Immigration Dept nabs 10 Ethiopians for suspected smuglling


Immigration Officer
Immigration Officer

THE IMMIGRATION Department in Kasama is holding 10 Ethiopian nationals in suspected smuggling case.

This is after 17 foreigners in the early hours of Monday were involved in a road traffic accident.

The accident occurred along the Mbala-Nakonde Road when a Nissan Elgrand Vehicle registration number ECP 975 overturned, killing two suspected Somali nationals on the spot. Immigration Public Relations Officer Namati Nshinka said yesterday that later, an Ethiopian also died while four other Ethiopians sustained serious injuries and were admitted at Mbala General Hospital.

“At the time of the accident, only two were found to have valid passports. The two passports however were void of entry endorsement stamps to prove legal entry. The driver, a Zambian is believed to have survived the accident and investigations regarding his whereabouts are ongoing,”he said.

He said investigations into the matter were underway adding that initial indicators seem to suggest that this could be a case of human smuggling.

Mr Nshinka said the Department through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was making efforts to notify the victims’ respective Government representatives.

In other developments, two Somali nationals were arrested in Chirundu for travelling on Tanzanian Emergency Travel Documents (ETDs).

Further, in Solwezi, two Rwandese refugees were arrested for being found outside the refugee settlement without authority.

“Meanwhile, on Friday, 26th August, 2016, in Nakonde, a total of 14 Tanzanians and 1 Nigerian were refused entry into Zambia after they failed to satisfy the entry requirements for Zambia. On the same date, the Department removed a total of 10 prohibited immigrants from the country. These include, 8 Congolese nationals in Kasumbalesa, 1 Somali national in Lusaka and 1 Congolese in Kitwe,”he said.



  1. Good job. But had it not been for the accident, they would have crossed.

    We need to make it difficult to for immigrants from Horn of Africa. Even in Europe & RSA, people are complaining about them. They have no skills/education & are unemployable, so can’t add to the economy. They end up as traders, fighting for turf with our uneducated locals.

    They are economic refugees who fail to develop their own countries but are ready to cross deserts, rivers, lakes, even oceans to go & litter other countries.

    With IMF coming I pray that no Zambian finds himself in such calamity


    • The IMF has been making deals with the government from before. Even in Mwanawasa’s Structural readjustment program that cleared out debt IMF was involved. Let us move on and be happy our national agencies are working.


    • Hagere I agree with you, not only ignorant, but very crass and uneducated. He should be thanking the authorities that our nation is gaining, and not bringing about unrelated topics.



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