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Friday, February 21, 2020

Zamtel Launches the ‘All Networks Offer’

Headlines Zamtel Launches the ‘All Networks Offer’


Zamtel has once again launched a brand new offer aimed at making communication affordable for everyone.

One of the major challenges that subscribers countrywide are facing is the high rate of communicating from one network to another and in its quest to provide affordable communication to meet the needs of its customers, Zamtel has launched the ‘All Networks offer’. With this offer customers will now call other networks freely without the need to have more than one sim card and without rushing to talk during their calls in an effort to avoid the high cost of communication.

‘‘After a conclusive research, we are launching the ‘All Networks offer’ that seeks to address the challenges of the high cost of communication in the country especially across networks. You will agree with me that a number of mobile subscribers have opted to have 2 to 3 sim cards in order for them to communicate more efficiently across networks which has proven to be expensive. As Zamtel we know that we solely exist because of our customers and because we listen and understand the various communication challenges that both Zamtel and non Zamtel subscribers are faced with, we have come up with this promotion that will enable our customers to call any network, thereby suiting everyone`s pocket,’’ Says Evans Muhanga, Chief marketing officer of Zamtel.

The promotion that comes with cost effective and attractive data packages to cater for Social media enthusiasts who utilize applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms will be available to existing Zamtel pre-paid customers and new customers who will join the Zamtel network following the roll out of this offer.

By simply dialing *422# subscribers will have a choice of selecting from the daily, weekly and monthly options that we have lined up for them for as low as K1. With K1, customers can call their friends and relatives on other networks and enjoy 5 minutes of talking on our daily offer; at K5 weekly, customers can enjoy 25 minutes of calling across networks, 250 SMSs as well as 500 Megabytes of data. The offer also has an attractive monthly package which gives subscribers as much as 500 calling minutes across networks, 5000 SMSs and 1 Gigabyte of data, for only K100.


Mr. Muhanga added that management is aware of some of the challenges the customers are facing in terms of network coverage and the company is currently working hard to ensure that this is addressed. He has implored the general public to support the growth of Zamtel, to change the status quo and support Zambian companies and Products. He says it is only through this support that local companies will be able to grow and contribute positively to the economy which in turn will lead to job creation.

He has urged all Zambians to support Zambian Companies that can generate the resource base required to improve the country’s economy. He says this can only happen if we work together as Zambians and support companies like Zamtel. He further added that Zambian companies must also endeavor to improve their standards in terms of quality so that they are able to compete with the Foreign Service providers in Zambia. The company has pledged continuous improvement to ensure that customers have access to high quality, affordable and competitive products and services.


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  1. John Sangwa quits says taking on Prof Mvunga torturous!

    UPND lawyer has described the experience of facing the likes of lead defense lawyer Prof Mvunga as agonizing, torturous and hectic. He has said that it’s like going to a lecture theatre once again which you are not understanding. He has since left the court room leaving the UPND legal team in despondency and clearly headless orphans. Lungu who baged his 5 year ruling mandate from the 11th August, 2016 tripartite election in Zambia, is set to take his inauguration henceforth.

  2. Interesting…well done Zamtel…always love it when our local zambian companies try to be innovative…#proudlyZambian

  3. Yes this is better but you should remove to ma draw backs like Loh’zindaba sakala. The woman does not understand what sales is all about. In short her incompetence is really costing the company.

  4. This is the best protein ever! Well done Zamtel and you have certainly raised the bar! I do not think competition has the capacity to offer 500mins cross network calling, 1000 minutes on net calling, 5000 SMS and 1 GB data all for K100! This is just an excellent innovation that all of us need to support!

    • Can’t agree more! Well thought out initiative but please improve on network coverage and send reminders when data plan is about to expire.
      Hope Zesco can take a leaf from Zamtel innovativeness

  5. Many thanks now my best phone will be using a zamtel card and the other sim going in to a ka small phone, but unused bundles and minutes should be curred over when one get a new parck work on that please

  6. Ba Zamtel please when one is calling a zamtel line why should you first remove the minutes from the offnet ones and if one subscribes to a monthly package why should the data expire if you subscribe for more minutes before the month ends??
    Please stop stealing from customers!

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