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Open Marijuana Trade in Chibolya Township bounces back

General News Open Marijuana Trade in Chibolya Township bounces back

FILE: Drug Enforcement Commission public relation manager John Nyawali with part of the 32kg contingent of malijuana confiscated from a Malawian national who was to deliver to Chibolya Compound on saturday
FILE: Drug Enforcement Commission public relation manager John Nyawali with part of the 32kg contingent of malijuana confiscated from a Malawian national who was to deliver to Chibolya Compound on saturday

LUSAKA’s Chibolya Township has once again recorded a rise in illicit drugs trade, particularly cannabis.

The trade was rife during the campaign period for the August 11 general elections.

A check by the Sunday Times on the infamous Gaza Street, which is well-known for open cannabis sales, showed some traders cashing in on the displayed contraband with readily cut pieces of paper for rolling the illicit product.

An investigation on how the commodity was being taken to the township from other provinces revealed that the traders used sacks containing onion to conceal the compressed contraband.

Isaac Banda, a resident of Kanyama Township, told the Sunday Times that the illicit commodity was on high demand, especially during the campaign period.

He said some political party officials would buy cannabis for their cadres, thereby raising the demand for the commodity.
Some people were found buying the contraband in bulk for resale in other parts of the capital city and the country, using the similar method of concealing it.

This reporter who posed as one of the interested buyers was told: “We put the contraband in a bag of onion. That way it’s easy to transport it even using public passenger transport.”

About eight months ago, the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) warned that it would not sit idle and watch drug trafficking take root in Zambia, but nothing has been done to address the Chibolya issue.

DEC public relations officer Theresa Katongo said the Commission was aware of the escalating illegal drugs trade and was doing its best to curb the vice from the source as opposed to where it was finally sold.

“We are not sitting idle over the matter and you should know that this is an ongoing battle which we will continue fighting, especially by targetting the source,” she said.

About two years ago, a combined team of DEC and Zambia Police officers raided the notorious Chibolya Township and arrested hundreds of suspects who were found in possession of illicit drugs.


  1. Some political parties? Anyway, this is coming from Times of Zambia, a bias toilet paper.

    After national prayers conducted ahead of elections, PF cadres were seen smoking the leafs in traffic along Great East road & the police just stood there, hopelessly (The Post)

    If it was UPND supplying this drug to its cadres, it would have made the headlines.

    Meanwhile, Peter Sinkamba has the solution to all of this but you voted for weak, visionless souls

    • You are busy making silly jokes and trivializing it whilst other countries and states in the US are making huge profits from commercial farming the herb all this being overseen by their respective tax agencies.
      We have both the climate and soil for this but we would rather kneel down and pray to a fictitious white chap called Jesus and cheat ourselves by declaring the country a Christian nation whatever that means.
      Wake up!!!

  2. “the illicit commodity was on HIGH demand”

    …unintentional joke? Too funny!

    So that’s how peace is maintained in the hood.

    Create AmsterZam and tax the suppliers and consumers to yield HIGH returns. Agree with Double J above.

  3. Dutch business men fly all the way from Holland to Malawi to buy this herb called Malawi Gold.Malawi is one of the largest producers of Cannabis in Southern Africa.For many marijuana smokers, Malawi Gold has reached almost a cult status. There are websites and blogs which have been dedicated to the praise of chamba. The popularity of this variety has led to such a profound increase in marijuana tourism and economic profit in Malawi that Malawi Gold is listed as one of the three “Big C’s” in Malawian exports: Chambo (Tilapia fish), Chombe (tea), and Chamba (Malawi Gold)’.
    Meanwhile in “Christian Nation” Zambia they would rather attract tourists by shooting their animals such as big cats, hippos for trophies etc with the large chunk of the money being paid in RSA…whilst smart small…

    • Zambia is waiting for White man’s big Pharma Global companies such as Novartis, Pfizer, Roche, Sanofi, Merck & Co., Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline etc to come and buy their herb for a song send it to their London Lab package it then sell it back to Ministry of Health as prescription medicine.

      Zambians wake up from your folly and docility!!

  4. Way to go Jay Jay, tell them stupid Zambians that bazungus are smart pipo. Indeed they brought their white Jesus to shut us up and today, we even go hungry in the name of the so-called fasting (whatever that means). Zambians please WAKE UP! Ichamba mutti…..

  5. When l come back l shall join Politics and eventually become President. Once l am elected thus, l shall direct ba Zambia Army through ba National Service to grow mbanje enmass and in strict secrecy.

    • And then the intoxicated soldiers will overthrow your Chamba government and replace it with their own Mbanje government.

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