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Irresponsible Media Will Set Zambia On Fire-Lusambo

Columns Irresponsible Media Will Set Zambia On Fire-Lusambo

More donated items being distributed
More donated items being distributed

By Hon. Bowman C. Lusambo, MP-Kabushi

It is common knowledge that the post-election period is the most challenging phase of any election process especially in an emerging democracy like ours and the need to safeguard the democratic gains can therefore not be over emphasised.

For Zambia, this period has further been complicated by a number of election related petitions hanging over at both parliamentary and presidential levels.

As a key pillar of democracy, the media’s role becomes even more paramount in ensuring smooth transition during the post-election period.

We therefore find it appalling and shocking that Radio Phoenix appears to be sailing in a different direction.

We say so because Radio Phoenix elected to air a false news report on its 13 Hours bulletin on Thursday, August 1st 2016 regarding the recent happenings in Namwala, Southern Province.
Radio Phoenix and its Editors lied to the nation that there was no ethnic cleansing happening in Namwala.

They also disputed facts that were established by organisations such as the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit under the Vice President’s Office and the Red Cross that people that hail from other ethnic groups were targeted in systematic attacks on their lives, livestock and property.

Instead of sticking to facts as Journalism ethics demand, Radio Phoenix preferred running a movie-like script on their main news only perfect for a Nollywood movie.

We can only conclude that Radio Phoenix through its News Editor Mr Hyde Haguta who is a known UPND sympathiser choose to play to the gallery and discarded all media ethics and broadcast material that goes against basic common sense.

How can Radio Phoenix claim that those that were attacked in Namwala deliberately set their houses on fire in order to claim compensation from the DMMU?

How can Radio Phoenix in the same story claim that the victims were infact from Ngabwe district in the Central Province and not Namwala? Doesn’t Radio Phoenix understand the distance between Ngabwe and Namwala?

When did Radio Phoenix undertake it’s so called investigations in Namwala? Whom did the Reporters interview because in their so called investigative piece, the station does not give us the source of their story but merely uses speculation. How can a news piece on a matter of such national importance be allowed to run purely based on speculation?

How can Radio Phoenix claim that one of the victim’s house was torched because of misunderstandings over an alleged adulterous affair?

This is complete hogwash and a serious indictment on the levels of deterioration that some of our media institutions have suffered.

As the PF Disaster Response Committee comprising senior party officials among them Members of Parliament led by Chairperson for Elections Hon. Jean Kapata, we invited over 20 Journalists from reputable media houses to accompany us to Namwala on a fact-finding mission and humanitarian tour at which we donated various items valued at over K100,000 to the victims of the Namwala attacks.

We also condemned ethnic tensions in the area and we re-echoed President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s call for One Zambia, One Nation.

All the media houses that undertook the trip to Namwala reported what they saw and interviewed victims who wilfully gave them unsolicited interviews about the attacks.
The audio and video evidence is there to show that what happened in Namwala was a systematic attack on innocent citizens simply because they belonged to a different ethnic group which was in the minority.

If this is not ethnic cleansing, then we challenge the Editors at Radio Phoenix to help the nation find the definition for these kind of barbaric and savagely attacks never seen before in our nation.

We are however not surprised that such kind of reporting is coming from Radio Phoenix because the station management refused to release a Reporter to accompany us to Namwala even after making frantic efforts.

Our team was ready to pay for the Reporter’s travel to Namwala together with other 20 Reporters and ensure that they cover the story adequately but Mr Haguta refused to release any Reporter for that trip.

We can only conclude that Mr Haguta did that to serve his own selfish interests as he had planned to broadcast the trash material he did as part of his desperate propaganda on behalf of his party of choice, the UPND.

Some of the receipients receiving the donated items
Some of the receipients receiving the donated items

We however wish to warn Radio Phoenix to be very careful as they broadcast their propaganda. We are fully aware that some Journalists at Radio Phoenix are on the payroll of Mr Hakainde Hichilema but that should not give them the licence to feed the nation on lies which they masquerade as news.

We challenge Radio Phoenix to release a Reporter to travel with us to Namwala to go and report facts. We will cover all expenses for the trip but we will guarantee editorial independence for the Reporter. We believe this is a necessary expense that we have to incur in order to put to bed all the distortions that may have been created by the erroneous report aired on Radio Phoenix.

If Mr Haguta again fails to take up this challenge and refuses to release a Reporter, we will be left with no option but to conclude that he is the wrong man for the job and the sooner Radio Phoenix relieves him of his duty, the better for the station in particular and the nation as a nation in general.

We also urge relevant government institutions including the Independent Broadcasting Authority to take a keen interest in the happenings at Radio Phoenix. As followers of the station since inception, we can inform the nation that some rogue characters have invaded the institution and are transmitters of hate and propaganda. If Radio Phoenix remains on its current course, the station is a danger to itself and to the nation and can set this beautiful nation on fire.

We also call for an immediate investigation into the shareholding structure of Radio Phoenix. We know that since the original proprietor Mr Errol Hickey gave up control, the radio station is no longer the same.

The new owners from Botswana have been secretly increasing their stake in the running of the station and we are now aware that they own a controlling stake in the station which is contrary to government policy.

We therefore call upon investigative wings of government to quickly investigate how the Botswana investors ended up with more shares in a local radio station than what the law stipulates.

We also wish to take this opportunity to caution all media houses to ensure that they remain professional and discharge their duties ethically in order to safeguard national peace and security.

Bowman Lusambo and Jean Kapata handing over second hand clothes to the displaced people of Namwala
Bowman Lusambo and Jean Kapata handing over second hand clothes to the displaced people of Namwala


  1. We remember the bweengwa kidnap lies, we remember the lies about UPND training it’s comandos with boxing gloves to take on the zambia defence forces, we remember the lies kambwili came on air to vomit about a bemba teacher being attacked in SP we also know this is pure lies by a sad looting regime who can’t understand how more then 50 % of the population rejected them despite spending 10 billion US on projects.

    • Again In what capacity are you talking? This country is going through its worst political crisis since 1964. It is irresponsible statements and actions by people like you faza walya and that monday boy . Your party supported by public media who are peddling lies. Aren’t you the one who went yo meet Julius malema as the bembas would ask ‘ for what for?’
      If these are the only intelligent people left in PF then just privatise the country!
      After all we already have and love chinese food clothes goods money we can as well have chinese MP’s!

    • Infact, the most irresponsible media in this country is state media. So, Mr. thug turned politician, Bowman Lusambo, we urge you to direct your rants towards ZNBC and the other state propaganda to stop the rot. Further, we are aware that the Namwala incident was stage managed and that is why you didn’t want other independent media in the country to verify. We still remember that ‘Pamela Chanda’ issue , a teacher who was allegedly badly beaten by UPND supporters and yet no police report has ever verified the claims. Nor was Pamela seen at any hospital what so ever.
      So, just enjoy your newly found job while it lasts than trying to be the master of ethics and morality in Zambia’s media.

    • I feel compassion for you but I can only offer you a rope to hang yourself to escape from this misery you are facing. How sad!

  2. Is Bowman Lusambo now the new PF and Government spokesperson. It appears he wants to take over from Kambwili. He has been in the media for sometime now even when we expect a senior PF person to comment on serious matters

  3. Don’t mock people iwe c!kala! Zambia can never go to war because of the many tribes we have and you idi0ts (politicians) you know that and it is not possible to have mercenaries here to finance a war as there is nothing of interst to them to fight for! This is the reason that makes people like you to take advantage of gullible zambians! You know for sure war can never break out becuse of the above reasons! In which capacity are you warning radio phoenix iwe c!kala chaw!so! At long last you have licked asses your way to parliament!

  4. Its sad to read and see how people can be so blind to what is happening in Zambia. Things are not well and pretending that all is ok is a lie. Not speaking too when things are wrong is wrong. We have only one Zambia and one poeple. Using the slogan one Zambia, one nation without doing the right thing is wrong. Peace without Justice is not genuine peace. Those in PF and those in Opposition must preach peace, act peacefully and respect others. Those in power must ensure they act responsibly.

  5. If the opposition say no such a thing happened in Namwala then let the Government ignore the mess and move to other areas then let’s see who suffers. I heard one chap you call a Pastor in the name Mumba say what we saw on znbc was a filming in South Africa.!! I recognised one Patric Kangwa who I thought worked for Disaster Management, now I don’t know when he left for RSA.I heard him address some people in Bemba, was I dreaming ba fikala. This man worked in Guy Scotts office when he was VP. Why is Scott quiet?

  6. Mr Lusambo (Hon.). Listen well, listen carefully and listen good. You can do anything you want on earth but please stop your ethnic and genocide agenda. People are not as dull as you think. Whether you carry 2 or 2000 controlled and paid journalists, people can see through your intentions. Propaganda will not take you far. Why haven’t you arrested the perpetrators and taken them to court? You cant simply win through ethnic hate. The Nazis did not win, the Kamer Rouge did not win, the Serbs did not win, the Hutus did not win. It is better to read more history than to spend time watching action packed movies my brother.

  7. Why are Upnd always in denial? Chiefs from the affected areas have confirmed this sad development, but you are saying the opposite because the Post says so. You can make cabbage smell like beef but it’ll never be beef …it’s a vegetable you’re eating not meat

  8. The truth will always come out, the Namwala is true its not even propaganda. I would urge the Radio Phoenix journalist to cooperate bring out the truth. I mean what do you gain in denying something that has happened let just UPND apologize to the people of Zambia for happenings they will loose nothing, in fact people will begin trusting them because they are able accept their mistakes

  9. Lus Ambo is the least to talk about violence when this the same person battered PF in 2010-11 under the MMD hard supporters if sata was still alive he could not even be part of FP

  10. In case we are now targeting every independent media house remaining unshut to also close it down, we will now appear to the international community to be hiding something that shouldn’t be brought to light. PF, we are exposing ourselves very badly. Actually that press statement yesterday from the American Embassy talked about the interconnectivity between closing down indepent media and escalation of violence. Please there is life to be lived and economy to nurture after these elections. Celebrations will not last long if we begin with aid withdrawer due to bad governance. The very cadres eager to dance to PF victory today will be clashing with state police tomorrow when the economy turns sour!

  11. Tongas you cannot impose yourselves on Zambians, am slowly beginning to understand that you naturally do not belong to the ruling class but you are good at business, agriculture and livestock. In life its important to understand what your good at and do the very best in it. Richest men and women on the planet have never been Presidents but they control everything including governments and the global economy. One day, at an appointed time (Gods time) you will have leader from your region.

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