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Why I disagree with Prof. Ndulo and Hansungule On HH and ConCourt Decision

Columns Why I disagree with Prof. Ndulo and Hansungule On HH and ConCourt...

Prof Muna Ndulo
Prof Muna Ndulo

Soon after the Electoral Commission of Zambia announced its final results in favor of Lungu, Prof. Ndulo warned that Zambia was becoming a failed state. On September 12, Lusaka Times published a detailed article from Professor Ndulo, addressed to the three Constitutional Court (ConCourt) Judges who reversed their decision on HH’s petition. Prof. Ndulo argument is summarized in the first two paragraphs:

“There can be no denying that Zambia’s Judicial system, especially the Constitutional Court, is in a crisis. It has failed to play its constitutional role. I would agree with Professor Hansugule’s assessment that the Zambian Constitutional Court displays unbelievable mediocrity and is an embarrassment to Africa and the rest of the world. In this article I argue that the September 5 decision of Justices Sitali, Mulonda and Mulenga to overturn a decision of the full bench was illegal, irregular and unprofessional and has no legal effect.”

Prof. Ndulo’s article followed Prof. Hansugule’s piece which condemned the ConCourt’s decision. The article further claimed that his once “friend” Lungu stole the election from his “younger brother” HH—and Lungu “knows it”. Lungu, he argued, “has unilaterally barred the CC from hearing the petitioner in line with well-articulated principles insisting on an independent judiciary.” There is nothing new to Prof. Hansugule claims—HH, UPND and the Zambian Watchdog have repeated these claims.
I have respect for the two Professors and I believe they are among the cream of Zambian intellectuals. However, I am surprised that they ignored the first U-turn of the ConCourt, when it reversed its decision to dismiss the petition on Friday 2, 2016. HH was excited that the ConCourt had reversed its official decision, and would hear his petition on Monday. But when the same Court reversed its reversed decision, he cried foul.

Sadly, the two learned scholars did not address the Friday September 2, 2016 ConCourt U-turn—which is equally shocking. In legal terms, the Court needed to cite the section of the Constitution under which its decision to reverse its initial ruling was based—which in fact does not exist. Since the precedent of reversing decisions was set on Friday when HH complained, it should not surprise us that the ConCourt did it again on Monday September 5, 2016.

In addition, the two scholars failed to discuss some bigger problems with the Constitution—14 days and the finality of the ConCourt decisions. I fully agree with Prof. Ndulo—we face a constitutional crisis. This crisis, however, is not due to Lungu’s victory or the ConCurt’s decision, but the national Constitution. All well-meaning Zambians need to accept that the current Constitution needs straightening if it is to stand the test of time. I realize that those who participated in the drafting of the Constitution simply cut and paste various sections from other nations’ Constitutions and legal documents without thinking through the legal implications of the same. It is for this reason that HH must be applauded—he allowed us to see the holes in our Constitution. To cite Constitution, while ignoring those which justify the Court’s decision is nothing but mere partisan politicking.

It is saddening that scholarly analysis of the issue is blinded by partisan politics as opposed to independent legal analysis. In my article published before the Supreme Court’s ruling on HH’s attempts to halt the inauguration of Lungu, I argued that the Zambian Constitution does not allow appeals related to presidential petitions: “Clause 101: 7, and 103: 4 state that the ConCourt’s decision “is final.” These clauses are further stamped by Article 128: (4) “A decision of the Constitutional Court is not appealable to the Supreme Court.” Thus due to the un-appealable clause, HH, GBM, the UPND and its allies can make as much noise as possible—but the case is constitutionally closed!” Supreme Court Justice Nigel Mutuna agreed with my reading of the Constitution when he dismissed HH’s case with the words, “decisions made by the Constitutional Court cannot be reversed by the Supreme Court.”

Finally, we do not have the legal framework for addressing the Presidential petition and neither do we have any case in our short history to employ as an example. We may refer to other courts in other parts of the world as General Miyanda did, but those nations’ legal structures are equally different. Since the ConCourt itself is a new legal entity in the nation, we need to address how it relates to the bigger legal system in the nation—we need to work together to resolve this crisis.

By Rev. Kapya Kaoma

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    • HH was excited that the ConCourt had reversed its official decision, and would hear his petition on Monday …..

      You talking nonsense Kaoma

      That was the only recourse of HH at the time. He was given no other choice as an alternate to this meant they were going to dismiss the petition alotgther.

      The truth which you are conviniently refusing to point is the change of mind of the judges that is what has brough about credibility of the courts and the whole things which I would refer to now as a scandal.

      You claim you respect the preffesors, no you dont, if you had any ounce of credible iota in you, you will know deep down your soul you are talking balderdash. I am sure you know what that means.



    • “Finally, we do not have the legal framework for addressing the Presidential petition and neither do we have any case in our short history to employ as an example.”

      We are using a Common Law and thus cases done elsewhere can be referenced and used as examples. Read the three judges judgement that dismissed the petition and you’ll notice the judges used Kenya judgement as a reference point. Don’t go for a discussion with those who have spent their life reading and promoting law. Just tell us about how your Reverend-ship has become lucrative under PF bribes.

    • You don’t expect a Rev of Kapya Kaoma stature to agree with Prof Ndulo. They are incompatible as usual.
      Rev Kaoma is quoting only from the constitution and fails to even quote a single verse of the Bible!? Yet inquisitively and sweating hard on air gasps in “lecturing” Law Professor Muna Ndulo about the constitution is a fallacy of those pretending to be in the sheepskin, when they are wolves. Its like a drunkard telling a non alcoholic how to be sober, its ridiculously hilarious.


    • Country is polarised, lawyers, professors, politicians and the elites are interpreting and re-interpreting and reinventing , reversing, re-reversing their understanding, interpretation based on where their personal interest lies.
      HH camp had ex-PF leaders who were close to late Mr. Sata but had their dream of ruling Zambia shattered when Lungu was elected president in 2015. They were benefiting from ruling Zambia and suddenly it was dark.
      HH and his financiers are bitter because they lost millions and there is no chance of them recovering a ngwee of those millions they Invested in Horse named HH. It was a derby they lost. Many will be broke for life and die poor. Chilala’s Kapiri Glass project is in shambles because he funded 2015 and 2016 elections. GBM put his stake on Horse HH, and…

    • ……GBM put his stake on Horse HH, and it seems it is end of his trucking business, and if he is not careful his milling business will be gone as well. As for HH, he is the cunniest out of all these betters. He did not put much out of his pockets. He can live on his cattle.

      All those supporting and helped Lungu to win (or declared winner-whichever way one see the election results) are not his friends or in their out of any ideological alignment but Political-Milking the Treasury Cow. They did not bet on Lungu but the big fat cow which they all want to milk day in day out till it is next general elections and new bull on the run.

    • flag Brian Bweengwa September 14, 2016 at 8:57 am

      The message is loud and clear. I hope UPND generals are meeting with other top leaders soon to chart the way forward. We need another leader now. The song has been sung a million times. There is no way HH can abrogate our Constitution going beyond the prescribed limit of years for Party Presidency. The Convention must be held and we democratically elect a new leader. The man came in through the back door (money) and we have all seen the mess. 2021 WILL BE A WALK OVER ON PF. We shall overcome, but not with HH. As you know, I honestly hate this persistent LOSER including his style of losing(Always)!

  1. Reverend, do you agree with Ten Commandments? If you do, then how you disagree on the subject of “they shall not steal”?

    • The so called reverend is looking for some Kwacha. Maybe the thief Lungu can make him head of his ministry of religion. No wonder Africa is laughing at us. Courts filled with political prostitutes, the Bemba Buffon as president and this snake oil salesman as Reverend. Does he really think he can match intelligence with Oxford and Harvard educated Ndulo or with Hansugule for that matter? Go read Ndulo’s cv and weep. The Bible says Hosea 9:9 They have sunk deep into corruption, as in the days of Gibeah. God will remember their wickedness and punish them for their sins.” Your day is coming

    • Unfortunately, Prof Ndulo & Hansungule have misread the constitutiono n this occasion, & if they have any dignity, they should ownu p & apologize for misleading the World. Particularly in their interpretation of article 101, 103, 104, & 269(d).

      If they can confirm that Article 101 is the relevanto ne in the first ballot while Article 103 relates to the second ballot, they will redeem their reputation a great deal.

      Any other argument should cause the institutions they now represent great embarrassment, & a possible premise to review their status.

    • @Mushota & Moses don’t argue like typical UPND cadres. The Constitution says the petition will be concluded with 14 days. The judges were wrong to have extended it by 6 days Saturday and Sunday inclusive. They told the world that the petition will end on Friday 2nd Sept when the 14 day came to lapse but surprisngly they extended. So a reversal of what they had earlier agreed upon was to correct the wrong they created earlier. Tongas and people like you wanted it to go your own way. Now that the petition out can we hear HH tell us how is votes were stolen in Luapula, Northern Eastern, Lusaka, Muchinga, Copperbelt Provinces? Can HH also tell us how his votes were stolen in Southern (Dundumwezi), North Western and Western provinces?

  2. Even those who belong to so called winning team are failing to move on. Their conscience is not free. Haunted for life with nightmares. No amount of writing will free your conscience especially that you also pass for a man of god.

    • Country is polarised, lawyers, professors, politicians and the elites are interpreting and re-interpreting and reinventing , reversing, re-reversing their understanding, interpretation based on where their personal interest lies.

      HH camp had ex-PF leaders who were close to late Mr. Sata but had their dream of ruling Zambia shattered when Lungu was elected president in 2015. They were benefiting from ruling Zambia and suddenly it was dark.

      HH and his financiers are bitter because they lost millions and there is no chance of them recovering a ngwee of those millions they Invested in Horse named HH. It was a derby they lost. Many will be broke for life and die poor. Chilala’s Kapiri Glass project is in shambles because he funded 2015 and 2016 elections. GBM put his stake on Horse HH,…

    • …GBM put his stake on Horse HH, and it seems it is end of his trucking business, and if he is not careful his milling business will be gone as well. As for HH, he is the cunniest out of all these betters. He did not put much out of his pockets. He can live on his cattle.

      All those supporting and helped Lungu to win (or declared winner-whichever way one see the election results) are not his friends or in their out of any ideological alignment but Political-Milking the Treasury Cow. They did not bet on Lungu but the big fat cow which they all want to milk day in day out till it is next general elections and new bull on the run.

  3. It is a shame, and one should feel ashamed after writing lies, defending Lungu’s theft of the votes, one signs on his piece of writing as “Reverend”.

  4. Who are you and based on what authority do you express your opinion? Dr. Hansungule and Ndulo have every authority to express legal opinions, they are recognized internationally as accomplished legal scholars. We know that they know what they are talking about! What are your credentials? Please establish your credibility to be heard.

    • @5 jingi
      Lawyers have always disappointed when the nationd depends on them for guidance

      1. When our two presidents died, there were conflicting provisions which in my view were mis-interpreted.

      For example, ECL as acting president then could only hand power to a president elect, not another acting president. But our lawyers got it wrong.

      Similarly, only a person who qualifies for the office of president could act as president, yet they let Scott who did not qualify to act as president.

      So be careful about hose who seem to have qualifications, especially Lawyers.

    • But both Hansungule and Ndulo are Tongas. Does that mean anything to you? Chibomba and Munalula are Tonga and Lozi respctively does this also mean anything to you? Jack Mwiimbu, Vincent Malambo are Tongas, Eddie Mwitwa, John Sangwa, Robert Simeza are from Mmembe’s cartel. The cartel were going to be in control had HH won. Thank God it never worked for them.

  5. This man must be one of those “Christians for Lungu” Reverends. Kaoma preach the word of God and study the bible but please leave Constitutional matters to Constitutional lawyers. U are just exposing yr ignorance as a pseudo Reverend and a useless PF cadre.

    • Zulu, some Pastors have other secular qualifications in addition to their calling. Just because one is a reverend, doesn’t meanh e can’t be a qualified Lawyer, Accountant, Engineer, etc.

      I’m not saying ba Kaoma is a lawyer, I don’t know. But also, most legal provisions are straightforward English which anyone can understand & interpret.

  6. The Analysis by Prof Ndulo is certainly not for cadres, because each time a cadre fails to argue scientifically (with references), he or she resorts to the easiest way: accusing the other person of being partisan. That is the easiest argument all cadres are capable of in a failed debate.

  7. Ati ‘Reverend’ chakuti chakuti! You Pharisee, you hypocrite, you whitewashed tomb, you see injustice and turn the other way. The Lord abhors injustice. The two professors’ legal arguments are very sound at law; there is nothing partisan. You fail to make an equally compelling legal and intellectual argument, so like other pf vuvuzelas, you hide behind ‘partisanship’. Demolish the two professors’ legal arguments with your own legal arguments, then may be we can take you seriously. Ecl breaches the constitution by clinging on to power instead of handing over to the speaker of the NA, you turn a blind eye. Its people like you who help build dictators. Yes, dictators use the democracy ladder to climb to the top, and once on top, they destroy the ladder, with people like ‘Reverend’…

    • Unfortunately there is ALREADY someone that HAS been hung due to Lungus stolen votes!

      His name was Webster Mwango and he was the Presiding Officer at Kabanana in Mandevu Constituency.

      This murder was made to look like a suicide to hide the evidence of the rigging that PF was doing and to silence him.

      This is the kind of people we now have in Government and ruling out lives.

  8. This whole circus has just shown what a joke the Constitution that Lungu hurriedly signed just to say PF has “delivered” on its election promises.

    We now should RENAME the Supreme Court as it is absolutely clear it is no longer SUPREME!

    Maybe a good name for it would be MEDIOCRE COURT.

    Or if this ridiculous nonsense continues, perhaps IRRELEVANT COURT would be appropriate

    • The simple fact is that those people that drafted this mishmash which we now call our Constitution and the “lawyer” clown that signed it into law were totally clueless about the consequences.

      Even if a Concourt is assigned SPECIFIC jurisdiction, there can only be ONE SUPREME COURT.

      Maybe we really do need HH to “fix it”!!!!

    • As for this complete farce called the “Constitutional Court” that cannot even understand the document that they are ostensibly there to interpret, it should just be abolished completely as it seems it is just an excuse for Lungus incompetent and unqualified friends to plunder Zambias treasury even more.

      As the President appoints all the Judges, it should just be called the “PRESIDENTS COURT” or “Lungus rubber stamp court”.

      Call a spade a spade!

  9. Both these Profs are blinded by tribal loyalty. The Tongas are too royal to their god HH that they can not see beyond tribe. They are just like dogss to their master. If you want the true picture of democracy were the mojority rules, come to Heroes Stadium. These Prof who have never even produced anything one can point at are just empty tribal mouth just like zwd. These profs should start manufuring toilet paper.

    • It would be interesting to know your academic credentials. There is a very high probability you have never sat in a university lecture hall! That explains why your reasoning is as above. Get some education, my dear, for your own sake! My friend, these professors are working at world-class universities: try to apply there for a job and see if you will receive an invitation for interview.

    • @ Mike show me a single project that these profs. have completed and has made a difference to human life other the usual empty theories.

    • You are so blinded by your political inclination that you fail to see the value in the free legal expositions given by these professors to help guide the nation at this very critical time when those in power are desecrating the constitution and disregarding it with impunity. Why should we the people of this great country vote if those in power can manipulate the votes? Maybe you never lived under Kaunda’s one party rule where vuvuzela party cadres used to sing silly slogans like “UNIP mulilo, waikatako wapya!”. These leaders that you are supporting blindly can become monsters.

    • @kci the display of cadre mentality and blind loyalty is seriously shocking. Reminds me of a group of youth cadres in Kaunda’s UNIP called “By Air”. I rest my case.

    • @ Spaka like lilo, Simple Just go to heroes stadium or follow the proceedings there then you will see the people that voted for lungu

    • Only 49 % of zambians with rigging added voted for lungu.

      You think those PF drunks on chibuku at heroes are the only ones that voted ?

  10. My understanding of Reverend Kaoma’s essay, he seems to agree that the judges involved in this case were not competent and behaved atrociously. How then does he go on to try and dispute the basis of Professors Hasungule and Ndulo’s assertions? Our country’s in the process of trying to consolidate a budding democracy. Openness, integrity and awareness of the democratic tenets is essential for our country to move forward. The judiciary is a critical institution in that vision. What we have now is a perception that party politics reign supreme over everything else. This is not about HH or ECL, but about the integrity of our judicial systems. We’ve seen party constitutions being cast aside many times i.e FTJ and LPM(MMD), HH(UPND), etc. There’s a terrible culture of poor respect for due…

    • @15 Mutonya: that is also my point too; serious procedural errors and questionable ‘impartiality’ or fair dispensation of justice driven mostly by rigid technicalities as alluded to by the Prof. This is NOT a tribal or partisan issues. Mistakes have been made all round; the judges have been under extreme pressure (hence why I do NOT subscribe to the wholesale call for their resignation or dismissal without a hearing though there is need to get to the bottom of everything to do with this petition fiasco – mission should be to find the real smoking gun!) See also @16 and @17.

  11. @Rev Kapya Kaoma: In future when criticising argued papers make certain you have understood the issues raised; clearly you have NOT understood the thrust of Prof Ndulo’s thesis.
    1. Definitely the ConCourt failed to play its constitutional role: they did not conclude the Petition which has remained unresolved. Here is my epitaph on the ConCourt conduct: a. No hearing = No determination; b. No determination- No judgement; c, No judgement = No justice; d. No justice = No conclusion of HH/GBM Petition Number 00031 of 2016.
    2. On the dismissal of the Petition on 5th Sep: ask yourself if the ConCourt declared that they had no mandate after midnight of 2nd Sep, what was their mandate to dismiss the Petition on 5th Sep? 3. The 14 days issue: Prof Ndulo has distinguished the Zambian and…

    • thank you for your well thought explanation General….! every moment I set my eyes on your writtings I get new insights…! A few of you can move our country to prosperity….!

  12. @16 Godfrey Miyanda: ….and Kenyan provisions expertly.
    4. Ur wrong to criticise my reference to foreign cases as this is clearly provided for in our laws; chek out the principle of precedents. What I stated which you purport to impugn is in our statutes and is the law.
    5. Last but not least Rev, pse equip yourself with knowledge and understanding of the subject matter that you intended to challenge. Aside from the strong language, Prof Muna Ndulo has raised questions important that should guide the next national debate in search of a credible and true Constitutional Democracy.

    • @17 Godfrey Miyanda: sorry I meant to write “Prof Muna Ndulo has raised important questions that should guide the next National Debate in search of a credible and true Constitutional Debate.

  13. Concourt had decided time limit as ending on Friday 23:59 hours. Chibomba single handedly stole the show by not convening full bench before Friday night ruling. That’s why on Monday other bench members refused and demanded full bench ruling.

    • @18 What: DO NOT spread falsehoods; CC President Judge Chibomba did NOT single handedly decide on Friday. Where did you get this information from? I was in Court on Friday from 09.30 to midnight. In attendance was a bench of five judges, namely CC judges Chibomba, Mulenga Mugeni, Munalula, Sitali and Mulonda. Not attending was CC Judge Mulembe. FYI: HH completed his application to get legal representation at about 23.15. The Court retired for deliberations and re-emerged at about 23.57 and delivered a short ruling to extend the proceedings and continue from Monday 5th to 8th Sep before midnight!

  14. Now the end is here, what started as a break with a spent KK will END in dictatorship and civil strife – from the demagogue of “donchi kubeba” to the dunnschiß of “dununa” – the journey deep in the valley of darkness is finally CEMENTED; let’s see who shall liberate the meek and the numbskulls; Germans were lucky Hitler started a world war and the Allies were OBLIGED to free them from their TRESPASS – imwe as maBlacki muzachiona, now China and the West will start the new scramble for Africa in earnest…how Mama Africa weeps, with bloodied loins and her misguided greedy children…BUT AFRICA SHALL RISE, AFTER ALL THE IMPOSITORS ARE GONE, God bless Africa – I weep for my Motherland, but then so be IT… ?

    • @21 Ndanje khakis: Completely IRRELEVANT. The topic is “Why I disagree with Prof Ndulo and Hansungule on HH and ConCourt Decision” and the author is NOT Miyanda but Rev Kapya Kaoma. But if you are serious about challenging me post your ARGUED PAPER on 1996 Constitutional amendment, and as Accuser state your case against me and that amendment. Then I, the Accused, will answer your allegations. To assist you in your research read the Chona Commission, Statutory Instrument Number 46 of 1972, reported on 15th Oct 1972, which formalised the introduction of the One Party State. While researching find out why KK banned for 30 years public access to the Commission evidence! I await your paper with great interest and hunger for further knowledge from you///

  15. It is a mere academic exercise now. It is over. It is done. God has let his will to be done in Zambia or if you believe in Satan his will has been done.

  16. Stolen, stolen what nothing been stolen. But elections won by the preferred man, everything point to his victory.
    From every angle you see victory over Satan. Zambia belongs to Jesus no other god will have Lordship over Zambia.
    It was finished when Jesus was declared Lord.
    This time Satan was on rampage he was furious he went on to possess some powerhangry pastors, and yes he did.
    Every one in that camp was a victim of the enemy . Yes indeed that was the war spiritual warfare.
    Up to now they are still under the spell. They can’t see what is real except from the evil eye hatred for authority and trying to destroy everything in their way.

  17. So far it seems to me that the direction a country will take will depend on the character and morality of a President you have. I say this because we are clearly seeing officers doing what is not right in obeying instructions from “above”. A good example is the Police service that goes doing wrong things to obey the master. If the allegations UPND have about the just ended election are anything to go by, then we can safely say the judiciary is compromised too. Is there anything we can do to have services that will stand and not obey a wrong instruction from the Executive. What does it take to have officers denying to do a wrong thing from the “boss” above. This is frustrating me, to say the least.
    Brigadier General Miyanda, I would like you to know Sir, that you are an inspiration to…

    • young people like myself. In fact I would like to be in contact with you sir. I know you are a private person and that you may not like this but please sir. You have a duty to inspire people who respect you for your wisdom thus far. My email address is [email protected] I will greatly appreciate to hear from you Sir.

    • M Nabita.

      Ask your self why PF do not want the nation to see or hear the evidence HH has. It would only take 1 day to hear.

      But they are so afraid that they would rather be branded thieves then prove their victory…

  18. Nothing more to add from me in response to this Rev article… my favourite man BGG Miyanda and one @Mutonya have objectively and eloquently explained my thoughts exactly.

    Just another complement from me for BGGM that I really wish we had even just 100 politicians alive today like him, this country would have been headed in the right direction. This man knows his stuff, and he is very objective and impartiality that is missing in our today’s politicians. Clearly whatever mistakes he may have made in the past, he’s really making up for them right now. He reads widely and even participates in internet blog banter full of insults from keyboard anonymous ‘warriors’. Breath of fresh air indeed!

  19. Reverend with due respect to the two professors you come out more sound, clearer and wiser.The two profs appear to me to be highly biased. Would not be surprised to find that one HH bought them behind the scenes and they are up to deceiving the right thinking Zambians. I feel for the young undergraduate and postgraduate student lawyers under these gentlemen, They are not just sincere. Certainly a taste of sour grapes is percived when you read articles of the two gentlemen. General Miyanda is also slowly but surely drifting there.
    Thumbs up to you Reverend Kaoma.

  20. HH’s leadership was founded on tribalism, confirm with Sakwiba Sikota. To date, HH has now perfected the art of tribalism in Zambia. To the two law professors, I can with real certain confirm to you that your power of abstraction is very low.
    HH is a danger to Zambian democracy and the earlier UPND reforms the better.
    May I request the law firm that applied to the ICC for HH and GBM to be cited for crimes against humanity to follow up the case and keep us posted.
    HH and GBM must get punished by the international Court of Justice to serve as a lesson to other politicians in Zambia.

    • Lungus leadership was cemented by violence corruption and pangas. Even at mulugushi he used corruption, violence and intimidation to win the PF presidency….

    Proverbs 3:30: “DO NOT…

  22. kaoma has been paid by pf too. the depth of corruption and abuse of the euro bond money is clearly manifesting itself. Why didnt kaoma just keep quiet

  23. Rev. Kaoma, Please don’t embarrass yourself. Bembaism is blinding you. You have neither followed no grasped Prof. Ndulo’s arguments. they are too high for you. Your arguments are those of grade one pupils or street vendors. Stick to what you know, that is if you know anything at all.

  24. Rev Kaoma you are a useless reverand, why are you ignoring the many verse in the bible that call for justoce. You are a useless man.

  25. Every one should ask them selves why lungu does not want the nation to hear or see the evidence of rigging that UPND say they have.

    It would only take a day. But they seem so afraid….

    • Ask Mmembe if HH has evidence, There is none
      Mmembe is still waiting to print it
      Where on eartth has an election nullified based on media bias or unfair coverage.
      tell yourself and to your long nose that you are lying

  26. Eurobond has been used already and has finished that is why IMF is coming in to help LUNGU and Zambians stay afloat
    Cutting all food and fuel subsidies. Cutting civil servants jobs, police and army sectors need reducing in number. Cutting in health and education sectors too. No more free bursaries for university and college students. No more student allowance, food allowance and book allowance. No free bursaries.
    Agricultural equipment and seed, fertilizer and other supplement for farming will be cut and reduced by 55%
    Healthcare will stop free registeration of patients – all must pay to have a hospital or clinic card to help raise money for healthcare and medicines

  27. Ka lungu uuh yoba chani ? Let the nation see the evidence if you won fair and square….

    From what we know more than 50 % of the electorate rejected you….

  28. Lungu lot the last elections. RB and croonies helped him rig elections. ECZ took a break to repair the damage. over 89% of the votes went to UPND. How could Edith Nawakwi lose elections in her own home town? It is a joke they PF played on the opposition. Aljeevera have information on this read their news today

  29. Lungu’s cheeks look unhealthy, is it just me? I am a nurse and those ball-like cheeks do not look healthy at all. Soon he will have red lips. Take care mr President. We need you for the next 5 years.

  30. Hh IS a dictator he wants to hold on to up nd presidency by all meand hence the rigging stories which hh started before elections whereo

  31. The President of Zambia has been sworn in, amidst speculations of a disputed legitimacy?? He seems to be enjoying every moment, and it’s time we call upon him, to work with the United Nations Security Council, USA, UK, AU, ICC, and other International organization to hold his members accountable for the crimes against humanity they inflicted on us, and to help him reform the dysfunction in all Zambian state institutions. I urge the President to disband the LAZ, as its relevance is non e is tent but most Zambian lawyers are responsible for abusing the court process and running organized criminal syndicates amongst state institutions. To me it is a criminal organization which has failed to hold its bandits accountable for the banditry inflicted on us.

    Corruption in Zambia is…

  32. Hansangule and Ndulo are Tongas. Their sources are Muvi TV, some radio in Namwala, Dog Watchers in Zambia, the Post, and Hazalusa Hagain. They are not only HH sympathizers but have a certain condition known as delusional. They can’t add or subtract.

  33. Harvard????!!!LOL… You do not need a degree to understand that 14days is 14days!!Period and concourt decision is final!!! Do you need PhD to understand this…?

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