Felix Mutati appalled at the escalating levels of violence

Felix Mutati
Felix Mutati

Felix Mutati
Felix Mutati
President of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Felix Mutati is appalled at the escalating levels of violence in some parts of the country.

Mr. Mutati said that following the recently held general elections in which Edgar Chagwa Lungu was re – elected as Republican President, there has been a spate of violence and inconceivable damage to public and private infrastructure and property.

The MMD leader said Zambia had enjoyed a peaceful co – existence among its seventy-three ethnic groups under the unifying theme of “One Zambia, One Nation” and that the country had conducted peaceful elections which were characterized by smooth transition of power thereby attracting the envy of not only African compatriots, but the entire world at large.

Mr. Mutati said that Zambians cannot afford to sink so low as to resort to acts of arson and willful damage to property and human life. He implored every Zambian to maintain peace at every level.

“Engaging in criminal activities has never been and cannot be a justifiable way of expressing one’s dissatisfaction. As a peace – loving people and as responsible leaders, let us allow our institutions and structures of governance to work independently to resolve the prevailing situation”, he said.

Meanwhile the Human Rights Commission Chief of Information, Education and Training of human rights Mweelwa Muleya has called for an immediate halt to post-elections violence and destruction of private and public properties, reports Pan African Radio Journalist Hermit Hachilonde.

In a statement made available to the media, Mr. Muleya said the act has endangered Zambia’s peace, law and order and it is an infringement on fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals.

He expressed displeasure regarding the post-elections violence which in some cases has resulted into certain individuals suffering physical and emotional injuries.

Mr. Muleya has since implored Zambians to ensure that peace and love is fortified in the country and urged the citizenry to realize that peace lost is not easily regained.

He added that Zambia is known as a beacon of peace in the continent of Africa and has always been practicing admired hospitality.

Mr. Muleya has also urged the media to restrain from actions, utterances or presentations that has the potential to incite ethnic animosity, hatred among Zambian.

He explained that any utterance that may demonize or stigmatize people that belong to different groups is defined as a form of violence and that is crime against humanity under the international law.

Mr. Muleya has however commended the Zambia Police Service for being swiftly in bringing the suspected perpetrators of violence to book and hope that the due process of the law will be strictly followed for justice to be done.

“The Human Rights Commission calls for an immediate stop to post-elections violence and destruction of private and public properties because they are endangering Zambia’s peace, law and order and are infringing on fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals” he said.


  1. Vultures have resurfaced.
    They have heard EL’s proclamation that he has gone to Mfuwe to consolidate his cabinet list. This week and next, we’ll see these job seekers clamoring for air time in govt owned media.

  2. Here we go again. Can we just focus on the petition please? Chimbwi no plan Edgar is trying to get away with murder. No more. Viva HH.

    • You should be ashamed of yourselves for claiming for what you did not WIN than calling our elected president names which your master HH deserves.

    • @ Shooterz

      Until ConCourt rule otherwise, Mr. Lungu is NOT elected president. Stop crapping in public. It shows level of your inbred 1mbecility

  3. This is how wars start, small small just like fire then it bursts into flames and there will be no need to look back because there will be no back.

  4. Felix, we worked together at ZESCO when you were FD. Careful on this subject sponsored by PF. You have your race to run and it is not on the back of PF. The country is split in the middle and if you ever think of Plot 1, do not spit on the red half. The vultures in PF will never allow you to benefit from the green turf.

  5. Violence has a perpetrator and a victim. Matters exponentially get worse when the victim hits back or defends themselves. What a pity, you can’t continuously demean others and expect peace. Equality and respect means don’t wantonly pour scorn on others. Self projection by some ethnic groups can only make others feel bad. That needs to stop! No one is more Zambian to lead the country than another. It’s naïve to think that a Tonga or Luvale cannot rule Zambia. That’s the genesis of the problem in my view.

    • @5 Njoko,the problem is that HH has played on the pysche of many! He has played a tribal card thru and thru all for his personal benefit. He rose to the Presidency of UPND using the tribe scattering away all the old faithfuls and that dwindled the fortunes of the party. It has risen a bit thanks to the disintegration of MMD. What you have described” It’s naïve to think that a Tonga or Luvale cannot rule Zambia” as genesis of a problem is imaginary planted in your psyche by HH and his ilk! Even when Chiluba wanted a replacement he had no choice but to fall on Levy or Lenje one of the Bantu Batotwe to avoid such unfounded ill feelings. In PF they refused a Bemba speaker to succeed Sata for similar reasons to promote party and national unity.Even in voting Bemba speakers voted…

    • ..continued.. Even in voting Bemba speakers voted overwhelmingly for Lungu (Chewa) and Inonge (Lozi).They didn’t follow GBM as a person in a party where they feel represented. When Sata was joined by Given Lubinda and Mama Inonge some people treated them like sellouts since they expected them to stick to UPND as Lozis. When Sata identified Lubinda as an intelligent person and started giving him exposure,Lubinda was fought by Wynter and Masebo,non bembas while he was being defended by bembas;Kambwili,Nsanda including GBM. Today some of these Bembas believe in the leadership of HH ,a Tonga and you saw that HH had more votes in Northern,Muchinga,Eastern and Luapula while Lungu got almost nothing in West,South and NWest despite what PF has done! Let us END UNFOUNDED HATRED!

  6. Let’s be brutal with the truth, who has ever heard this Under 5 say One Zambia One Nation? It’s plain for all to see that HH fifth defeat has confused him and doesn’t know what to tell Anglo America which learnt him campaign money in the hope of chasing the Chinese and Indians from.the mining sector and exploit the hard working shi maini.
    As the famous saying goes, “Corner Meetings Don’t Yield Anything Positive”. Just for your info, we know everything that this HH and UPND had planned to do had he hoodwinked the Zambians, to ransack the treasury at the pretext of saying he entered politics whilst he had money and mistreat many Zambians who don’t hail from the 3 known Provinces, but let this devil worshipers take time to humble himself before the poor. “Money can buy gold and…

  7. Let me start by saying Tonga people are very Good people.They are naturally peaceful and are very hard working too.
    However,it is amazing to see how a certain leader has manipulated masses.He has Tongalised his pursuit for presidency.It is assumed that Whoever challenges him, attacks Tongas as wells.People have actually fallen into this trap.Including people in the ruling who are on record of having uttered tribe remarks.I think such leaders do not deserve to hold their positions.They are a shame.
    Haven’t we had Tonga’s who where and are still “darlings” to Zambia.If say Magande was in HH’s place, would people reject him simply because he is Tonga? Mwanawas was half Lenje but he received massive support from all over the nation.So this tribal talk is only an a weapon that some…

  8. that some people are using for their own benefit. The sooner the nation wakes up the better.
    There is a political leader who in southern province tells people that they should vote him because he tonga.Then he turns around and says those that are against him do so because of his tribe.This not only manipulation but it is wickedness.It is indeed possible to brain wash a who nation gradually drug it into.Indeed evil geniuses do exist.Such like ones require wise people to counteract them

  9. MMD President…….is it Mutati or Dr Mumba…… confusion everywhere yaba….. petition on the other hand seems to be a circus too

  10. war already started,The killing of Mapenzi and Mukonka and others not covered in the media,many others injured and maimed forever by PF was an act of war,These people`s death was not in vain,Any UPND surporter in Lusaka and CB is a target,Tongas and lozis are singled out and specifically targated,told mwe bana ba ngombe go to south p where you live with cows.These thugs do not even know the indeginous tribes of Lusaka are Tonga relative tribes and Tongas themselves.This hate and violence has been taken to tongas for sometime now and Tongas are beginning to respond negatively.The push by a Tonga to become president has made the tribes who think they are a ruling elite to hate and hurt the Tongas.Their elite tribesman spew all the hate speaches against tongas everywhere they goa.But gues…

  11. Their elite tribesman spew all the hate speaches against tongas everywhere they goa.But gues what in a full brown ou war there will be no winner.You Bomb Mazabuka and kill many tongas , a Tonga residing in kitwe at chisokone market blows up and kills twice the number.What a sad ending.

  12. Ba Mutati, you guys began the journey towards the decline in the rule of law with Mwanawasa. Political prostitution became respectable. The brown envelops became the symbol of MMD. How did LPM brick back RB, failed businessman and well known tribalist? We ended up with him as President and further decline in our country’s moral character with the worst period of corruption in our country. People got angry and decided to try someone who could instil some discipline and with no previous record of corruption and stealing. His mistake was ECL, the cool and calculating anarchist, RBs student. He’s murdered democracy and our country’s hope of getting ourselves up. There’s desperation and the worst is to come I’m afraid.

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