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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Zambia gets World Bank Loan to support Girls and Women Empowerment Project

Economy Zambia gets World Bank Loan to support Girls and Women Empowerment...

World Bank, Washington DC
World Bank, Washington DC
WORLD Bank has given the Zambian government a loan of US$ 65 million dollars about K624 million to support the Girls Education and Women Empowerment and Livelihood (GEWEL) project which will be implemented in selected districts in the country.

Ministry of Community Mother and Child Development Principal Information Communications Officer Weka Banda said the money would go towards the implementation of the five year project.

Ms Banda said in Choma during the GEWEL inception meeting that the project which had already started would alleviate poverty among the women in the country.

“The World Bank has given Zambia a loan to support women through grants and to also pay schools fees for secondary school for vulnerable girls,” she said.

She said the GEWEL project would be implemented in 51 districts in all the 10 provinces that had not benefited from the village banking facility.

The Ministry of Community Development was working with two other Ministries which are Ministry of General Education and the Ministry of Gender in the implementation of the project.

She said the government decided to target the women because they were the most affected with poverty hence the GEWEL project.

“Women are more hit by poverty and to help to the vulnerable girls to who most of the time remains at home while the boy child is taken to school,” she said.

The aim of the project was to reduce poverty and vulnerability and it was expected to benefit about 75,000 women in 51 districts in the country and 14, 000 female pupils who were at Secondary schools.

The GEWEL project has three components which are Supporting Women Livelihood (SWL), Keeping Girls in School (KGS), Institutional Strengthening and Systems Building (ISSB).

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  1. Watch this space, it is only the beginning of the misery to come under visionless Edgar and PF.
    Its now 40 days civil servants are not yet paid and the IMF is waiting to impose their austerity measures.
    Uko! Mwapya.

    • Ukulomba too much ba Zambia. They say charity begins at home, I remember how mum would go and lomba some mealie meal from the neighbor. kikikikik kanshi napa government level bwafya bweka bweka.

    • These are unsustainable projects and a way to steal money. question is, will this project money sustain-ably enable the recipients to finish school? A project is a short term activity to achieve a specific go. So will this run for multiple 12 years to educate a girl/girls child/children from grade one to 12 to university?
      So this project is way to enable the president buy fuel to see Mseveni and Mugabe and also used to transport government people to South African hospitals. by the way Chishimba Kambwili is furious for not charting a plane for him to Milpark hospital.

    • This money is going into someone’s pocket.Soon marketeers will start get it as a loan from the visionless president Jameson Vodka Chakolwa Rungu…

  2. Zambians we are used kupempa pempa,we cant start anything from the roots and develop it.we start from the middle end up in the beginning)lol

  3. This KALOBA Govt has taken back the achievements of HIPC. Actually these loans are ways in which PF Govt has been stealing. That’s how LUNGU made K23MILLION in 1year. He never paid a single cent in taxes.

    1.Govt borrows money
    2. Govt floats tenders for infrastructure
    3. Investor arranges meeting with LUNGU through Kaiser
    4. LUNGU awards Contract to Investor & gets his 20% cut upfront.

  4. Already he has started to add to the loans…oh my god Lazy Bum Edgar…i wonder how much was misappropriated in the elections.

  5. Sometimes I wonder whether the person talking about the loan understands then implications of such loans why do I say so:
    .the loan or grant is to pay for school fees for vulnerable girls well that’s fine but to me that can be done by governments establishing trust funds rather than borrowing such large sums of money
    .the other thing there are numerous empowerment grants towards eradicating poverty among women but lack proper support to see them through.

  6. We told you lungu only knows how to borrow.

    Such thing as shool fees should be paid from a GRZ fund but PF plunder such reasources and ask for loans to cover.

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