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The EU condemns closure of private broadcasting stations in Zambia

Headlines The EU condemns closure of private broadcasting stations in Zambia

Police officers seal off Komboni Radio premises last night
Police officers seal off Komboni Radio premises last night

The European Union says it is closely following the post-election developments in Zambia.

Spokesperson at European Commission Nabila Massrali said in a statement that the EU is closely following post-election developments and notes rising tension and incidents of violence.

“All stakeholders, in particular the two main political parties, should engage in dialogue and reconciliation and await calmly the outcome of the complaints and appeals process,” Ms Massrali said.

She said independent media is a key element of one any democratic and pluralistic society.

“The recent suspension of several media organisations – Muvi TV, Komboni Radio and Itezhi Tezhi Radio- by the Independent Broadcasting Authority runs counter to this. The lifting of the suspension for Itezhi Tezhi Radio should lead to further positive developments in this regard,” she said.

“The EU remains committed to Zambia’s democratic, economic and social development. The upcoming recommendations of the EU Electoral Observation Mission, which will stay in Zambia until the completion of the electoral process, are part of this engagement.”


    • In our nascent but burgeoning democracy in Zambia, we do value constructive bilateral and multilateral discussions if anchored on a culture of mutual respect as we see in the recommendable EU approach. Like any nation, we are not malleable to attitudes of preponderant power that can sometimes characterize national states expression of interests in the international arena. Lets look at gist of the matter at hand that has prompted IBA to exercise its statutory powers if in national interest or not.

      Meanwhile, lets look at the freedom of Wikileaks and Julian Assange to mirror to the world an authentic model of press freedom uninhibited by any circumstance.

    • Mushota, you bllindly followed Sata when he was alive. When Sata died, you campaigned for Sampa. You were opposed to HH until GBM joined UPND. What does that say about you?

    • @1.40 The Saint, that’s exactly what I have been wondering about Mushota. If Sampa and GBM rejoined PF she/he would switch back to PF. Very useless person.

      Until you have peace, don’t take freedom of speech for granted. Anything it takes at another long shot at peace.

    • @ Thorn in the flesh
      We had peace. Unfortunately, our Constitutional freedoms have been violated on daily basis by a bunch of criminals led by tyrannic convicted embezzler.
      On the other hand, try to understand meaning of “peace”. Peace cannot exist without rights and freedoms. What you identify as “peace” it is nothing more than blunt oppression by the illegal dictatorship.

    • @ nubian princess
      Your 5tupidity and lack of knowledge reaches ever bigger haights. You 1mbecile, there is no need to “fix” Brexit. There is need to comply fairly and equitably with the WILL of the PEOPLE expressed trough DEMOCRATIC process.
      But then, explaining to you meaning of FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY or RULE OF LAW is like explaining it to PF and theirs CONVICTED embezzler.
      Please, next time you need to crap, use your executive pit latrine instead of LT

  1. EU are welcome and their advice is welcome and always greatly valued.

    What I like about EU is that they can just advise, they cannot, and they do not instruct.

    While the try to do the right thing, being human, just like anyone else, the EU can also make mistakes in their recommendations.

    Only a liar says, “me I don’t make mistakes”.

    In understanding the Zambian situation in the Zambian context, Zambians will definitely always be better placed, while of course open to advice from external and corporations partners whom we continue to cherish and value.

  2. Very quick at condemning instead of finding out y these media houses have been suspended..! Most civil wars are as a result of irresponsible reporting by media houses all in the name of freedom of speech..! We don’t want war in Zambia. Some media houses were closed in America recently but no one has commented..! We know u fund us but plz don’t dictate on how we should solve our problems. We haven’t failed to solve our problems. The suspended media houses have been given chance to be heard which is very fair. These are the same organizations that fuel wars in Africa by pretending to support the government but behind there are busy holding dark corner talks with opposition..!

    • That is the way they know they will remain relevant to African cause! If they can’t fuel despondency and conflicts in third world countries then they have no jobs.

    • @ Kabu
      “…If they can’t fuel despondency and conflicts in third world countries then they have no jobs…”

      I wish that they hear your “advice”and stop wasting theirs tax-payers money in educating demagogic 1mbeciles like you.

      More than 50 years of INDEPENDENCE and you are still clutching to proverbial straw to justify 1mbecility, incompetence, thuggery, criminality and slavery.


    • @Munene
      Very interesting that you talk about media houses being capable of causing civil war. For to be justified in your assertion you needed to condemn the Times of Zambia for wrongly but willfully spreading lies about ethnic cleansing, especially with the recent revelations about their lies!!

      How convenient because it suites you…

    • @Concourt
      They are advocating freedom of expression and I am doing just that! Let’s see how they take the criticism! And why are you speaking on their behalf, am sure they are very capable to defend their position! Stop leaking and do something for yourself. Perpetual dependence will dehumanize you.

    • U see how corrupt, useless representative of your family you are? the name can tell us something about where you come from and the language also tells how you were raised..

  3. People with differing views can co-exist. That’s the difference. The right to co-exist is openly encouraged in the EU. That’s not to say it doesn’t have its problems but if you have never experienced freedom of press, expression and knowing a racist is the one arrested for being racist then you won’t understand when an organisation like this speaks of rights. Living in a cocoon making your fellow country men look bad by mouthing off as though that’s the way the whole world works… that is a Zed thing. There are others who do that in their own countries too. Key difference. Accountability.

  4. EU sould just shut up and find out why Britain left them , go clean your muddy house before you attempt to clean our country. Remove stringent EU travel red tales accomodate the people from africa who go yhere in search of jobs, wht do you do to the africans when you catch them? Leave Zambia alone to teach the useless Muvi and other irresponsible media houses such as the POST

  5. I wonder if the EU would make such remarks if they had their media inciting and showing matters that may cause violence and wars in their countries. Zambia is democratic however, these media groups are the ones that could cause further violence in our motherland Zambia.

    • To tell you the truth I was appalled by a blatant lie Muvi tv said about unza students purporting to reject Lungu even showing a clip from choma where they were burning tyres on the road and claimed it was great east road! Then someone talks non sense about muzzling the press! What are there interests?

  6. EU, the radio stations have been closed for breaching licence conditions. Once they cirrect themselves they will be reopened, choice is theirs.
    On a similar note, I see that EU has imposed a stiff fine on Apple. If they don’t pay I am sure you will take other measures available to you, won’t you?

  7. Zambians should not worry.Under ECL,you can continue getting developmental aid from China,Saudi Arabia,North Korea,Iran etc.It will fun to see how Zambia sees through the next five years.I’ll be monitoring CNN,BBC ,Aljezera to see how ECL and Zambia are doing.All the best.

    • Keep hurting inside! We the majority are happy with our choice. We chose with our eyes wide open! Problem with envy is that it eats the carrier!

    • @ Kabu
      Ïf “…We the majority are happy with our choice. ..”, why are you rolling red carpet for IMF?
      Do not ask for help, as you said, “We the majority are happy with our choice…”!!!

  8. MUVI V and these radio stations are planting lies and are a danger to national peace. They are like the Post. The Independent Media body must not regret controlling these hatred tools of a party that has displaced citizens in Namwala and assaulted scores in Southern Province.

  9. Edgar won and will be the president for the next five years! Sadly the behavior we saw was just an iceberg of what goes on in offices all over Zambia by this group and is the reason why Hazalusa Hagain cannot be entrusted with any higher office! If someone was able to plunder privatization funds what would you think of running a country?

    EU does not fight African civil wars, they watch from the terraces. Some countries in Europe are done accepting refugees in across their borders. Zambia is many miles away from the nearest borders to Europe.
    Governments in Africa have a duty of protecting their General citizenry even if it means being cited for stifling the so called “freedom of speech”. We shall not compromise our peace for a morsel of freedom of speech.

  11. Ubututu abantu bamo EU fimo fimo concentrate on BreXit and let our agencies responsible for such things as taxes, licensing and all the other things we have been doing for a while do their job!

    Do not be fooled by cheap theatrics of some of the media houses in Zambia. Fingers will keep getting pointed to the Government as though they were directives from the President himself. This is not right and is not fair, to the international world it is read as though we have a dictator as a leader and that our cherished peace and democracy are a farce. We love our peace, and we love our country unfortunately those running some of the media houses and in some cases regular businesses somewhat forget that there are rules and regulations in the running of a business. Licenses have to be up to…

    • Licenses have to be up to date, and taxes have to be paid as well its only normal that when you are past due your services are temporarily suspended and that’s the truth there is no witch hunt on political/tribal views as is being portrayed to the world. Its like in America when you owe Uncle Sam you either pay or lose. There is this misconception that we are under a dictatorship rule with reports like this.. The Post and its tax issues is an example the building was closed but reporting went on and the printing continued the online paper still live and today someone wants to come out and say their freedom of expression and press freedoms are being violated? Come on guys tell the truth! You are reporters after all…

  12. I can still listen to FM 89.7 Radio Salaula all the time – they always make good sales pitches as you walk by in Lusaka.

  13. Some European country, sometime back, had a radio station that was broadcasting negative comments about Africa.
    The war in Rwanda was as a result of negative reporting.
    It is, therefore, of vital importance for the authorities to give the EU just one negative recording from the reopened Itezhi Tezhi Radio and show them what happened in Namwala as a result of that negative reporting.
    Komboni and Muvi TV have taken the case to court. This is a country of laws and not men and so we are, including EU, waiting for our able courts to pass a ruling.
    As for the Post Newspaper, the amount of money is coming to almost ZMW 100, 000, 000.00 plus penalties for disobeying court orders.
    Our plea to the EU is to help the Post Newspaper to put it’s house in order by paying the amount they owe the…

  14. @ConCourt- you’re just a bitter person reeling from the loss of your Kademi-god(hh) and now you’re rambling on like a rabid dog- another loser and product of a seared witch doctor’s bad concoction due to your father’s low sperm count! The EU should keep its ‘pink nose’ out of our affairs- we’ve competent individuals making competent decisions across all sectors- Indeed- clean up your Brexit mess you xenophobic racists!

  15. Mean while, upnd’s petition’s loss comes to a close as its lawyers run around ‘pounding’ Australian and Kenyan constitutions as their basis for justifying their petitions- pathetic lackeys! Mean while the majority Zambians await to duh duh DUNUNA Reverse inauguration and look ahead to a prosperous 5 years!

  16. May the sons of anarchists, alarmists and all Kalusa disciples bury the hatchet and come to reality with what is @ hand- move on mates- perhaps 2021 fate may smile @ you, when you over come your myopic regionalism!

  17. when they were told that radio RTLM was a danger to Rwanda, they said “we believe in freedom of the press” may be they meant genocide…

  18. Ok EU, you can comment and we listen to your views. But the final decision is ours as we understand our situation and our laws better.
    You see, there is a difference between you and us. For example, man bonking man (homisexual) is human rights to you but yo us it’s an abomination.
    In the first instance we will listen and make our own decisions. In the second instance we do not want to listen to you, so don’t even dare try to yap to us, as we will take it as an insult.

  19. These whites thrive on conflicts in so called third world countries. These conflicts create employment in their countries by way gun manufacturing and so called volunteer organizations to areas of conflict. Africa is not Europe where people don’t pay attention to tabloids. Here whatever the post publishes is Gospel truth to some sections and has a potential to start a civil war.

  20. Who the hell is EU? b.u.l.l. s.h.i.t. shut it and leave us alone. Some of these sections are useless and i implore UK for exiting sham organisations like this one. ECL should listen to Zambians and do the right thing. He has always given empty threats but it is time to actually clean his house. He needs new blood if he is to survive the problems that are coming.

  21. We all know that EU are only trying to create a war situation….so that they can increase their GDP by selling Defence Weapons to BOTH sides for years to come.

    I doubt Nabila Massrally, understand WHY the Media has been temporarily suspended! It is to allow the country to calm down because Media Houses were publishing incite filled stories, winding people up by Party Lines. There was tension in the country during and immediately after elections. To come in with a criticism on the PF gov’t before the case is even pronounced is irresponsible. We need to copy UK and have an AFIREXIT. UK was right, these Euros LOVE ordering other gov’t about!

  22. When a criminal enters your home and leaves you injured, the police just say we are investigating. But when the occupant of the same house overpowers the criminal and injures him, the police shall say “don’t take the law into your own hands. WHICH IS FAIR? Chiwamila mbuzi kuluma galu.

  23. @concourt,
    Tone down your language. stop insulting innocent people on this forum. This forum is for intelligent people with valid points of view, though divergent.

    But your attempt to shut up intelligent arguments shows that you are shallow minded and that you have an inferiority complex.

  24. Sorry eu you totally failed to stop genocide nearby so we should manage our indicators before there blow out of hand. Disclipine is our culture.

  25. They also condemned the Namwala assault by a tribal party! They also told the opposition leader to control his violent hooligans! They also are happy of our mature democracy in Zambia! They also said the elections were free and fair but they were going to issue a full report in one month!

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