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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

PF denies Chasing UPND members from markets and bus stations

General News PF denies Chasing UPND members from markets and bus stations

Frank Bwalya addressing the news briefing
Frank Bwalya addressing the news briefing

THE Patriotic Front (PF) has denied allegations by the United Party for Nation Development (UPND) that the opposition party supporters have been banned from conducting business on the streets and bus stations by PF cadres.

PF deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya said business executives and women should never be categorised as UPND or PF cadres, and described the accusation as laughable and nonsensical.

Mr Bwalya said the opposition party was creating propaganda aimed at neutralising the poor perception and image they had created for themselves.

“It is clear that in Namwala, Tongas are the ones that have displaced the Bembas or rather PF supporters who went there for business,” Mr Bwalya said.

He accused the UPND and its leadership of being behind the burning down of property in some parts of the country, thereby compromising peace in their strongholds.

Mr Bwalya said what was obtaining on the ground was that the UPND was using propaganda to assert themselves with regard to the violence that was happening in Southern Province.

Recently, violent activities in Southern Province and Lusaka were recorded with some people displaced and their property destroyed.

However, President-elect Edgar Lungu vowed to contain the situation as he had the responsibility as commander-in-chief of the armed forces to protect the lives and property of the citizens.

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    • It’s really a shame to see how a person who was a priest can act in such a way. this guy needs deliverance, First why Should PF cadres be running bus stations?? is what you call job creation. this should change and Zambians should bring law and order.

      PF are behind the burning of property to accuse UPND. bwalya should stop such nonsense as it only divides the country further.

    • It sad how somebody who once was a servant of God is now a servant of Satan’s agent, Lungu. That’s the reason that the Catholic Church is paralysed in the face of a looming genocide being organised by PF. The Catholics who are run by Bembas (Telesphore Mpundu and his Bemba priests) are supporting PF who are mainly Bembas. Genociders like Mumbwe Phiri and Davies Chama are behind this murderous jihad led by Lungu. As usual with Bemba crooks, they would like to blame the victims for what they are doing to them.

  1. Frank Bwalya, from a priest, to a slave. Started from the top now he’s there.
    Meanwhile, Lungu is exhibiting dictatorial tendencies but he’ll never admit that he’s becoming a dictator.
    Aristole once said that, “A tyrant must put on the appearance of uncommon devotion to religion. Subjects are
    less apprehensive of illegal treatment from a ruler whom they consider God-fearing pious. On the other hand, they do less easily move against him, believing that he has the gods
    on his side.”

    • Spark Jarrow. ..Another tonga Id.iot. To u its only your Tonga god hh that matters ….

  2. Spark Jarrow uli chipuba, you have no brains. Use your head before you post anything skun.k

    • Unfortunately, lacking a brain and manners is a prerequisite for being a PF kaponya. Just continue in your dumpster.

  3. Tongas are. Greedy. Tribal . Sibasamba . Like 2 much chibwantu . Dwiiii . 2 much kaso . Scared of hh =njala averted

    • But what is wrong with Bembas? Why are they such haters? Why cannot Bembas live their lives without hating other people? Why is this tribe like cockroaches? Why do Bembas like blaming victims of their violent and political crimes?

  4. If it’s business executives who are chasing UPND cadres from the business places what actions has PF taken since ECL is still working as president to stop this? Mr Bwalya, be patriotic to Zambia and stop serving narrow partisan interests. People are now aware that this tribalism is a PF agenda born put of fiction in order to divide political opinions. PF we now have concluded is the author of this tribalism talk and is now practicing it.

  5. Always accusing people but no hard evidence proves that this is just cheap political propaganda. It’s purpose is to cause innocent victims to viewed as the aggressors. ECL is still working as president what is he doing to give evidence. Fellow country men and women let us now begin to demand evidence from these people. It’s dangerously careless and inciting violence to talk the way PF talks about tribalism without proof.

  6. You must go to the markets and interview people. Its true if you are non PF you have a terrible time at the markets. A bemba man who has lived in Namwala the last 15 years can not speak a word in Ila why? Just wondering.

  7. The denial of this truth says more about the shenanigans being state sponsored than anything else. It is sad in this day and age to have police stand by when they know the truth about this and the door to door campaigns of intimidation. They all work under instructions that often run contrary to logic and law. Sad.

  8. what is more embarrasing is that the only people who are heard talking are the PF. others are quiet because they are educated they know how to handle things technically what do you expect from jean kapata a bed side nurse(zens of 1970s and 80s who wrote the exam of verbal) who can’t articulate things technically she is used to carry out orders whether right or wrong. a nurse is never heard but seen jean is behaving like a tradition birth attendants who wants to be heard so that every can know that is a namwino there without any activity.

  9. Ka Chilyata ka puba, anyway let me go to the issue at hand. ECL and HH are great guys, you guys who belong to their parties. Learn to co exist. Life is too short, let’s live in harmony. Markets and bus stops are for everybody though some of you have turned it into kalilo.

  10. This Bwalya from a priest to a liar why do you always want to shield yourselfs from reality. You were once my fan but how you changed and started supporting illigality is what surprises me. shame

  11. PF and Bembas are the ones who are inciting tribalism.
    How can they keep saying that a Tonga will neva be allowed to be president.
    That is creating enemies and will lead to war.

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