The Zambia Association of Manufacturers (ZAM) says it is targeting to hit 250,000 metric tonnes of iron before the end of this year.

ZAM president Bright Chunga said his company is currently producing 12,000 metric tonnes per month of iron and steel at its Sange Hill mine in Nampundwe area in Sibuyunji district, Lusaka Province.

Dr. Chunga disclosed that the company is exporting the iron and steel to neighbouring countries like Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Rwanda, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

He was speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today.

Dr. Chunga further said that Zambia is a good place for conducting business because of the flourishing fiscal economic policies set by government.

He disclosed that the iron-ore mining is proven to be sustaining the association in particular and the nation at large.

Meanwhile, the ZAM chief has disclosed that scrap metal sale dealings are dwindling.

Dr. Chunga attributed the low sells of scrap metal to lack of heavy industrial companies in the country.

He said scrap metal dealers were mostly selling motor-car body parts instead of heavy metal parts.

“ZAM also buys scrap metals but the sales are dwindling because we don’t have heavy metal industries in Zambia. Currently, we are mining iron-ore at Sange Hill in Nampundwe that has proved to be sustainable economically,” Dr. Chunga said.

Dr. Chunga, however commended the Universal Mining and Chemical Industries Limited of Kafue for purchasing locally produced products in the country.

Recently, President Edgar Lungu launched the new Direct Reduced Iron Plant at Kafue Steel Plant in Kafue District.

At the lauch the President directed the Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) to ensure that all infrastructural projects, including airport expansion and electricity power station projects are supplied by local firms

The President said the move is line with government’s development agenda of job creation opportunities to the local people hence the need for Zambian companies to adhere to his directive.

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    • yes, ‘Halusa Hagain’ may be jealousy as you put it. But it is your young brothers that will suffer. The same Sanje hasn’t started production. The DRI plant at Kafue steel that is supposed to produce the sponge Iron that goes to the electric arc furnace for steel production has not started working yet. While the media as usual fed the public with images of the launch of the DRI by a ‘working President’, truth of the matter is that no one has been employed on the same project.
      So, these are just theories by the Trade Kings Spokesperson, Bright Chunga.


  1. JEALOUSY IN A DISEASE, SO GET WELL SOON. We need more manufacturing companies in Zambia to lessen on over dependency on other countries.



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