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Water company begins mass disconnection in Eastern and Muchinga Provinces

Rural News Water company begins mass disconnection in Eastern and Muchinga Provinces

EASTERN Water and Sewerage Company (EWSC) has started carrying out mass disconnections on any unsettled water and sewerage bills in Eastern and Muchinga Provinces.

Currently, the company was supplying water to Chama District of Muchinga province.

Company Managing Director Lytone Kanowa confirmed in a notice availed to Times Office in Chipata yesterday that the company would completely withdraw service connections from customers that have not been active on the use of the company services for the last six months.

Mr Kanowa said this was in line with the company commercial policy which would help the company clean up the customer database.

He appealed to customers to settle the bills in full to avoid being inconvenienced through water disconnections.

“Customers are therefore reminded to settle all their outstanding bills in full before the company starts disconnections on water and sewer connections,” he said.

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  1. Who cares? Africans are damaged goods. Slave and colonial minded people. Just suffer and die. Not all of us can be saved. Some of us are coons for life. We like to be mistreated. Dont complain. You wasting our time.

    • Uko!
      We told you that the incompetent PF of Edgar Lungu will make the country suffer from self inflicted hunger, thirst and poverty.
      This is just an introduction to the suffering that is to come. Mwapya, the economy is in a critical crisis and soon the IMF is eagerly waiting to impose its austerity measures. All bills from electricity, water, house rentals, transport and commodities will be increased as it opens up more troubles.
      Now its time to enjoy the unfolding of suffering under visionless PF suckling backwardness unfortunately.

    • When the elections are near and during their running, PF uses Donchi Kubeba lies by extending free things just to fraudulently win the votes. Soon after the elections, its all over again and back to reality.
      Now common, pay your electrical energy and water bills. Good lesson for the people of tribalistic Northern and Eastern provinces who thought tribalism pays off their bills. Wake up next time, for now, enjoy!

    • You are right. Zambians and endemically poor and they like it. Disorder is their identify. The country is filthy. Compounds stink and they resist change. Corruption is a way of life. People striving to change are stamped on. Africa is full of opportunities because locals are thick with very low IQs.

    • Just pay, imwe bamambala. Did you think that Chakolwa was going to use his K23m fortune to pay your bills? The company should just shut them down until they pay every ngwee of the amounts they owe.

  2. Do not politicise everything. These companies need the money to continue providing services. You cannot continue to enjoy free water. Paying for water is an obligation that every consumer needs to meet. Only air is free. Water just like food need to be paid for. Leave PF and Eastern Water alone on this one.

  3. During election campaign period Changwa instructed one water utility company to cancel all water arrears on one of the township in the Copperbelt. Guys u can only be rescued in 2015, for now u are on your own. God bless the Republic of Zambia.

  4. Hahahahaaa! Dununa reverse to the time you used to draw water from the well or river and please use the bush for your other business. Just remember not to awaken the sleeping cobra.

    August was disco time, for you to dance Dununa Reverse, & get free Chibuku, & T-shirts.
    Having the Dead Black brain, you went on to vote, thinking you were fixing H.H, & G.B.M.
    Now enjoy you ignorant, 1mbecilic Zambians. This is just the beginning!
    Reminds me of Zimbabweans’ who years ago despite evidence Mugabe was brutal, kept blind loyalty to him, as he was only brutalizing Ndebele’s.
    Eventually he turned his wrath on his very PF supporters, & brought untold suffering to them.
    This show is coming to a town near you soon!!

  6. ZESCO and Water Cop. need to be privatized whether to international companies or local businessmen its does not matter they need to be privatized get them away from the incompetent hands running them

  7. I rilly wonder y sme pipo always relate all stories to politics and President Lungu/PF Gov , its rilly shameful of them displaying low mind sets, think about yourself first.
    Every News ‘politics! every day lungu/PF This!That!, Its Time For PF now, MMD Ruled For two Decades and Ther down in the drain, let PF finish Its Projetcts and pay the debts at list 2021 for PF, If Lungu Fails Us this Five years, ther wil be No Mercy i promise you UPND you will Scope It…, but with alot to Sort Out, Improve your manifesto upnd put young brains too………………………..the list continues

      Most P.F, Cadre’s are Mentally deficient sheep, afflicted with “Mad Jameson Disease”, who lack basic reasoning, & cannot read between the lines!
      All am saying is, dont you ever wonder why this action has happened promptly after, & not before P.F, is confirmed as winners of this SHAM ELECTION?? Even a 4 year old can work out something is odd here.
      Use your cardboard -malnourished brain for once, please.
      Before you reply using your deficient Black Brain, proclaiming your Corrupt P.F won fairly, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE P.F, HACKER, SAMUEL CHAVULA!???

  8. People should stop complaining because we have to pay the bills. Unless you install a a water pump you are safe. Nothing is free. Even in developed countries they shutdown your faucets if you don`t pay. Nothing to cry about.

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