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NGOCC calls on youths to develop their skills

General News NGOCC calls on youths to develop their skills

SARA Longwe delivering her speech.
SARA Longwe delivering her speech.
The Non-Governmental Organisations Coordinating Council (NGOCC) has challenged youths across the country to equip themselves with skills that will help contribute to the country’s development.

NGOCC Board Chairperson Sara Longwe urged the young people in the country to discover their potential and develop their skills, in order to contribute positively to the country’s economic development.

Ms Longwe said this in Lusaka today during the official opening of the Rural Youth Exposure Conference and study tours, held under the theme “Discover your potential to greatness”

She added that the country has youths who are blessed with innovative minds that can drive the country’s economy with productivity.

Ms. Longwe said it is for this reason that organisations such as Women for Change and the NGOCC have designed various programmes to build the capacity of youths to fully attain their potential.

Ms. Longwe said NGOCC has been building the capacity of youths through activities such as intergenerational talks, economic empowerment through provision of grants/loans and equipment to establish businesses.

And Ms Longwe added that NGOCC has also undertaken capacity building of women and young persons to prepare them to be leaders in today’s governance processes.

Ms. Longwe further explained that NGOCC in partnership with government developed various laws and polices meant to enhance youth development with an enabling environment that can contribute to youths attaining their potential.

Ms. Longwe called on youths to utilize the knowledge gained from the conference to become ambassadors in their various communities so that they champion gender equality and also work towards their dream and help others to achieve theirs too.

Meanwhile Women for Change Board Chairperson Margaret Maimbolwa has cautioned youths to be drivers in sustaining peace and sovereignty in the country.


  1. Well said mum, but with hh telling the youth to fight on his behalf how can they develop their skills. Tell hh to fight on his own and the youth to develop their skills. Look at is happening in southern province. The young ones are fighting for something they don’t understand all theyour know is that it’s time for the tonga to rule.

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