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Lusaka Water calls on Customers to Conserve Water after drop in Water Production Levels

General News Lusaka Water calls on Customers to Conserve Water after drop in...

Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company
Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company
The Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company has called on its customers to conserve water in the wake of a substantial drop in water production from its borehole sources which account for sixty percent of the water supplied by the company to Lusaka City.

Interim Managing Director, Manuel Mutale says that some boreholes have dried-up while water levels have significantly dropped in others to a level where the company is forced to switch them off for some hours in order to allow for recharge.

Mr. Mutale said that this situation coupled with load shedding will make the distribution of water challenging and consequently reduce the water supply hours for most parts of the city.

He said that the utility company will continue with the water rationing program which was instituted in the second half of 2015 in order to ensure equitable distribution of water to all its customers. This means that there will be reduced supply hours of water.

He has further urged the customers to also show responsibility by conserving water during the dry season in order to ease the pressure of increased demand during this period of the year.

The utility company is equally concerned with the erratic supply of water both from a service delivery and commercial point of view and will therefore, endeavor to continue making efforts to improve the situation so that there can more stability and predictability of service delivery to its customers.

Water rationing was instituted in view of the reduced water production capacity. The level of water production for Lusaka City reduced from an average of 258,000m3/day in 2014, to a little over 190,000m3/day in 2016, representing over 25% reduction in water production, mainly on account of power load shedding and low yield on the 125 ground water sources spread around the City.

The company is confident that the many interventions put in place through several projects currently underway in the city will yield desired results to turn around the current situation.




    This PF Government has shown itself to be totally incompetent and incapable of providing the most basic services under Lungu.

    Can we really believe Zambians voted for more of this rubbish? For sure the election was rigged.

  2. Bwana Acting MD for Lusaka Water, your proposition on this matter simply show that you guys at the water utility are a big joke! How can you honestly even be proud to be saying that the boreholes have dried up and effect of load shedding is hampering your service delivery?
    You must realise that Lusaka Water as a Utility cannot in this day and age depend on boreholes which am very sure you don’t even know the capacity and yield. What is expected of you is to drive the serious project of harnessing and drawing water from our PRERENIAL rivers like Kafue and other sources to sustainably provide this important commodity to the ever growing city.
    Just look at at Egypt which is 80% desert, you will never find boreholes dotted around to supply the over 30 million people in Cairo but look at…

  3. Come to think of it now that I am older and wiser ….LWSC what is the point of having a hippo in your logo with it mouth open in attack position or posture? You might as well have a croc in your logo chewing on a helpless individual.

  4. So ITALIANS must blame their govmt for the EARTHQUAKE,and AMERICANS must blame OBAMA for the HURRICANES.Its not easy to curb natural disasters especially your undeveloped Zambia,investing in other sources of energy must have started years ago before LUNGU,but look at the speed at which Zambia develops compared to those countries that have faced those disasters and have failed to curb them.problems caused by nature and people with the opportunity to curb them years back you want to put the blame on a person who has been in office for less than 2 years.

  5. A company that discourages people from using its product? Then how are you going to make money? When you get increased demand for your product, you increase production or externally source it to meet the demand. You don’t beg for people to stop using it.

    • Thats because are a Public Limited Company all laid back whether they make a loss or not the Directors still get Christmas bonus!!

    • Leave everything to God..look where the country is because of that attitude. God helps those who help themselves mate even the birds of the air have to find their own food and water

  6. More loadshedging and no water!!!! What a pity and PF cadres are happy and cerebrating the unknown future. I used to be a PF supporter but with Lungu in state house I weep for our beloved Zambia. I don’t support either HH in fact I didn’t even vote for either of them. My personal and considered view is that anyone can be President and the moment Lungu is a wrong office bearer. The levels of corruption are unprecedented, extremely high unemployment levels, poverty levels are extremely high and Zambia is a third hungriest country in Africa and Lungu and PF sees nothing wrong with the state of the nation. I rest my case.

  7. I think some people don’t understand what a drought is! It’s not gov’t policy lead. It’s a natural phenomena and when those occur citizens are to pull together with their neighbours and gov’t yo survive! Behave responsibly. No other politician in Zambia would be doing any different. Stop moaning! Load shedding is ghastly….though, I’ll grant you that. Sitting in the dark waiting, food going off on the fridge……yayi mwandi!

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