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PF denies having any influence on the decision of the Constitutional Court

General News PF denies having any influence on the decision of the Constitutional Court

Patriotic Front Media Committee Chairperson Frank Bwalya
Patriotic Front Media Committee Chairperson Frank Bwalya
The Patriotic Front has denied having any influence on the decision of the Constitutional Court to dismiss the UPND presidential election petition.

PF Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya has told QTV that the PF did not intimidate the judge in any way.

He says the party is aware that the UPND is mourning its loss in the election and the petition and will therefore say anything.

Mr. Bwalya says the PF will give the UPND enough time to mourn its loss before engaging the opposition party on the many allegations it is making.

He however, states that the PF does not agree that the decision by the Constitution Court has manifested any tribal inclination.

Mr. Bwalya says it is a fact that the judges who dismissed the UPND petition do not come from Eastern province where President Edgar Lungu hails from.

And Mr Bwalya says President Edgar Lungu will continue promoting peace and unity as he starts his five year mandate.

Welcoming calls by different stakeholders that the President must unite the country, Mr. Bwalya says the Head of State has a passion and determination to unite the country.

Mr. Bwalya says President Lungu remains resolute in his efforts to maintain peace and unity.

He says President Lungu is God fearing and will ensure that he provides leadership to the country.

And Fourth Revolution president Eric Chanda has charged that UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema and his running mate Geoffrey Mwamba had put their interest first before that of the Zambian people when they petitioned the presidential election outcome.

Mr. Chanda says the country was on auto pilot and the two leaders did not think of what would become of the people.

He has told QFM News via telephone that leaders should not be seen to frustrate the efforts of the people they wish to serve.

Mr Chanda hopes that political parties have learnt serious lessons from the just ended presidential election petition.

Meanwhile, a clergy man has advised the Patriotic Front supporters to celebrate the outcome of the presidential petition in a peaceful manner.

Presence of God Ministries Overseer Apostle Christopher Kunda says there is no need for the PF supporters to mock their friends from the opposition UPND.

Apostle Kunda says now that the court process is over, the best the people of Zambia can do is to move on as one, regardless of which political party one belongs to.

He has further urged Zambians to support President Edgar Lungu and his leadership

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    • Ba PF secretariate just want to show that they can have some erections this week. I still feel sorry especially for the new PF MPs, no one really had sexx after the petition. Saddest moments for PF.
      No one carees about the decision anywway.

    • That is the obviously first line of defence of anyone, even in kindergarten, under scrutiny for any offence. I didn’t do it! Deep down your heart, if there is any morality left after you resigned from working for God, lies the truth.

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  1. I don’t think there is anything to be gained by ‘engaging the opposition party on the many allegations it is making.’ It is over the court has ruled. Engaging opposition on ‘out of court’ allegations is unwise.

    Forget this Concourt blip, and concentrate on running the country. Giving air to breath on dead things is opening up the possibility of violence and giving non merited people merit. Why would you want to continue the case out of court. Let them lick wounds and let them vent. It goes nowhere.

    • Here we go again.

      I had truly hoped we would not have this kind of statement from PF.

      No need flogging a dead horse really.

      (I am not saying whoever lost is a horse nor that they are dead and being flogged, just an English saying)…

  2. My dear PF members, please leave this page to oppositions only. Let’s not support them by issuing any comments. Never ague with losers,people might not notice the difference. Let them (UPND) chat among themselves. Ala baletalala. Akanwa kamilandu kalaibala. Cinshebwa aile namafi ku Concourt. Telwabo !!!!!

  3. Politicians don’t realize how much they have succeeded in promoting tribal fights because of promoting tribal campaigns . Now Zambians are no longer looking at each other as same Zambians. People thought by talking ill about the Tongas it was good for campaigns but now u don’t realize that Zambia has been split into half being the northern Zambia and Southern Zambia. Hence the hate levels between these two sides has escalated beyond expectation.. The question is how is this issue going to be resolved?

  4. @ HH Techilema , you have truly made my day. I have not laughed like this in weeks. YOU HAVE A VERY CREATIVE MIND. THUMBS UP..

    • HH Techilema is too dull to come up with that my friend. This has been doing the rounds on whatapp since yesterday. 🙂

  5. HH is the grand master of tribal politics!!! He ascended to that throne using tribe, now he wants to say the judges that ruled against him did so because they are Bemba, why??? His appointment of a dunder head for running mate was based on tribe. ECL chose for Ma Inonge purely because he knew he could work well with her, he trusts her, she single handedly worked so hard to let him ascend to the helm of PF. Even if he was very aware that she wont bring him a lot of votes he still chose her not because she is Lozi but because of her qualities. Why HH hates Bembas beats me. He is the one with a Bemba running mate, so why would the Bemba judges favour Lungu over him, if they thought like him? To him everything is tribe this tribe that very useless man indeed. Bembas are very good people cause…

  6. This is the first time I am seeing a crime that expires. Next time, a similar act will be committed by someone and immediately fly out for a month. When you come back after a month, the criminal case will have expired. Advice to MP’s whose seats have been petitioned: go out for 120 days and switch off your phones and when you come back, the 90 day period will be over and there you are; you have won the case on account that 90day period is over and you were not served with summons. May donors look into this matter as a matter of urgency.

  7. Ba Frank Bwalya you honestly expect us to believe that crap? Only a fool can believe that crap!Now you can imagine a situation where the President of the concourt almost shedding tears as she was reading out that default judgement in court!!What does that tell us about the whole situation? We understand that they had a very sensitive matter to handle but then this was where their integrity and credibility was at the greatest test.But for you Judge Chibomba and Professor Judge Munalula you are women of great integrity and credibility. You are our heroines!!You stood your ground in upholding the constitutional right of every citizen to be heard before passing judgement.



  9. Ba Bwalya you can talk hills and mountains,but believe me, people understands better by actions not words.So better ask yourself,”Do what I say reflects what I do?

  10. Senama kapuba, soldiers ican help u to senama you teach a lesson to this stupid dreamer of bad things. One day u will see what u want.

  11. I have never seen such nonsense prevail in a country that calls itself a ‘Christian nation’….why are you PF supporters always referring to Lungu as God fearing and all….what about HH and GBM you think they are not? The Bible says judge not. Why do we have laws in place in the first place? I believe is to help govern us and to respect the rule of law. But clearly this is not the case with the PF government. We have people like Frank Bwalya(muselela kwakaba) talking rubbish even when the petition was going on. And to be honest this is not the democracy we need. ECL knew and his surrogates that it was a formality to let the Concourt appear as if they are for justice and fairness when they knew they will throw the petition out anyways….please my advice to all PF supporters: desist…

  12. Off course PF has nothing to do with laughable performance of ConCourt. Same as PF has nothing to do with excessive borrowing, institutionalized corruption, thuggery, lawlessness, extrajudicial killings, breaches of fundamental rights and freedoms……………..
    Antichrist bwalya, you have earned your holiday. When you go and visit your father, the Satan, do not forget to pass greetings from his new disciples with whom you share spoils of criminal activities.

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