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Latest Afrobarometer report show that Zambians are afraid of political violence during elections


Queues of voters at Muljala School polling station in Livingstone yesterday. Picture by BRIAN HATYOKA
Queues of voters at Muljala School polling station in
Livingstone yesterday. Picture by BRIAN HATYOKA

A South African good governance institute Afrobarometer has disclosed that its latest report indicates that Zambian’s assessments of elections have improved with half of the population holding a view that the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) is a credible institution, reports Pan African Radio Journalist Hermit Hachilonde.

In the report unveiled to the media on 06th September, 2016, Afrobarometer Communications Coordinator for Southern Africa Sibusiso Nkomo said that many Zambians are afraid of political violence during elections.
He also said only one-third of Zambians believe that votes are fairly counted while just under two-thirds believe voters make genuine choices for preferred candidates once in a while.

Nkomo said some of the key findings were that 48% of Zambians confessed to have a bit or a lot of confidence in the electoral body adding that among 35 African countries in which the institute conducted an election survey, Zambia ranks below average, a clear indication that some trust in the ECZ has been created from 33% in 2005 to 48% in 2014.

He said 78% of Zambians construed that the September, 2011 elections that ushered in late President Michael Sata and the Patriotic Front (PF) in government were ‘free and fair’ despite some pockets of electoral malpractices recorded.

Nkomo added that 50% of Zambians believe citizens who people the electoral college are on a number of times if not constantly threatened with violence at the polls while 54% are gripped with electoral intimidation or violence revealing that levels of fear in Zambia are lower as compared to Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

“Less than half of Zambians (48%) say they trust the ECZ “somewhat” or “a lot”. Among 35 countries in which this question was asked, Zambia ranks below average. Nonetheless, trust has increased from 33% in 2005 to 48% in 2014”

“More than three-fourths of Zambians (78%) say their September 2011 election (the last national election prior to the 2014 Afrobarometer survey) was “free and fair, but with minor problems” or “completely free and fair”, an improvement from 29% in 2005”

“Half of Zambians (50%) say voters are “sometimes,” “often,” or “always” threatened with violence at the polls, and 54% say they fear election-related intimidation or violence. In the Southern Africa region, Zimbabwe and Mozambique have higher levels of fear than Zambia” he said


  1. Afrobarometer??? even internet is highlighting it as incorrect spelling because the word does not exist. what kind of weed are you people smoking kashi?

  2. Unless one is not seeing what’s happening in other countries, why venture in futile activities like electoral violence!? We have hosted too many refugees as a result of selfish leaders clinging to power. At least until I pass on I pray that they will be no such thing. I’m content to continue suffering in oppression!

  3. What a nonsensical report. Shallow and devoid of useful information. Maybe it is the guy at LT summarizing it who did not pass his summary exercises in grade nine. Night school is still operational.

  4. Ulubunda, that journalist only reports the truth. I personally saw the report and he did not miss anything. I like the guy, he is one of the best journalists Zambia have so far. So you attacking him you are been sityopeti and foolish. I have read most of his articles, the guy is just a good writer. Am looking forward to meet this guy if truly he exists.

  5. LT you are contradicting yourself in your explanation of this article. Check the subject, its contrary to the first paragraph. The one-third and two-third is failing to tally with the percentage in the preceding paragraph. To help you write the verbatim of Mr Ngoma, that will help us readers to capture the notion.


  7. Nevers Mumba counsels Lungu
    By + on September 5, 201670 Comments
    5th September, 2016

    Mr. Edgar Lungu
    Dear President Lungu, I write this letter to you as a predictive statement. My intention is to persuade you to do whatever you can to change the expected end of the path you have chosen. As of today, you still have the ability to do the right thing which shall preserve your legacy. I am grateful for those who are making effort to appeal to your conscience to do the right thing. The Bible says “In a multitude of counsel, there is safety.”

    Several years ago, I wrote a similar letter to late President Mwanawasa when the nation’s democracy and adherence to Christian values were threatened. Later, I wrote a similar letter to late President Michael Sata, when…

  8. You are talking about lungu passing for your on information he will not and if anything you may even be the ones to pass. Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling the bible says so stop being preachers of dum. PF has people so does upnd and from both parties are Christians and all of them are where praying for their choices to win. Question who did God favour one thing you have to know is a leader is a reflection of the people he represents. Lungu has imbresed Christianity in Zambia he is the only one who’s upheld Christianity than all of you so called politicians, now you know where church is yes for your own ambitions but God wins all the way. Let’s look at chiluba you called a thief yes as a thief as he was he recognized God not only in his life but also in the nation and…

  9. So even finished judas escaroit,named Nervers or nerves broken Mumba thinks he can advise?Why does he not advise himself,you are a traitor to the faith,ran away from ministry to go politics,you are a total failier,how can you share political podium with a sick useless insulting sinner like GBM,blood drinking Satanist HH and you claim to be a so called man of God,give us a break,you are a dead sinner,you and Pule shall reap what you have sowed,God can not be fooled,you will pay.Edgar is in power you are out and all you need is a public repentance,as you spat on God in public so in public you shall repent.You think you will hide in politics?Useless Chinsali boy,infact you are not a Christian but a sick Lenshina Lumpa church follower.

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