Dominic Mukoye Kalebuka also known as Muko, was born in Chelstone, Lusaka. Muko started dancing at the age of 4. In 2012 he joined the Mi6 Dance crew and  made a name for himself at Street Culture Zambia. He has also starred in various commercials and billboards for brands such as Airtel and Vodafone .
Muko then started singing and has performed at a number of weddings. He plans on a more inspiring music career.

Muko is inspired by artists such as Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and Usher.

Muko has won a number of awards including;
  • 3X Street Culture Hip Hop finalist
  • Street Culture 10 Animation Winner
  • Street Culture 11 Krump Winner
  • 2015 Talent Fest Winner
 Muko’s Debut Single “Whatchu Say” is produced by legendary zambian producer TK of Romaside.  In “Whatchu Say” Muko addresses a young lady who seems to be sending him Mixed Signals…so he is seeking clarity!

Download the song at the links below;
Interact with Muko on social media
Twitter: @domikalebz
Youtube: dominic kalebz
Instagram: @king.kalebz17
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