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Is it a miracle? Zambian prophet based in South Africa turns normal water into salty water

Headlines Is it a miracle? Zambian prophet based in South Africa turns normal...

paster water

A Zambian Prophet based in South Africa has turned normal water into salty water.

During a live service on Sunday (04-09-2016) what started as a normal service at Holy Ghost Embassy Church turned into a day of breath taking miracles as bottles of mineral water were turned into salty water.

Prophet DD Isaac shocked his flock by seemingly turning normal water into salty water.

According to his Facebook page the well-manicured man of God clad in a slim fit suit with pointed shoes and wetlook hair can be seen giving some of his members to taste the salt water.

“This is Amazing Prophet DD Isaac during the service turns normal water into salty water, This has shocked the all Congregation and everyone was testing the salty water, really it has turned to salt water, This can only be God,” posted some of the church members.

Prophet DD Isaac is Senior Pastor and founder of Holy Ghost Embassy, DDtv, and the Prophet DD Isaacs Ministry.

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    • How do you call it a miracle when everyone knew the outcome before the magic was performed. A miracle is never expected that’s why it’s a miracle. Stop fooling people please.

    • kikikiki maybe he wants to make a sea for zambia so that we can use the salt water to turn the turbines so no more load shedding;

    • We used to see magicians perform these antics in my primary school days. They have now just gone into the church to do the same stuff under the guise of miracles.

    • These magicians turned prophets are living it big now. Magician have now gone into church business because thats where the money is and the poor congregants just donate in the hope that they will recieve rewards.

  1. Magicians have disappeared from compounds, but the good news is they have turned prophets so you can still locate them.

  2. Why not turn water into fuel ? Please Davil I challenge you in the name of our GOD WHO ANSWERS BY FIRE.

  3. Iwe so called chilaya have some respect for the president,stop behaving like a dog ? or animals that do not have manners.If you voted unwisely blame yourself.Stop been foolish

  4. I thought it was only Nigeria that has some crooks outside their country? Even Zed has some crooks out there. Even his church members believed it? If he could turn water into fuel then it can be a miracle

  5. Let this crook turn the salty water of the indian ocean into fresh water. Ohhh! No! that will be a disaster, it would change the ocean currents deal to lower density and hence the climate. Keep this guy away from water.

  6. Bottom line is he is not a prophet but a magician. We used to watch live shows in our olden times when magicians would demonstrate all sorts of things even turning water to milk. Those days they never used to make a lot of money that’s why these transformed into prophets and it’s paying them well after doing those magics.

  7. Why doesn’t he come back to Zambia and turn all current Zambian Politicians(PF & UPND) into stones, so we can open up new page for young and fresh thinkers to develop our country, wouldn’t that be great usage of miracle????

    Salty water is useless…

  8. Exactly, I agree with alot of comments here. For what purpose was that water turned to salty water for..? What effect will it have on his followers in regards to salvation….?SMH these magician awe sure

  9. Exactly of what significance is this “‘miracle” to the spirituality or physical wellbeing of his folk or mankind in general?. The prophets of Baal also did some wonders. Magicians also do wonders. Too much being naïve in Zambian society.

  10. This is the kind of garbage “news” that keeps Zambia from being recognized as a modern country. A faker magician (FAKER, there is NO SUCH THING AS MAGIC) gets people believing what? NOTHING. This is garbage. Come on, Lusaka Times, have some credibility.

  11. These are the new magicians. Have you ever seen a magician in Africa of late? They have all turned out to be preachers. So be careful when you go to these miracle and kalindula and rhumba rocking dancing churches where senior politicians in this country go to dance it out as we see on znbc. Spiritual darkness in Zambia is alarming. We claim to be a Christian nation yet 90 % of our churches are led by magicians. Should we call Zambia a magician country. This would make sense. Just look at happenings in the country, far from Christianity

  12. This is a fake prophet. Follow the example of Jesus. All his miracles were for the benefit of the needy; e.g. multiplying bread and fish to feed the hungry masses that were receiving his sermon; waking Lazarus from the dead – much to the pleasure of his relatives; giving sight to blind people.

    • Your white Jesus is fiction…you can even find his bones or grave as he rose up and flew to heaven…silly nonsense.
      You wake up from your docility and study about self.

  13. This is value addition to water but not a miracle. Miracles do still happen & have got to do with faith & restores hope & most importantly bring about faithfuls’ healing, deliverance, breakthrough & prophecy.
    To whom did this miracle bring healing, deliverance, breakthrough & prophecy?

  14. Chiyanga cha muntu. He should stop masculating as a Zambian. Umuchele wanshi. Where was he when his excellence Chama Chakuomboka was campaigning on rain miracles and Could not win.

  15. Not long ago, one pastor died in the bush because he wanted to without food ? for more days than those of Jesus so that his he could beat The Son Of God”s record, uyu nao atampa ifyakupangapanga. Ninshi micitila icimbuya Na Lesa kanshi? Performing miracles is not a sign of being sent by God because the Bible is very clear that such people would be doing such things in the last days. Cenjeleni.m

  16. He Congragates WITH very beautifull women full of potential to munch them LIVE. DD ISAACS IS A PURE ZAMBIAN AND HUSBAND TO PRISCILLA ISAACS OF ECZ. The duo have a 13year old girl but able to perform miracles , this family is full of miracles like priscilla issaacs did some miracles during the election. The girl performs miracles like turning a man to a woman through manipulating your gadgets then she becomes man with the exact specifications of your gadgets

  17. I will never listen and believe this these are majicians abusing the name of God and God is going to punish them that is my advise to all listeners. To you so called prophet in South Africa stop cheating and wasting Gods peoples time, because this time there no majicians,if you want proof this supply in bulk. Stop deceiving people.

  18. Comment: Don’t you dare talk like that about my father . Whatever he does is his own decision so guys mind your own business .

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