used to implement such “idea”???

    Please, read Constitution before coming up with “idea” which cannot be implemented due to current Constitutional provisions.

  3. ECL is a smart Presido. Wait and see. For Govt to take this move, they know that there is nowhere UPND is going. Just waiting to see more of their embarrassment. Viva ECL, Viva PF. Does HH care about this country? Does HH know what will happen when he loses or wins? When PF won how many pipo were hurt or died? We need to change the constitution to restrict politicians at all levels to two terms.Sat anist hh has no heart for zambia. He sings how rich he is but can never point at what he has ever done for zambia. Its all about him & himself alone. UPND 1mbeciles please respect the head of state especially NEZ. He will rule for the next 5yrs remember. Just want to see UPND crying again. PF can wait so that the heartless UPND have enough rope to hang themselves. Wait and see. Viva ECL, Viva…

  4. It did well to fail. Next time government should not be enticing people to vote yes or no. Let people understand the document and make their own independent decisions. Also article 79 should not be repealed and replaced unless whatever will replace it is adequately explained to the people to make them understand.

  5. As a people we had a choice to give ourselves a good law but some of us chose to listen to merchants of death whom we trust so much even if they ask us to drink poison. It’s same way people are deceived every day by the devil. Instead of judging good character & good will the focus is wealth & outward appearance. Unfortunately for you FODEP its too late for you to wake up now. The bus is gone! You had May to August to convince the people but you chose the path of the deceiver who is now busy maiming & displacing innocent people in SP still for selfish reasons. God has will & has come through for us nevertheless! Zambia is a Christian Nation

  6. Sorry Part 3 of the Consititution can only be “unlocked ” via a referendum
    You voted NO on instructions of Almighty HH. Just as he instructed women in Chingola to deny their husbands sex if lost the election. I am sure men there are suffering sexually because Almighty had instructed their wives to deny them their “rights “

  7. FODEP shut up HH wanted it to be like this, I voted yes just to make life better for us but some people did not support it, that is good so that the president can have more powers deal with HH and his cadres, congratulations HH & GBM you have won. As for ECL please deal with these common stupid *****s.

  8. When one does not understand a matter in the constitution, it is only right to seek clarification from those that understand it truly. I personally think that holding the referendum alongside the rest of the elections was not the main cause for its failure. One might ask why the elections of the Mayor did not fail. The failure was due to the opposition parties, the UPND and Rainbow. Are they going to ask for a recount.

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