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RTSA warns against violation of traffic rules after final Presidential petition results

General News RTSA warns against violation of traffic rules after final Presidential petition results

RTSA Head of Public Relations Mr Fredrick Mubanga
RTSA Head of Public Relations Mr Fredrick Mubanga

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RATSA) has urged members of the public to be road conscious during and after the celebrations of the final Presidential petition results.

RTSA Head of Public Relations Fred Mubanga said the agency has noted with dismay that during national celebrations the country experiences loss of lives through road traffic accidents due to careless misconduct by the road users.

Speaking to ZANIS in Lusaka, Mr Mubanga revealed that his organisation has deployed more traffic officers on the roads to ensure that drivers observe traffic rules during and after results of the presidential petition and the inauguration ceremony.

He added that people should help RTSA by observing traffic rules and report all unlawful conducts on the road by calling its toll free line.

Mr Mubanga further revealed that the agency is working with the Zambia Police service to ensure that all law breakers on the road are arrested.

And Mr Mubanga has since appealed to all political party leaders to sensitize their members on the need to conduct peaceful and safe celebrations that do not endanger their lives.


  1. If the correct and fair decision is made by the court and upnd get a rerun then there will be no need for rtsa warning as upnd are mature and civilised. However should evil win and pf carry the day then you will see anarchy on the streets. Prepare to lock yourselves home

    • How many times has RTSA acted against very visible traffic violations by political party cadres? Just issuing empty promises when people ride in boots of saloon cars in full view of the police and RTSA officers.

  2. RATSA are a bunch of ***** how do you warn of something like you are talking to kids…you break the law its a straight forward case!!

  3. I thot it is clear that ECL WILL BE SWORN IN ON TUESDAY NEXT WEEK AT HEROS STADIUM. Preparations are underway for the podium and ZAF busy rehersing, mwaitaya kudala BADALA HAKAINDE , BA TONGA KUZIIMA

  4. I respect RTSA but only one officer disappointed me, The man in solwezi, northwestern provincial manager (Mr Lungu) he is a thug and harasses motorist. I am a victim of abuse by him.

    Can RTSA investigate the behavior of this thug and save us.

    • Abusive RATSA Officers are all over the country …… they only there to increase their wealth … bribes and more brides .. will never end get used to it

    • Beira i didn’t say i don’t follow rules! yes i have made mistakes before and i said i respect RTSA . But the behavior of one Officer who abuses Zambians because of his authority is what I am complaining of.

  5. traffic rules must be respected at ALL times.Whether there be a celebration or funeral no rules should be broken and that includesoverloading and overspeeding.It is surpring that during campaigns we witnessed as before ,the breaking of these rules and no measures taken to correct the situation.We all know what the consequences were.There should be professional conduct by mandated Traffic controllers without compromise.

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