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Mangani says there was no rigging the just ended polls

General News Mangani says there was no rigging the just ended polls

Lameck Mangan
Lameck Mangan
FORMER Home Affairs Minister Lameck Mangani has hailed President Edgar Lungu for showing humility after the polls.

Mr Mangani said at a press briefing held at Luangwa Lodge in Chipata yesterday that the President-Elect had shown alot of maturity by waiting the outcome of the Constitution Court.

“Let me commended President Lungu for showing his humility after the polls.He is a good leader and very calm,”he said.

Mr Mangani also said there was no element of rigging by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) in the just-ended general elections.

Mr Mangani said that if they were rigging in the polls, former home Affairs minister Davies Mwila and his counterpart for works and supply Yamfwa Mukanga could have not tumbled in the elections.

He said he was happy that ECZ conducted transparent and fair elections.

He said it was always difficult for the losers to accept the outcome of the elections.

Mr Mangani who is also former Chipata Central Member of Parliament (MP) said even himself when he lost the elections he cried foul over the outcome.

He said he went through the same process which the losers of the August polls were going through.

He said there was need for Zambians to forge ahead and develop the economy of the country after the polls.

Mr Mangani said people should learn to bury their differences and accept the outcome.

He also said there was need to revisit the Constitution after the general elections.

He said the Constitution in its current state may create a problem future hence the need to revisit it.

“There is need to revisit the constitution because the current constitution may create problems if remain unrevisited,”he said. Mr Mangani some clauses must be amended in order to avoid what was current happening in the country.


    • Mangani is more chipuba than Davies Chama, Davies Mwila or even Yamfwa is smarter. Can’t calll those losers as same as he is.

    • Only the sir name is enough to know which direction the opinion will take. Managani, just celebrate that wako ni wako syndrome paid dividends for your case and you are looking forward to a job in the next govt based on your name.

  1. I agree with him. Let’s revisit our constitution. We need to limit all elective positions to two terms. We should MPs go beyond two terms? Look at Tiliengi Kaunda can’t we have something in the constitution that can limit such candidates. Trying two times will also be a good idea. For opposition to go for presidential they should have MPs first. Thank you miyanda

  2. Iwe Changa!! just quietly eat P.F stolen money, & stop ku bwetuka- bwetuka though your lower orifice you Bellyman Politician!!

  3. Insults annoy others not just the one you insults. It explains why your party loses elections.. Cu in 2021. Bye with your perpetual insults and chikonko

  4. If there was no rigging in the just ended elections the simplest solution to it should be to do a recount of all the votes for presidential and later parliamentary ones. Where irregularities will be noticed arrest the all the people involved until we get the real culprits. The people of Zambia did their job on the 11th of August. The answer is there in the votes. We are just punishing the concourt.

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