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No court in Zambia can stop the swearing in of President Lungu-Frank Bwalya

General News No court in Zambia can stop the swearing in of President Lungu-Frank...

Rehearsals for the inaugration ceremony has hit full swing
Rehearsals for the inaugration ceremony has hit full swing

PF Deputy Spokesman Fr Frank Bwalya says there is no court in Zambia that can stop the swearing in of President-elect Lungu on Tuesday.

In a statement, Mr Bwalya said that only a fresh petition case would halt an inauguration.
“The truth of the matter is that there is no court in Zambia that is currently hearing a petition against the election of Mr Lungu and his running mate Ms Wina,” he said.

“The election petition by Mr Hichilema that attempted to get the ConCourt to nullify the election of Mr Lungu collapsed and therefore we should all just focus on Tuesday next week.”

And Mr Bwalya says Zambians have not forgotten that Mr Hakainde Hichilema vowed not to accept election outcome says Fr Frank Bwalya.

He said Mr Hichilema and his Vice Geoffrey Mwamba would not succeed in hoodwinking Zambians into believing that their election petition against the re-election of Edgar Chagwa Lungu failed because the ConCourt refused to hear his petition.

“Zambians are very enlightened and know that Mr Hichilema’s lawyers squandered their time by raising too many unnecessary applications in the ConCourt,” he said.


  1. I don’t support PF but lam happy to see that His Excellence President E.Lungu. is Inaugurated Tuesday for the better Zambia. The poor Zambians wants their peace to keep finding ways of feeding.the children. We have no time for courts and anger display without shame. 5 years is coming!Cry with hope. I also lost but let have chosen to move on

    • There is no better Zambia coming.
      Zambia has failed miserably. It will take an unselfish genius to put the country back on track.

    • Some Zambians seem very naive and uninformed. If the last 21 months ECL has been in office is anything to go by, the future looks quiet bleak and uncertain actually. Since January 2015, the Kwacha has been devalued by half, inflation shot from 7% in January 2015 to 20% in 2016, high unemployment, Zambia being declared as the third hungriest nation in the world, and not to mention the perpetual problem or load shedding whose remedy is nowhere in sight. A few weeks ago, the ConCourt ordered ECL’s ministers and their deputies to vacate the offices they were occupying illegally after the dissolution of parliament. They were also ordered to pay back the salaries and allowances they had gotten while in office illegally. And remember that’s YOUR money as a Taxpayer. So brace yourself my…

    • (Continued)… friend and hope for the best for the next 5 years. . Fasten your seat belt, close your eyes and start praying. Cause it may turn out to be one helluva long and bumpy ride.

    • Ba Edward mwasambilila isukulu lyakwisa …..wasting people’s time are you kidding me..? So you are okay with lawlessness to prevail in our country without due respect for the rule of law and you say it’s okay. When are we Africans ever going to learn to use our constitutional rights. Anyways stupid Ngonis are happy their man is still in power at the expense of the poor Zambians who are desperate to make ends meet.

    • That bumpy ride is in your head Felix. Zambians voted for Edgar based on what they have seen so far. May I remind you of SONTAPO. Zambia’s future under Edgar is very bright because God is on his side. He chose him over others. He is our David who will slay the Goliath called poverty. So fasten you belt and settle down for a smooth memorable flight with Captain Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

  2. I don’t vote in Zambian elections because of where I live and am not affiliated to any political party in Zambia.

    However, as a citizen of Zambia, I wonder what Mr HH is after? This cannot be because he wants to serve Zambians.
    There could be more to his restlessness and refusal to accept ECZ and Court decisions and declarations.

    Did he borrow money with promises to secure the Presidency?

      Unlike you Rat and Caterpillar eaters; HH has no single borrowing! You mother fu.ckers ruined the economy to the extent that you yourself can’t live and work in Zambia and you have ended up working as a Toilet Cleaner. Stealing is in~born and your blood has the Hallmarks and DNA of thieving. ID.IOT, OCHI.YANGA!!

    • Yes GUNDIXY, he promised to give ANGLO, konkola Copper Mines in return for huge funding for his campaign. He owes them and that explains his restlessness. But he is being taught a lesson not to mortgage our mineral resources.


  4. “UPND Application for Injunction to Block Lungu’s Inauguration Dismissed” source Reuters News

    Court process has been tested. I believe its time to move forward as Zambia. Heal, the injured and love one another. As Christ said “Love heals all” as one saying goes “Uwawa tabamuseka” bamwimya fye. Lets help those brothers and sisters who are hurting to realise that Zambia is bigger than anyone person, be it our beloved KK, RB, ECL, HH, and all who have had the gift to serve this great nation Zambia.

  5. The idi0t is telling us that Lungu is above the Law and the law is Lungu and some gullible directionless imbiciles are cheering!

  6. Satanism Satanism Satanism Satanism Zambia be careful for hh and gbm for their Satanism. Why she’d blood just to see one runatic in the name of hh into state house. HH sold the mines and Livingstone hotel for the song but never shared with anyone.

  7. @Pio
    I like the Satanism by HH because its godly, but the Godly in ECL is Satanic! The Godly acts of ECL is seen in ECZ, ZAF, ZNBC, THE ENTIRE JUDICIARY etc

  8. We have 2 presidents now, A Non-thief of a President HH with his follower, and, a Thief of a President ECL with his followers!

    • In which country are you? The one who is at State House is the President we know. Who else?. The loser HH is busy trying to force a government of national unity, but this will not happen. The thought of being a perpetual loser frustrates him and he wants to vent his frustration on ECL and the Zambians who rejected him. He knows only too well he will never enter State House as President. This is too much for him, but may his soul be healed of bitterness.

  9. i have voted for UPND six times but am very irritated by my brother’s behavior. how can you convince a judge that did not vote for you that you won an election? how can you ask for an uprising from the Zambians that did not vote for you. I may be mistaken but my findings are that most Zambians are very happy that Inauguration takes place on Tuesday. i hope Giant TVs have been put across the country for the event. it is said ” when an antelope starts limping, hyenas will always be willing to escort it”. Am sure GBM and Canisius Banda will be with HH in all courts because they rightly know the outcome and want to pounce and catch the opportunity. they are ready to follow him even under water.

  10. some1 has just whispered to me that GBM and Dr CB may be cerebrating every result. They will never have an opportunity like this one in their lives. Its possible they have been reading the UPND constitution day in day out. For HH, its now or never while for the other two, its merry xmas and a prosperous 5 years to come. Have you heard how husbands and wives commit suicide when their spouses are caught in adultery? if the least expected happens, what more with the averagely expected. This is a test for us Tongas to see how we will receive another tribe leading UPND.

  11. Very appropriate remark by Winston Churchill: “You see these dictators in their pedestals, surrounded by the bayonets of their soldiers and the truncheons of their police…yet in their hearts, there is unspoken fear. They are afraid of words and thoughts: words spoken abroad, thoughts stirring at home – all the more powerful because forbidden – terrify them. A little mouse of thought appears in a room, and even the mightiest potentates are thrown into panic.”

  12. PRIVATISATION, Privatisation, PRIVATISATION, Privatisation. Money he stole from privatization wasn’t enough.
    Enough is Enough bwana. Go and form government in your kraal and be president over your animals. God is not foolish to allow you rule over his people. He tested you during privatization. You brought untold miseries to the victims of privatization. It’s bad combination you hh & gbm

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