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KK is alive and well and will make a public appearance today

General News KK is alive and well and will make a public appearance today

KK confers with Namibia President President. Hage Geingob at his Kabulonga office. Picture By Jean Mandela
KK confers with Namibia President President. Hage Geingob at his Kabulonga office. Picture By Jean Mandela

The office of the first Republican President has dismissed social media reports suggesting that First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda has died.

Special Assistant to the first President, Sunday Musonda says contrary to social media reports, Dr. Kaunda is enjoying good health.

Mr. Musonda has told Qfm News yesterday that Dr. Kaunda in fact has scheduled programme today where he will appear in public in person.

He has since appealed to people behind such rumors to for once spread good news about the former Head of State.

Mr. Musonda has wondered why those behind the rumors of Dr Kaunda’s death fail to spread the good news that he has resurrected when they see him in public.

He states that people will do well to wish the first president good health the fact that he is the country’s icon.


  1. This KK only worries about himself alone. KK has enjoyed his own life, 27 years of being a dictator should be enough, otherwise democracy kicked him out.
    KK should tell the the arrogant PF and Lungu’s minions off by respecting the constitution. Moreover, Lungu lost his constitutional authority beginning on 11 August. Also regarding electoral frauds, the Con Court is dealing with the omitted results included in the petition.
    Lungu, step aside for the constitution is clear and above your or PF.

    • Better man, unlike the selfish RB who still want to divide the country than uniting the people. this is why I would wish HH to take over and see how fo.ols like (RB) Rubbish Banda will behave?? he is a dangerous man who is interested to steal until Zambia is broke.

  2. I remain sir to Dr. KDK the icon of African liberation and democratic peace theory “Democracy does not fight democracy”. Godspeed!

  3. why is that most people now in Zambia today want to rejoice about other people’s deaths and spread rumors. Like seriously what kind of a country have we become? why cant we once love one another and work hard to improve our lives and develop this country. Ever since i was born i have never seen a divided Zambia like its today, we sitting on a ticking time bomb.

  4. KK has disappointed the Nation. He should have been in the forefront telling Lungu to obey state laws as a former Head of State. Becoz Lungu is financially supporting KK he has remained quiet becoz he does not want to bite the hand that feeds him. To make matters worse KK just like RB supports Lungu based on “Wako niwako” mantra. The old man has sacrificed Nationhood at the Altar of material wealth and expedience. Shame on this Old Man!

  5. I’d rather be a masonist than a Christian. At least they represent something real as compared to th ee imaginary christinsanity which is full of lies.

  6. We must never forget KK was a ruthless dictator in the mould of Idi Amin, Mobutu Sese Seko, Siad Barre, San Abacha, Kamuzu Hastings Banda, Emperor Bokassa, Robert Magabe. Had we had a normal govt KK would be living in some nice prison cell in Europe at the Hague. He isn’t an icon, no!

  7. KK patali sana ukufwa. We used to say “KK wamuyaya” and this seems true. He has 25 more years to go. Wait until he is 117 years old in 2041 and some of us commenting may not even be there. He has lived on a VEGETARIAN DIET, he EXCERCISES (e.g. golf etc.), he does not SMOKE nor DRINK, he is descent NO ADULTERY. By descency, we do not necessary say takwete utuma gelo, we used to hear rumours, but mnimal, not so rampant like some people of nowadays whose misbehaving is like a bomb.

    • Ati no adultery, u know nothing of Betty’s curse baba…
      On a serious note: WHO IS THE CUSTODIAN OF THE ZAMBIAN CONSTITUTION RIGHT NOW? The impunity with which ECL etc are marauding regardless of constitutional precepts is worse than a third-rate horror-movie !!

    • @ charlie diaspora: I totally agree with you. Lungu has set up the scene for everyone NOT to follow the law – it proves what the Post has been saying all along.

  8. Let us respect KK.

    He and his colleagues fought for our freedom which we enjoy today. He may have his own short comings but it wont take away the fact that he was the first President in Africa to hand over power peacefully at the time when it was unheard of. KK was our commander in chief of the armed forces. During the rebel Rhodesian/Boar war, he could have easily declared war. But he chose to resolve the Zimbabwean impasse through peaceful means. KK left many good things some of which FTJ (MHSRIEP) destroyed.
    KK wamuyaya. While you wish him dead, he is alive!!!!!!!! Shame on you guys


  10. Leave KK out of this rubbish… He is my icon… I am enjoying good job because he gave me free education and good health facilities… So solve your own problems and leave my old man alone…

  11. upnd for sure they are bitter people, am surprised they are rejoicing to hear that KK is dead. eishh this is dangerous.

  12. “””Dear Mr.Kenneth Kaunda sir: iam Zambian and i totally nothing to thank you for other than my middle finger.You are a pure curse to this country just like your bald head.Wish your parents just stayed back in Malawi atleast if we had been facked by our fellow Zambian i wud blame myself for it.Our country is now cursed because of you.For so many years you sung of Democracy and Freedom of expression across the whole African continent,yet Lungu lives in Kabulonga as you,and you cannot cross over or call the BOY to admonish him on the same topics that you trotted around the world for.Of what use are your achievements today?they are all useless and you too become useless.go to hell!Do us a favor and DIE tonight please!

  13. Atase!Foolish old man.So all those messages and books about humanism you wrote and said to the entire world were just a way of you covering your dictatorship tendencies.Because you were the originator of a one party state which Lungu is yearning for and i dont think for a second that you wud advice him otherwise.You are instd pouring petrol on the already burning fire.The boy has your blessings.Perhaps if you died last night Lungu wud be scared and hand over power.Even the countries that know u very well are surprised that you are mute & quiet about the matter.Because you preached peace & democracy in their countries tirelessly,not knowing that you were just covering your black ass face!Go to hell and pls dont come back.

  14. This what is wrong with Zambians. You spread a rumour. The rumour is dispelled then you choose to insult an old man like KK who has not even said a word.

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