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Load shedding time is still 4 hours-Kapata

Economy Load shedding time is still 4 hours-Kapata

ZESCO Spokesperson Henry Kapata (L)
ZESCO Spokesperson Henry Kapata (L)

The Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) has reiterated that the stipulated time for load shedding is still four hours.

ZESCO Public Relations Manager Henry Kapata told ZANIS in a telephone interview that the current load shedding was partly due to some maintenance work going on.

Mr. Kapata said the power utility firm was working hard to ensure that works were progressing well.

He said ZSCO has doubled its effort knowing that the rain season when load shedding gets worse than in other seasons was approaching.

“We have not gone beyond four hours. So if power goes beyond the stipulated time, it is simply because there is probably a fault to do with maintenance,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kapata has urged the general public to take keen interest in reading newspapers or listen to current affairs on the electronic media so that they are aware of the timetable and anything related to ZESCO.

He has since appealed to the members of the public to register their details with ZESCO so that they could be getting notifications whenever there is a problem.


  1. wwwDOTmacauhubDOTcom.mo/en/2016/02/29/turkish-ship-supplies-power-to-northern-mozambique-and-zambia/

    Most Zambians are dwanzy . PF duped them during elections that the load-shedding had been sorted. Yet they were importing very expensive electricity from a ship docked at Nacala, just read article from link above, replace DOT with (.)

    The deal was brokered by RB & he got $millions commission.
    Now that elections are over, there’s no need to continue duping PFools with expensive imported power.

    Next fuel subsidies will be removed
    Electricity tariffs will be increased
    Mealie-Meal price will go up
    Fertilizer price will go up
    All that money will be wired to IMF & China to repay loans

  2. “More money in the pockets”, more load shedding, more poverty, more lies, enjoy driving in paved roads in rural areas, borrow more money for paving all roads connecting all districts so that we can enjoy driving in paved roads at the expense of poverty, increase salaries for MPs and ministers when copper price is down and when load shed is in force. Do not listen to professionals, but to PF members only. PF, perform the way you did in the last 5 years so that you complete road paving. Lets stop complaining we have voted PF who know how to grow the economy.

  3. Why do members of the public need to register their details with Zesco? That is strange. Does it mean ZESCO has no details of it’s customers. How are customers connected to Zesco line without their details?

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