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Development will be equally spread to all parts of Zambia-President-Elect Lungu

General News Development will be equally spread to all parts of Zambia-President-Elect Lungu

,President Edgar Lungu being welcomed by an 8years old girl Ammanda banda on arrival at the palace of Paramount Chief Gawa Undi in katete District
,President Edgar Lungu
PRESIDENT-ELECT Edgar Lungu has assured that there will be equity in the delivery of essential public services and that development will be taken to all parts of the country including areas that did not vote for the Patriotic Front(PF) Government.

The President –elect said at this year’s Kulonga traditional ceremony of the Tumbuka people in Lundazi yesterday that his Government would ensure that the country remain united and not segregated based on voting patterns.

“Instead we will use this opportunity to integrate divergent views from other regions as the Patriotic Front Government in the spirit of One Zambia, One Nation,”he said in a speech read on his behalf by Eastern Province assistant secretary Royd Tembo.

Mr Lungu said as elections were over, all meaningful Zambians should put aside their differences and rally behind the PF Government by joining forces in the fight against poverty so as to create economic emancipation for the good of mother Zambia.

He said there were need forgiveness, reconciliation and love among Zambians despite the political and regional divide that had emerged following the August 11th general elections.

He called upon the church to continue praying for peace and unity in the country.

He said it was duty of both government and opposition to ensure there was reconciliation among Zambians so that harmony could continue.

Mr Lungu said the worst form of inhumanity known to man was ethnic cleansing. He said combining the power of tradition in Zambian culture had the moral authority in the Zambian society which gives people strong base of influence.

“It means that you, your royal highnesses can influence subjects in your chiefdom to practice behaviors that benefit the community. As a custodian of culture, you have the moral authority to ask people to abandon the practice of early marriage and other practices that are detrimental to national development,” he said.

He said statistics have shown that Zambia have a high rate of gender based violence in Southern region.

Mr Lungu said the impact of sexual and gender based violence resonate in all areas of health and social programming as well as slowing down the delivery process.

He said additionally, HIV/AIDS transmission was exacerbated by violence. The President –Elect said children who experience sexual abuse were likely to be compromised in their psychological and physical wellbeing as well as many other long term effects.

“A prosperous future for this proud nation cannot be built with abused children,”he said.

Mr Lungu said the PF Government would always be happy to support the traditional leadership in their work.

In the quest to bring development to people, Mr Lungu said Government was ready to embrace everyone willing to contribute positively to the development of the country because development was for everyone regardless of the different political affiliations, tribe or creed.

The President –Elect prodded the traditional leadership to influence the adoption of behaviours that promote peace and security.

“You can say no to violence. You can also lead the way to behaviour that reflects the value of tolerance, and respect for humanity, and people will follow your footsteps. Zambia is fortunate to have such a rich history of peace including peaceful transitions of power,”he said.

Mr Lungu requested the chiefs to convey the messages on peace, non violent resolution of conflicts, peaceful co-existence and a universal respect for human rights.

He said the cultural heritage of any country was important to its image and integrity adding that traditional leaders were the custodians of tradition and culture.

Mr Lungu also said the Kulonga ceremony which was bringing together the Tumbuka speaking people from various chiefdoms in Eastern Province which was an exercise of a tremendous unifying role.

He said Government would continue recognizing the economic potential of performing creative and other forms of arts.

He said it was Government’s desire to ensure that traditional ceremonies strengthen the integrity of people’s origins and value systems.

“This is the reason why government has created the ministry of tourism and arts to mainstream the arts in development as well as the ministry of chiefs and traditional affairs for cultural heritage preservation and strengthening of traditional governance systems as enshrined in the patriotic front manifesto. Zambia prides itself in cultural diversity,” he said.

The ceremony was being presided by Chief Mphamba of the Tumbuka people of Lundazi district.


    • Always look to the opposite of whatever Chakolwa says. If he says national equity, just expect flagrant victimisation of the tribes he hates. Lungu is an unfair person who sleeps and thrives on conflict and manipulation. He is a mere tribal warlord and not a national leader.

    • Edgar you don’t have to say it. Just do it if you mean what you say. But I also remember you saying you will only develop those areas that will vote for you.

    • Dreaming?? No vision, with all wrong people around him, what development with No money??. if you are serious, let mama Wina retire, she is too old. when will the young ones also work.. we need fresh blood. No one in your cabinet should be above 55 years

    • “He said statistics have shown that Zambia have a high rate of gender based violence in Southern region.”
      Out of all the provinces.Chakolwa…

  1. My President give them the crumbs of development. We work with the tongas in our daily lives and they hate you with a passion thats why they all vote for upnd any given day.

    • People have the right to vote for somebody who protects their interests and respects them. Lungu led the sneers against Tongas as bakachema right from February 2015. He cannot expect votes from a group he detests and sneers at every day. He should concentrate on his favoured Bembas and Nyanjas.

  2. I’ve never seen frustrating people like UPND everything the president says to the nation leaves a bitter pill to swallow. What is it that he has done or not done. Born not Tonga or what? Come on people now you boring

    • Lungu is a tribal warlord of the Bembas and Nyanjas. He cannot expect love from people he detests and sneers at every day. Lungu is not fit to preach unity when he is a hatemonger.

    • Bemba boy who brought muzungu wanga and wako ni wako slogans in Zambia? Maybe you were too young then. Tribalism started in the east and spread to the north.

    • Mr Lungu said as elections were over!

      No Mr Failed Lawyer, they are not over! Just because your Chuulu and his ECZ manipulated the results to try and give you 50 +1 you think the people of Zambia will accept this theft!

      We will have a runoff when the truth comes out and it is clear your “win” was not a one man one vote but Chuulus vote of 85,000 votes!

    • Ok UPND is boring they can’t even understand the ruling of the court. The problem with UPND is that they think HH knows it all. Whatever he says they believe ,even when there own lawyers walk away from court due to luck of time as we all know by now that UPND is a time waster they still dream that tomorrow they will wake to find HH president. Come on stop dreaming its game over please find time to reflect on your problems to come and give them to HH to fix them. Lol

    • @5One Zed, didn’t PF start developing Lukulu with a hospital which was not there before? Muchinga is a new province and most of the development is concentrated at the HQ,Chinsali just like what has been done in Choma! If Muchinga was PF’s preoccupation, what do you say about the most expensive road,Mongu – Kalabo,the bridge at Sioma-Ngwezi, the expansion of King Lewanika Hospital, the tarring and lighting of many Mongu township roads, Nursing schools , rice projects and the relaunching of the cashew nut industry …to mention but a few!

    • Bwafyaa what grade are you doing?let me guess grade 1 or you’re UPND frustrated cow. Please read between the lines. This is not school debate where Proposing and Opposing groups never agree on anything.

    • @Bemba boy, may be you have not read my comment very well or should I ask what grade you are? My comment @ 5.2 to 5.0 One Zed is actually to show the commentator that Lungu is talking reality and practice. Looking at your other comment, I did not expect that my reaction to 5.0 One Zed could elicit such comments from you. I expected the opposite! I commented with facts rather than with party affiliation as primary factor to argue with!! So mate..it is not debating club stuff, read the posting and digest the contents!

  3. This guy is CLUELESS for real. Do you mean to tell me that regions that did not vote for PF do not pay taxes such that taking development to them is a favor from you? See, therein lies the problem. Issuing such statements is not only divisive but is also a dog whistle to the PF ignoramuses to actually believe that they are superior to these other regions who are only going to survive by their

    • You are absolutely spot on…its just not something you state as all areas are allocated the same figures.We need to educated our people so that these lazy statements are discouraged.

    • @6 webman, the article is talking about unity being exercising equity! What he is reminding people about is that despite differences in political opinion we need to move together as one in development. Be reminded that the President and his cabinet under the current laws have powers to direct where resources should be spent and thus if he chooses to be divisive he could just do the opposite of what he is saying. PF have avoided that temptation,see my earlier post @5.2!

  4. The elections are over hence whatever he says is gospel true. Only tongas shall believe him. Remember what Dr Kambwili said. They can reject Jeans in preference to HH

    • Bemba propaganda is toxic. Even risking blasphemy, just to throw more hate against Tongas. If PF have won cleanly, how come they are choking with bitterness and anger? How come PF are spewing hatred and bursting their spleens? All this is from guilt consciences!

  5. Awe yo excellence! We voted fo u & others did not & will never. So please lets not waste limited resources on southern province. Nothing! Zero. Ok, no, just mentain the main roads so that goods cab b transported thru. Otherwise mwandi Tongas r a waste of precious resources.

  6. What development? Are you talking about poverty and hunger being spread uniformly to all parts of the country? But does that include State House?


  8. Good statement Mr. President, but reconciliation should start with you and HH, HH has asked to meet with you, meet with him reconcile and then from there the nation to reconcile. You are on different sides but he has called on you but you have rejected seeing him. Lead by example and God shall Bless you. You are President why not meet up with the guy?

  9. Mr lungu 50% and more of the country rejected you.

    You abused public funds you closed down independent media you used violence lies and intimidation against any one supporting the opposition.

    You seem to be at home breaking the law at any chance you have. As a lawyer we expected you to respect the law and the consitution and lead by example.

    Zambia has never seen such levels of political violence seen only when you appeared on the landscape.

    You have driven zambia back into the debt trap with inflation at 21% from a comfortable 7% 1 year ago.

    Reconciliation will take more than just words.

  10. Credibility and trust are measured by history and consistence. While it is good to make good pronouncements like these, people are able to measure them by actions on the ground. Sir you are God privileged to make a difference for Zambia. Peace building does not come through divisiveness and marginalization. Keep the extremists at arms length from yourself, they will destroy the country and mutilate your legacy. In the early 1990s, the political rivalry which also had ethnic overtones between the ANC and IFP was ended by Mandela through showing respect for his rivals. That did not mean that they became allies, they were still competitors. He went out of his way to show that IFP was a partner in governance as opposed to being an enemy. Such are the acts of great men. Every day that we wake…

  11. Lungu is a joker definitely he says Zambians should love one other and reconcile but at same time he doesn’t want to meet the opposition to reconcile and lover each other as Zambians…..am at a loss

  12. Lungu should not impose his rule on us. How can Lungu say the Elections are over when there is a Petetion in Concourt against his re-election? Lungu has no respect for the Rule of Law and that is why he is breaking the law by masquerading as President of Zambia when he is not. Concourt now needs to order Lungu to transfer the instruments of power to the Speaker of Parliament to Act as President in transition. Lungu is interfering with the Concourt Petetion processes and must be stripped of Executive Powers to stop this confusion. Without a Concourt judgment we will see how Lungu will illegally be sworn in as President of Zambia? Concourt cannot make a judgment without this Petetion Hearings. If indeed Lungu won this election why is he blocking the Petetion processes? Its becoz Lungu knows…

  13. Wena am Tonga but us Tongas we’ve a very big problem & dull & most of us we are S D A believer even in tge church we do campaign no love for other tribes.

    • Sharon I believe you.I am an adventist ,sad to learn that people were throwing food at one another on the Sabbath at one of the churches because of politics – tongas vs others.I feel the church will be at peace if there is no tonga candidate especially at presidential level

    • No church in Zambia can compare with our catholic church in tribal politics,stop kidding Sharon.Tongas must be giving you sleepless nights looking at the time you spend trying to scandalize them.

  14. Why did you do it before? You are a president for the whole nation. You lack exposure, travel and get examples on developing the country. Who chooses an old woman for Vice President?

    • @19 ForWhat, may be it is you who needs to move around Zambia and see how PF did in Southern and Western Provinces compared to other provinces. Then make the right judgement if the voters in those regions were fair to PF? There is nothing wrong to have an old vice president if she is wise to provide sound support in the leadership of the country. She can even retire in coming few years if she wants. A better number of people still voted for Lungu – Inonge pair as opposed to HH- GBM richer and younger pair for real reasons- no proper leadership in them!!

    • The same with the bemba catholic church with the Bemba clergy.Zambia is torn apart no more kuzichaila we are tired with Bemba supremacy.

  15. Great decision Mr. President. CHOIPA CHISATAMWINE. May our good Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit lead you as you run the affairs of this land and its people. Amen.

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