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Presidential petition hearing adjourned again

Headlines Presidential petition hearing adjourned again

UPND lawyer Jackie Mwiimbu leaving court
UPND lawyer Jackie Mwiimbu leaving court

The petition against the re-election of Edgar Lungu has again been adjourned to tomorrow 10:00 Hours after it emerged that the petitioners (the UPND) did not serve their summons to the Attorney General Likando Kalaluka who joined the matter yesterday.

Mr Kalaluka has been joined to the presidential petition in which the UPND has challenged the election of President Lungu and his running mate Inonge Wina in the Constitutional Court.

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and his vice-president for administration Geoffrey Bwalya have petitioned the Constitutional Court claiming that Mr Lungu and Mrs Wina were allegedly not validly elected as President and Vice-President of Zambia in the August 11 general elections.

Mr Kalaluka applied to be joined to the matter because Mr Hichilema and Mr Mwamba had made allegations against the public media, the Zambia Air Force and the Zambia Police Service, which are all institutions of the State.

The matter which came up for hearing this afternoon has since been adjourned to tomorrow 10:00 Hours.

Meanwhile, PF lawyers are tomorrow expected to file an application against the UPND.

Lawyers shaking hands outside the Supreme Court
Lawyers shaking hands outside the Supreme Court


    • Stop these games and give HH the keys to S House.

      Clearly a rerun at worst as 48% of the voters or 8million in real terms population wise do not want Lungu as president.

      That is monumental number.

      A re election with a more credible electronic process is the way forward.

      If you can embress by election now and then then please run the the presidential re election.

      We will see the last man standing.



    • Mediocrity at its best. I would never let a Zambian lawyer represent me even if I where caught with a smoldering gun in my hands!

    • Meanwhile my wise president Lungu has gone to Mfuwe to make his cabinet, leaving jokers in the opposition hanging on to false hope of ruling. Fipelwa na Lesa bane!

    • It is God who give the favoured one keys .To tell you the truth, majority Zambians are for Lungu and are ready to vote for him even in 2021.

    • 7 days is up already and they’re still fumbling around. Throw out the case already so we get on with our lives.

    • pf lawyers are playing some games here,pf cadres read before commenting,
      -the attorney general applied to join the case yesterday,meaning before he was not part to the case,so the upnd lawyers have to include him in their sermons and serve him.

    • first day i said it thats its a state case, you weree here treating me like a UPND cadre.
      This case will take months, because of the too many overwhelming evidence connected to government insttutions.
      somehow Zambia is much better without those PF ministers, and none of that shhht comes from PF secretariate.
      only government of national unity.

    • There was probably no clear winner in this election. The fair judgment would be to order for a re-run between the top two. With the stock pile of anomalies results for both PF and UPND cannot be relied upon.

    • HH has demanded a recount of all presidential ballots cast. Is this possible in the remaining 7 days? HH should withdraw this case ans save himself some cash that he will eventually pay this troop of lawyers…But of course he does not see it that way because he is blinded with anger and bitterness…

    • the constitution does not say 100%, it says 50% plus one person. it come be 50% plus 2 people. Noe edigar has 50% plus 13000 people. thats too much for our constitution

    • So they will keep on joining more respondents to delay the process and allow rigging to be finalised.

      Lungu ‘ team is being dishonest and indicisive in this matter. Why did they not let UPND that Its the government of Zambia being sued for declaring false election results. Infact its ECZ which should be sued here for gross misconduct and deception by falsely adding 8000 votes to Lungu.

      Zambia ‘s judiciary is under a massive stress test to see how professional and independent it is.

      I will be surprised if anything tangible will come out of this .But its a good exercise to expose those that claim that Zambia is a show case democracy . My foot!

      UPND should press for a re run under new terms of transparency where the UN should handle the elections and tally the results to…

    • How can a bunch of well-paid lawyers not afford a flush drive to save already prepared summons is beyond me! Likando was joined this case yesterday, you tell me all these UPND ‘bluffers’ none of them could run to a printing kiosk in Lusaka, print the damn summons out, have them signed, and serve Likando right there at the ConCourt before he even had a chance to slip away? They had to wait to be told in Court that they did NOT serve one of the defendants’ Lawyers the Summons?

      You may be “rich”, but man…., your Lawyers want to make a killing out of your desperation. The longer this drags on, the fatter their pockets get. ECZ, ZAF, PUBLIC MEDIA, etc, being State Institutions, Govt will actually settle their Lawyers’ bill. And you? Well, maybe UPND as a Party will pitch in—good…

    • Do not hide behind adjournments. Just tell the public that Chagwa is refusing to handover power to the speaker. Without the Chagwa handing over power how can the case begin? You thought being a president is hereditary? Ala


  1. “Meanwhile, PF lawyers are tomorrow expected to file an application against the UPND.”
    I think the author should have amplified this statement so that a layman like me can understand it clearly

    • Look at the way lawyers mix and match….no hostilities. Just camaraderie. Oh, that our politicians would pluck a leaf.

  2. This is it. Case closed. No evidence from UPND and they are using these schemes to delay the inauguration ceremony. ConCourt, kindly put this case on one your shelves.

    • This indeed a circus, The so called lawyers don’t even seem to know what they are doing, How did they file a petition with all these Hiccups? Its constitutional but absurd with someone who has two thirds MPs supporting him. HH is indeed a lost cause. He is acting like someone who is being exerted pressure.

  3. Q: How many lawyers does it take to change A light Bulb?
    A: None, They all trying to fix what they believe is a faulty light switch.

    But my , my – The scene at our high court could well have been plucked right out of Picaddily Circus. They just missing ring master HH

  4. Zambia is still behind in understanding what politics are. We are still striving to understand what we want and where to head to. Its sad to see my fellow country men and women ignoring all their dignity because of luck of understanding and pride without gain. Zambia is beautiful when it is a one nation, Zambia is proud when it boasts about its many languages and unit it has. Pride and envy will not take us anywhere. Its a pity we have found ourselves in this error which does and will not add any value to a person called Zambian. Am working on something right now which I hope will embrace one ness Divided we fall.

  5. Where are Guy Scott, Miles Sampa and Dipak Patel? Has anyone seen or heard from them since the election results were announced?

    • They have gone into hiding now it looks like HH is only remaining with Fat Albert. Big lesson to HH (Kapata mukaya umweni akaya) he dumped all members he started the Journey with.

    • @Obakengnio: What a waste of sperm you are! Just go and clean toilets and make cheeseburgers to eke a living – what a low life you are!!

  6. Linda you are right but look at the circus. Mark my words, HH’s issue is going nowhere, however, for the sake of presidency, we wait for the ConCourt’s predetermined outcome.

  7. Please think of this country not you rotten berries Edgar should not be supported by anyone he is a dictator, now will remain with only this pf mouth piece called lusaka times.

    • Uli ndonga Chacine! LT has tried its best to cover opposition parties unless when it suits you.. Go and read watch dogs.

    • Stupid ndonga your hh is the one who is a dictator who has killed people like muntanga, mapenzi etc because of his selfishness

  8. I think fear is developing in one group. I bet another lawyer tomorrow will claim to have joined the defendants’ group and will claim that petition has not been served. Well, let us wait and see. Surely Kalaluka could not share the documents for petition with the other lawyers? What are our colleagues fearing? Buying time or is there something they are doing in the background on votes?

    We shall inaugurate ECL on saturday next week.

    • The Constitution says they have 14 days to “hear” the petition. There is NO TIME LIMIT for them to give their decision.

      Go and read — and UNDERSTAND!

    • Zambia will indeed be lead by patriotic failure for the next 5 years which will spell total economic disaster for this country. It wont be long from now when ECL dancing queens will be seen crying in front of cameras for help……….Hunger.

  10. In the event of a re-run, all the regional votes that went to FDD and other fringe parties will vote PF and the sympathy vote from all over Zambia will go to ECL because of Namwala. Where will HH get the extra vote?

    • Not only that, I can promise you that, i Have friends who Voted for the UPND but are now regretting. Thats why I am hoping for a re-run. So that we can silence them. Even the sympathetic Vote they got in Lusaka, Eastern Province, C/B, Luapula and Northern province, they will not see it this time. This party is full of Desperate and selfish people.

    We shall inaugurate ECL on saturday next week.

  12. “Thorn in the Flesh” I totally agree with you. In fact we are even wasting our time on this blog. Lets go home and begin to prepare for the inauguration. HH’s celebrated before the results were announced. Its time ECL to celebrate now.

  13. Going to nfuwe is the same thing as stepping aside. So guys watch as events unfold. Setting precedence when facts are overwhelming is easy. Lungu won by 13022 – 8000 = 5022 if UPND can find this balance anywhere then nullification can be achieved in article 99 (4a) as invalidity elected. But as for article 99 (4b) can be achieved if non-compliance is proven through: Samuel Chula; biased media coverage; gen 12 ; abuse of public resources; etc.

  14. What I can’t understand is why ECL and his co respondents think that by avoiding the summons being served they will avoid due process of the law taking place. I’d urge his solicitors to make him understand that the country’s at the brink of a precipitous fall into chaos, unless he respects the constitution and laws of Zambia. People respect not just courage but also integrity. Mistakes have already been made, it’s time to rectify them for the sake of our country.

  15. Now again why are they adjourning the petition? Mmm!! something is cooking here. Remember how it took time to announce the election results. We knew something was cooking. Now with the court!!! ok we wait for tomorrow that never comes. We should learn to trust the law. But as it is Zambia one has to be careful. Who could dream that ECZ was a corrupt body?

  16. HH is under pressure from some invisible forces whom he had assured that this time he would win They’d given him all the ammunition such as job losses etc

  17. Hello there Mushota BB2014.

    I find your reasons very valid. Let me not expand on this as it is common knowledge that after removing 8000 votes from Lungu, he does not any longer hold majority votes. But then, those were for Lundazi alone, so if added to those in other parts of the country, ECL will be found far much even lower than Nawakwi.

  18. wonders may never end ! y Noah didn’t kill the mosquitoes while they were jxt two in the ark?
    if you deserve to cry for rain ,u deserve to cry 4 mud as well.

  19. Let AMAGEDON HICHILEMA swallow his pride and accept that he has been rejected by majority ZAMBIANS and accepted by minority TONGAS.ECL may consider him in his cabinet as minister of HATRED and TRIBALISM the guy can perform wonders.

  20. UPND should have just sued for keys for state house, not rigging allegations. The game is decided at Councillor & MP level. It is common knowledge that it is the Councillors & MPs who meet the electorate first & influence their choice. The same electorates after approving & voting for Councillors & MPs, go on to vote for their presidential candidates as a package. Its strange to see presidential petition alone when UPND Councillors & MPs who were equally trounced like their presidential candidate have accepted the results & forged ahead in life. Two thirds of MPs for PF against One third which includes other opposition parties & Independent candidates just calls for outright acceptance of defeat by UPND.

  21. HH kuwayawaye fye, you want to be President with only 55 MPs and create a constitutional crisis. HH thinks he must be President at all costs as if he is the best zambian, when not at all. Zambia is bigger than any one person.

  22. Black on black violence?

    the enemy is not amongst us, open your mind then your ‘eyes’ will see.

    Evidently we are dealing with jokers as leaders in both parties -the challenge is for people to stop talking a mobilise to make Zambia proud, how about we start a reading revolution, or clean your city initiatives – we talk a lot and do nothing

  23. Comment:amano mambulwa cha chine !.honestly I don’t understand what’s to come forth, let us all get on our knees and request to God that he may deliver us as one Zambia one nation from this big mouth of the devil ,the devil is indeed on duty , wakeup en make a call to Jesus our spiritual saviour to let the spirit mentalise what’s behind all this confusion into visible or phiscall so that we all know which way forward, we’re lost indeed. shame on you all leading people into distress for you own personal filthy lucre again ,shame on you vision less leaders.

  24. Ba UPND bena kuwayawaya fye they have no Evidence whatsoever. Next they will be told that they sued the wrong people as ECL and Inonge were equally stakeholders in this election. Martha Mushipe will start shouting at the concourt judges ninshi chapwa it will be thrown out.

  25. @mwansa you have made my dY. With her dirty thighs which went viral she is now more stressed. Maybe she was promised a ministerial position MOJ

  26. All these chaps ati attorney general are all lungu’s fellow cronies. The justice system in zambia is rotten. that is why that sick chap lungu is busy on holiday as we speak because he knows that nepotism and corruption will secure him a favourable outcome. The only way to get rid of rotten leadership in zambia is to let nature take care of business and wait for them to die

  27. I’m not a lawyer..But Even I can defend Lungu in this case… All I need to do is show at the court and ask HH morons or his silly laywers to tell me the case aganist my CLIENT EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU.

    LUNGU has NO CASE to answer… easy money…

    • Spaka Like Lilo PanAfricanist is very right. And what vindicates him is the fact that you got his message and it hurt you. There is no case against Lungu and that petition is in shambles. All 14 upnd lawyers failed to serve the proper respondents and it is LLB101 that the AG represents the Government Institutions such as ZAF, Police etc. In fact the government is doing them a favour by applying to be joined as they could have done so at the last minute>day 14. If upnd cadres read the petition there is nowhere where it says that there was a deduction of 8000 votes if anything they are crying about campaigns. Maybe they need you bloggers to represent them.

  28. Let man of God rule this country.I never seen HH attending church service,Zambia is a Christian nation,we need God fearing leader,May God guide us in this period

  29. Comment:Now,if lungu true won these elections,y is he excusing himself?let him face hh so that if he truly won he celebrates victory.

  30. Therefore, if a Mason’s concept of God is left to his own interpretation, than as far as Freemasonry is concern, it doesn’t matter what or who its members believe in just as long as they believe that He, or it, is one in the same, which again is the basis of Masonic universality.

  31. PF will make an application against the UPND and the UPND lawyers wont be served so we will adjourn again for service to be effected so this will end up with who should be served…second year law school lecture on due service but am sure some lawyers were busy dozing when the process was being served and since they have never worked at LPI they were deemed(passed even though they had failed) now they are unleashed on the unsuspecting public and minting…

  32. In your dreams my friend, we told you even before the elections that pf was going to win but you actually thought the was a wind of change yet the only wind of change which was there was no watchdog, now we are here again telling you the same thing, Hh can never be, will never ever be president of zambia

  33. The Con Court should complete hearing within 14 Days. So by 2nd September the Con Court will close all submission and set a date for ruling. At the moment, I have NOT heard any submission but adjournments. 7 days gone. A waste of time.

  34. gentlemen stop condemning Freemasonry, HH has never been is is not a freemason. don’t condemn a good society just because of a selfish politician who is not even a member of that society. freemasonry is a good society for men, only ignorant persons call it names. if you want to know more i can invite you to a meeting for your own observation.

    • mr.freemasonry,please get out before it is too late.what about those rituals you people go through? you and mr.hh are playing with hell fire, get out of this evil secrete society,if there is one of the reasons which campaigned the upnd it’s the association of the upnd leader with Freemasonic society.

  35. Let rule of law take its course. When ECL signed the amended constitution, the whole stadium was agog with praises but as usual, I’m sure most of them didn’t even know what it was all about. To them its just about ECL whether right or wrong. We’re still a long way to having the majority of Zambians who can actually think for themselves.

    • Lungu was brave to sign that Constitution and braver to want to give Zambians more human rights than the Presidency through the Referendum. But I am sure something greater than the human mind and spirit foresaw that it would just bring chaos in the nation and stopped it through HH. That was a great thing HH did for the nation so he not such a loser. He has made it possible for Lungu to govern with so much power. The new Constitution says the presidential petition shall be heard within 14 days. So I hope all upnd cadres can count. It is not the fault of the respondents that they were not served on time. Follow the law!!!

  36. We are so tired with these intellectual clowns. Throw them out for good. Mr. HH these guys will milk you dry. All you HH lawyers its time for you to FIRE OR JOBS AND GET TO WORK… If you are schooled enough, you will the difference between a job and work…

  37. kikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikiki……………….our president has gone to Mfuwe to prepare his cabinet whilst other people are busy insulting each other on the media. Let the concourt continue postponing the hearing until they pass judgement in 2021 so that we have a re-run in 2021 and beat HH again. They will continue crying and crying until they die of BP for being political amateurs. Infact let the Namwala southerners destroy all what the government has bult for them so that they start living in the bush. Let them chase all the non-tonga brothers and sisters and continue living and marrying their own cows. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk……………………………….

  38. Its clear most on this board do not understand the law and further they also do not understand delaying tactics that are actually being used by the State (Pf). The petition was served on the right people, however the Attorney General has requested to be added to the case. This needed to be approved by the judges before the lawyers for UNPD could serve the Attorney General. Once that is accepted by the court, the whole petition documents have to be redone not a copy and paste as some people are suggesting and include the attorney general. It does seem that Lusaka times are being mischievous and trying to imply that UNPD lawyers are not ready. This people is normal court process. What we should be concerned about is how many more PF related structures will continue to request to be added…

  39. So What Happened at ConCourt Today*
    Lusaka- Thursday 25th August 2016
    News Analysis.
    The United Party for National Development (UPND) filed their Petition on Friday, 19th August 2016.
    Many suspect that the Petition was filed in such a hurry that it didn’t attend to the details of the main case and substantive Petition.
    (The UPND lawyers had believed a false rumour that indicated that all Court Registries would be closed on Monday 22nd August 2016, to facilitate for annual and scheduled file audit).
    Further Monday 22nd August 2016 was the last day required by law (7days window) to file their Petition.
    On Tuesday 22nd August 2016, the UPND lawyers filed what they considered a proper case as an addition and addendum to the skeletal case they had filed on Friday and informed the Court…

  40. It was going to very wise to sue Lungu & Inongo if Lungu & Inonge declared themselves victors. HH & GBM are using sour grape syndrome so are there Layers like Mushipe. In law we opperate with empirical evidences and not annoyance. SUE ECZ WITH TANGIABLE FACTS. Remember irregularities are normal in any elections like in Jorberg Metro in RSA when Vasco Dagama was elected Mayor. There was one extra vote but Vasco was declare winner. HH & GBM wake up those layers are just milking your pockets if they are not defending your case free of charge.

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