HIV testing
HIV testing

Government has revealed that the country has enough HIV/AIDS test kits in stock for use to cater for the next few years.

Ministry of Healthy Spokesperson Tasila Pitters said government ordered enough HIV/AIDS test kits to ensure that the country does not run out of any supply as per demand.

She was responding to a pronouncement made by the World Health Organisation that the word is currently facing a shortage of HIV test kits.

Dr. Pitters said that government is working hard and investing more in the health sector to ensure that people have access to good health.

She said that the crisis of the shortage of HIV/AIDS test kits had struck the country for only a few months but government had come up with measures to effectively address the issue with keen interest of saving the Zambian people.

Dr Pitters said that government through the Ministry of Healthy will ensure that it provides adequate health services to the people of Zambia so that every citizen can have access to quality health services.

She urged Zambians not to worry about the shortage of test kits because government had already taken care of the matter.

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  1. Enough kits to inform the entire nation of their status but not enough medicine to save lives. Life under pf wafya



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