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Baroste Royal Establishment four other Heads of State congratulates Lungu, Wina on re-election


President Lungu share a light moment with First Lady Esther Lungu, Vice-President Inonge Wina and his Campaign manager Samuel Mukupa
President Lungu share a light moment with First Lady Esther Lungu, Vice-President Inonge Wina and his Campaign manager Samuel Mukupa

The Baroste Royal Establishment (BRE) has said the re-election of President Edgar Lungu was a clear testimony that the people of Zambia have confidence, love and trust in his administration.

BRE Acting Ngambela Nyambe Mwenda, who is also Induna Mukulwa Kashiku, said in an interview with ZANIS in Mongu district that the people of Zambia have demonstrated the need for continuity by re-electing Mr. Lungu and his Vice President Inonge Wina to serve the nation for the next five years.

The Acting Ngambela said the Baroste Royal Establishment was therefore happy to join many Zambians and the international community in congratulating the President-elect.

President Lungu and Mrs. Wina won the just ended presidential election that was held on August 11, 2016.

And four heads of state have congratulated President-elect Edgar Lungu on his re-election as President of Zambia and have described his victory as confirmation of the confidence that the people of Zambia have in his leadership.

According to the statement released to media by President Lungu’s Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda, the four are Presidents of Egypt, Sierra Leone, Georgia and Serbia.

President of Egypt Abdel Fattah Al-sisi, Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma, Giorgi Margvelashvili of Georgia and President of Serbian Tomislav Nikolic have conveyed their congratulatory messages to President Lungu in separate correspondences.

President Al-sisi has pledged to continue expanding and strengthening the bilateral relations and fraternal ties between Zambia and Egypt and their peoples.

He has since wished Mr. Lungu success.
And Dr. Koroma said the re-election of Mr. Lungu in a democratic election shows the overwhelming support and confidence Zambians have in him and his principles.

He has therefore expressed satisfaction that the fraternal bond that has existed between his government and the Zambian one over the years have proved beneficial for the two nations.

He prayed that the excellent relations between the two countries will be deepened and will continue to grow from strength to strength.

“On behalf of the government and the people of Republic of Sierra Leone and on my personal accord, I would like to convey to you and through you to the people of the Republic of Zambia our sincere congratulations on the recent concluded democratic election held on 11th August 2016,” Dr. Koroma said.

And President Margvelashvili of Georgia said it was important for Zambia and his country to strengthen partnerships in different areas of corporation that have lately been developing dynamically and positively.

The Georgian President stressed that Mr. Lungu’s victory was a confirmation of the confidence the people of Zambia have in the president’s leadership.

Meanwhile, President Nikolic of Serbia said Zambia has been tied with his country by longstanding and sincere friendship, reflected through cooperation at both bilateral and multilateral levels.

He said this is in particular in the framework of the non-aligned movement which testifies the two countries’ historical roles in the international relations and world politics of the 20th century.

President Nikolic expressed confidence that Serbia and Zambia will continue to successfully develop cooperation in all areas drawing on the long established friendly relations between the two countries to benefit their people.


    • Yes indeed.

      President Lungu has exhibited true leadership and statesmanship in both runing the country and handling delicate matters that characterised the post-election period.

      The head of state has exhibited high levels of sacrificial tolerance and selflessness.

      He has proved to both the citizens and the international community that he is a humble leader who puts the interest of the nation first.

      The president has shown to Zambians, to African countries, and to the international community that you can be an African president but still manage to exercise maximum restraint, and respect for human rights and the rule of law.

      Mr President, I salute you and wish God’s blessings. God bless Zambia.

    • RIOT

      Whatever it takes to nullify this election – do it.

      Rwanda went through it and survived. Somalia survived

      We demand to do what needs be done and have HH at the helm

      They chose Money, we choose blood. It is what it is.

      Lets go



    • @Mushota careful what you say…Zambia is bigger than you the disgraced and disgusting as well as disgruntled elements and I can assure you that if you dare start it you will be wiped out and you shall wish you were not born….

    • Inauguration is Tuesday whether you bit.ch about it or not! So Royal Pains in the ntwenu have no choice but to follow protocol.

    • Mushota the sad part is that even though UPND had evidence they did not bring to the ConCourt. They were preoccupied with preliminary issues. Take time to read judgement from the ConCourt. It makes one get angry . Just how the lawyers for UPND behaved like kids in a candy store.. i want this and that and that one over there too.. They had an opportunity and they blew it . Their opponents watched UPND legal team play great soccer with good passes but alas not bothering to score.Too bad the judges blew the whistle! End of game… do not cry foul….no rights were infringed. The folly was is in not understanding that the game is played within the prescribed time. That makes both HH and his management team poor strategists. Why did not any one in UPND see this coming and take steps to avert…

    • @ Mushota
      Go ahead and riot with your family.
      We will support you from our comfortable homes.

      I am sure it will make a good movie on my SUHD 65″ tv when you and your family are blasted by Commando 1 from Mushiili.

  1. Mostly dictators and demagogs of non entity countries congratulating lungu.

    All major countries know he is a fraud and swindler…..

  2. The Lozi leadership together with their Litunga are a sell out and totally out of touch with the people in their province. Not a single seat went to PF and why this pretence. If I’m Lungu I will be careful with these people. They will stub him in the back through Inonge

    • We are waiting for Chakolwa to kick the bucket so that we then have a Lozi President for the first time. We will start voting PF then.

    • To them its much more profitable to sell out to the highest bidder ..simply look at the Litungu’s ceremonial uniform at gift from the colonial master the queen a uniform; I am sure the Royal family is guaranteed free Rhodes scholarships for life.

  3. This is what I do not want to hear or read. Why are Presidents congratulating him.? I will go to court for an injunction to restrain Presidents, organisations and individuals around the world and in Zambia to stop congratulating ECL( Edgar Chagwa Loser)

    • Don’t worry. Important countries and important leaders are avoiding lungu. Only dictators and non entity countries are bothering

    • A lot of money! Trust me, they are creaming it with their kids being educated abroad. Also note that Inonge Wina is one of them, her mother having been sister to a Litunga. BRE is obligated to support one of their own who is second to the Presidential throne.

    • Kikiki ati royal or is it loyal family. Zambians have already closed this chapter just move on. Your bitterness will eat you up alive.
      I hear hhgbm want to file another petition in the hope that the inauguration will be halted but they are forgetting that the the constitution only acknowledge the petition within 7days after Ecz announces the winner. Uku nomba kupena.
      And surprising enough tongas have no shame to be seen openingly supporting their tribes mate. In the case of my tribe hh could have been rubbished by now. All are busy encouraging him to be doing stupid things. What a tribe. Isn’t there any Tonga out there who can just come out of his hide and condemn hh sure?

    • When I was growing up tribal talk was just mere harmless banter but nowadays every lazy empty tin alludes to it and the current leadership both in opposition and ruling parties is taking advantage of this…its a real shame..simply look at what the numpties above are posting without any shame whatsoever, absolutely no shame – this is how genocide begins the selfsame way.
      Don’t include me in your folly and stupidity or your political parties!!

    • It should start with you! You have been blogging rubb!sh ever since LT was launched, pathetic hypocrite! Is this all you do in your life, blogging? Do something you low life creep!

  4. Please someone out there give me HH’s mobile line I would like to to tell him a new court is nearing completion in my area and I can ably represent him. I have enough evidence that reveal the results were reversed in ECL’s favour. The truth is … it is HH who got 6.5 provinces while ECL won only three – NW, Western, and of course Southern including Dununamwezi (forgive my misspelling; my software has no spellchecker). I am ready to adduce proof as to how ECZ’s Chulu reversed the provinces because he read out the results while holding the paper upside down. Please get me in touch with the real winner and I will help him get inaugurated on tuesday instead of Lungu. This new court will get us there. Zikomo.

    • HH – 097123456789 (private calls only no whatsdown)
      Greet badala for me and invite him to ECL inauguration. He will b at the high table so that all can see him and laugh at him for losing to a chakolwa . . .imagine!

    • @Edward nio:
      You hear what Jay Jay has said – so you are the child that sees the finger NOT the moon! In simple English it means YOU ARE ST.UP.ID and you have no Foresight or Vision to see the moon! On top of that I say you are a Mother Fuc.ker and Wanker! ID.IOT!

  5. Am finally happy to hear that BRE have broken their silence . Please teach our people to learn how to APPRECIATE the little things in life as well.. Let them not be so GULLIBLE and should stop practising TRIBALISM. Next time we go to the polls , let them not vote in a HATEFUL MANNER.BUT SHOULD VOTE WITH REASON…

    • @Kachana Banda the Baroste loyal establishment campaigned for Lungu what was the outcome.Lungu got Zero MP in western.What does that tell you?watchout.

    • @Red Commndo Unit. You do not know how numbers work. ECL got only a few thousands votes above the 50% threshold. Who knows that the few votes he got from the BRE supporters including the 200 votes from Dudumenzi may have helped him to go above the 50% threshold.

  6. Tonga tribalism as exhibited by Nega nega and Dundumwezi formula is a danger to this country.Even in gvt offices,the trend is the same.There is need for mother Zambia to find a lasting solution to this madness which has the potential to cause anarchy.Up and down is the one exporting tribalism to Western and North western provinces.

    • eg.—-even in days of Mazoka at Anglo American Central Africa —- from cleaner, tea boy, secretaries, senior managers up to the MD = at lease 85% were tonga.. How possible!

      After hh and his tribalists took over ….even today all guards and sweepers etc at the same AAC property ARE only Tonga!

      These tribalists will never change!

    • Well someone should take AAC to an Employment Tribunal for discrimination. The gov’t needs to look into this matter to stop the trend.


    • @17 Jay Jay Low, if Lungu is wise, he must think and act as you say! ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS. So much was done by PF to develop Western Province and little in many strongholds! With much less resources this time around, Lungu should PUT PRIORITY ON PF STRONGHOLDS TO ASSURE HIS PARTY OF CONTINUED SUPPORT and let those WHO DO NOT APPRECIATE OTHERS BE “TREATED FAIRLY”! WESTERN GOT A GOOD SHARE OF PF’s DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS. Lungu should not even dream about appointing anybody from UPND to his cabinet! There are people who ONLY LEARN IT A HARD WAY!.He should however CONTINUE TO REACH OUT TO NORTHWESTERN and CB RURAL since these are just being recruited in HH’s tribalism and are quite diverse to continuously stay in blind loyalty!!

    • In the interest of national unity ECL must continue to work with people from all other provinces including those from the UPND. In addition if resources permit he should continue to bring development to Southern, Western and North Western provinces .

    • @Jay Jay Low. it’s not about Western Province it’s about Zambia. The BRE, have a right to congratulate The President Elect, this is because they are not looking at their region, but the country as a whole.
      It’s foolishness for a traditional leader to reject a President voted for by the Majority, the leaders have seen that hh/gbm of the upnd have no case to present before the court, so they have decided to move on, this should apply to every well meaning Zambian, move on.
      people like you will be eaten by your own bitterness and hatred for other people, you are being childish, foolish and st.up!d !d!0ts at the same time, and mind you, you have 5years ahead of you, forget the elections and move on….otherwise you will be stuck while we move on, life is about moving on….


  8. God Bless His Excellency President Lungu, and Zambia. Favoured, chosen and adored as it is in Heaven so shall it be on Earth. Glory be to God Almighty, for providing Zambia a Man to deliver His Peace unto us! We thank Him in the Name of Jesus. Amen!

    • AND ALSO
      God Bless Her Excellency Vice President Wina, Favoured, and chosen Counsellor to His Excellency! God grant her Wisdom as abundant as it is in Heaven! In Jesus’ name we ask it all. AMEN!

  9. I feel pity for Lungu.He will be lonely and frustrated man.He does not know what it means to be president but not recognized by UK and USA.Poor Zambia mwachuleni.

  10. A heap of nonsense. The lozi people are not into this cheap PF crap. They demonstrated this through their voting pattern. How dare these hungry leadership traitors who are bent into betraying the will of the Lozi people to self govern after amicably separating from Zambia . Its this thuggery Kaponya mentality which the Lozi people have had enough. With this kind of poor & corrupt leadership, there is no expected recovery to the economy only further looting in broad daylight. Leadership is crucial to economic recovery , a very good example is Tanzania. An African country just like Zambia.

  11. viva ecl.
    if you play with fire expect one day to get burned. If you play with the courts expect one day to get ……………

  12. viva ecl.
    if you play with fire expect one day to get burned. If you play with the courts expect one day to get ……………
    China already congraturated him lol

  13. Chiefs cannot influence voters because it’s each individual ‘s right to choose their preferred candidate. The chiefs have to work with the government of the day regardless of how their subjects voted.

  14. Why is LT not reporting on Nevers Mumba’s arrest by a drunkard MUSEVENI-WANNABE? Is it self censorship?

    HH & GBM are next.

    Some pipo are meant to be house-boys, not walking in the corridors of power.

  15. Why is LT not reporting on Nevers Mumba’s arrest by a drunkard MUSEVENI-WANNABE? Is it self censorship?

    Some pipo are meant to be house-boys, not walking in the corridors of power.

    Lets liberate NWR from the Mbebas. Makaravinas Rise & show these mbebas their rat-holes

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