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People have started trooping to Heroes Stadium for presidential Inauguration

General News People have started trooping to Heroes Stadium for presidential Inauguration

Traffic congestion near Heroes Stadium in the early hours of today
Traffic congestion near Heroes Stadium in the early hours of today

Several PF supporters braved the morning darkness and started heading to the Heroes Stadium in Lusaka, the venue for the inauguration ceremony of Zambia’s sixth President Edgar Lungu and Vice President Inonge Wina.

Some of the people started arriving as early as 05:30 for a ceremony which is expected to start at 08 Hours.

President Lungu is expected to deliver his inauguration speech at around 10:00 Hours.

Several dignitaries including four Heads of States are expected to grace the event.

There will also be a state luncheon at State House which will be held around 12: 00 Hours.

People line up to enter Heroes Stadium before 06 Hours
People line up to enter Heroes Stadium before 06 Hours

People have already camped outside Heroes Stadium
People have already camped outside Heroes Stadium

More people heading to Heroes Stadium
More people heading to Heroes Stadium


    • Simply people who have nothing to do …surely how can you go to a stadium to watch a returning President? Has your life improved under the PF govt…really laughable!!

    • Hahahaha! What a dull and stupid lot of people Zambians are!

      In any civilised country Lungu would be suspended and under investigation by an anti corruption court for stealing over two million dollars of taxpayers money!

      In Zambia they are celebrating that he has five years to steal even more!

      Zambians deserve the poverty they live in.

    • Its only Mugabe, Museveni, Kabila as usual dictators as KK by the side. The Wako Ni Wako Panga Family will be dancing to Dununa the economy in reverse order whilst RB cheering for ‘nyokonics’.

      The fraudulent inauguration of a forfeited president is KO to democracy and constitution, no rule of law equals to a top class failed State.

    • ONLY ONE CHAGWA !!!!………Chikubabe chikubabe !!….go and hang yourself with your bitterness…….there was only going to be ONE CHAGWA !!!…
      Congraturations your excellency and GOD BLESS YOU

  1. Ubucushi ne nsala. They have nothing better and productive to do. May be they will be throwing food there. Very sad. Dont rejoice, peaple are suffering.

    • So u think HH wud hv been dishing out money??? Be real, even if HH had won, u wud still be in ur shack in Misisi compound.

    • @chikonko mwikate – thats the point you seem to miss. its not that HH or nawakwi would have miraculously solved their problems but its the principle. A lesson to all politicians. If massive loadshedding happens under your watch, the economy fails under your watch whether its your fault or not. you should be voted out. We should teach our politicians the value of honesty and responsibility. THat way when they vie for office, the speak truth on the state of affairs in the country and what they will do because people will hold them accountable for whatever happens under their watch. nomba like this, they can do whatever because they know we dont hold them accountable. thats why elsewher presidents resign for just a small mishap despite the economy doing well

  2. ECL, the People’s President and My President for the next 5 productive years.

    To All my UPND Supporters, get over it. It is Not the first time HH has lost to Lungu or Sata. And is not the last time HH has lost an election.. he will loss again if upnd field him again.

    I’m sure you are used to being political braidsmaid. It is called Democracy.

    As for me today is the day, the Lord has made, to install upon the nation a great and humble servant of the pipo and an inspirational leader – Edgar Lungu. I salute you, YOUR EXCELLENCY.

    • In less than one year you will eat your stupid words.

      This is not about upnd or pf. It is about what kind of future your children will have.

      When you have no food to feed them and no medicines when they are sick, and Lungu is spending millions of taxpayers money for parties for his friends, remember what you said today.

  3. By throwing stones to any dog barking on the street while you are on a journey you will make your trip very miserable, difficult and not only to you but to other people escorting you.

    For HH and UPND.

  4. Dancing after drinking from a pisoned CHALICE.

    IMF, when are u coming in? We can’t wait for STRUCTURAL ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM A.K.A The Real Dununa Reverse to begin so that we can also laugh.

  5. I think HH has done what is humanly possible to seek justice, given all the avenues available in the Zambian constitution, may be its now God’s time. Many people are not achievers because they don’t do what it takes with all that the Lord has given them. Instead they start praying to God so that God can Lift their hand to get food from a plate that is within their reach and put it in their mouths, sometimes they want God to even chew for them. I think I understand why this man is rich.

    • It’s not just about using your gifts to achieve it’s equally important what you do with your success and it’s outcomes. We are warned in the bible by God Himself, stating ‘I hate Mammon.’ Money is the source of so much evil in this world. To balance your well argued premise that we are to do the best we can from our gifts/talent, we must also remember that those that have not had gifts are also Blessed by God. In fact the poor are in a state of Grace before God and CAN INDEED PRAY FOR THAT PLATE OF FOOD, because God is able to Provide and his commandment to us is to be kind and generous to one another. HH has an ill spirit that worships Mammon and Leads from Mammon, nothing good can return to such a person.

  6. Why only DICTATORS are attending inauguration? Why is RSA not sending anyone? Why have all presidents turned down invitations (except for the 2 old farts)?

    Why is AU Chairman not attending? Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma was in exile in Lusaka. She was eagerly following elections & even sending tweets. Where are the American, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, British Reps?

    Something is not right!! Only brain-washed PF00LS are too blind to see it.

    • Maloza reminds me of some warped thinking South Africans years ago who complained that Bill Clinton, the then US president, had not come to attend Mbeki’s inaugaration after taking over from Mandela. It is not the outsiders who give legitimacy to the occasion, it is the Zambian people in this case. It is a time for Zambians …..so relax it is well

    • PF00LS are BRAIN-WASHED by their dear leader, LUNGU exactly like NORTH-KOREANS are by KIM JONG UN.

      Stop worshiping a fellow human being, who also squats to make a poo just like u.

      They are a wonder to watch!!

      Dictator MUSEVENI would never have attended an inauguration under KK’s, not under FTJ’s, not under LPM’s reign. Something is not right.

    • Furthermore, the situation in Zambia is volatile currently. Most presidential security would not think it a great idea to travel in. Their Embassy officials are going to attend on their behalf, that’s usually the protocol. Imagine if Western gov’t heads attended all inaugurations worldwide, they’d have very little time to run their country! I think if Mission heads based in Zambia do not attend then we have a problem…! I think you know that but UPND a chancers, in spreading dissent.

  7. Things unfolding..these are the same voters who wanted ecl…reason why the petition failed. The evidence is at heroes stadium. Peace for Zambia, God bless and unite Zambia

  8. Ba Maloza kalaleni or kasundeni nga tamulasunda pampasa akale. Who said everyone needs to attend our presidents inauguration ceremony? Even if there was no one to come from other countries we were still going to inaugurate him. The inauguration process is for us Zambians,foreigners are just here to witness. After all most ambassadors and High Commissioners are here to represent the countries you have listed.

    • @Wanya Wawa. LUNGU has been attending ALL inaugurations in Southern Africa from Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda etc. What a shame they turned down his invitations.

      For example, you’ve been attending all weddings/kitchen-parties/funerals etc. in your neighborhood & when u have a funeral of your own child, no one comes.

      It’s becoz u killed your child.



  10. Which church did the humble Lazy Lungu go to last week…i forgot he has duped the docile masses now he can go back drinking till Sunday morning…no need for him to kneel now and if he attends he wants a leather sofa in the front row…really laughable.

  11. HH A LEADER WITH NO VISION,TOO SELF SENTERED….viva ECL!Zambia has chosen a God fearing leader.jst join in celebrating nrthing cn be Changed he willb every zambian leader Fr the nxt 5yrs!

  12. @1.3 Observer how can we vote for you when you’re calling us “dull “. You’ll get zero votes come 2021 and numerous petitions

  13. keep on yapping nothing will change come rain come sun shine its a big day for all straight Zambians to day, inauguration is currently in process meaning we are crowning the president today. Nagu kube 10 people the fact is that, he will be sworn in to day and not tomorrow or any other day. Just a sweet reminder he is my president and yours too for the next 1,825 days get used to it and enjoy the ride. zonda uzalema

  14. After the inauguration today you are free to try the local court or mwine mushi courts if at all you will be not he happy for todays event.Mwalikwata umufimbila sana ba kaboke imwe……

  15. Late last year When UGANDAN bloggers called LUNGU ”WASTED SPERM”, I was really hurt. I didn’t understand why they called LUNGU WASTED SPERMATOZOA. Why did they call him Wasted Sperere? Becoz he told Opposition supporters to accept the rigged election results.

    History has a way of repeating itself.

  16. Except from Post Editorial: “this is a country in serious economic and social problems and challenges. If one does not see these challenges and problems, then they are at sea and we are in trouble as a country. For those who think they are in to enjoy and make a lot of money for themselves, their ending will be bad. This is really a poisoned chalice!”


  17. At e end of the day it’s our responsibility to work hard for our children and ourselves these leaders are there govern the onus is on an individual to bring the best out of themselves even mwanawasa never put food on any ones table let’s move on and steer the country if you are a marketeer do wot you do best

  18. Now the end is here, what started as a break with a spent KK will END in dictatorship and civil strife – from the demagogue of “donchi kubeba” to the dunnschiß of “dununa” – the journey deep in the valley of darkness is finally CEMENTED; let’s see who shall liberate the meek and the numbskulls; Germans were lucky Hitler started a world war and the Allies were OBLIGED to free them from their TRESPASS – imwe as maBlacki muzachiona, now China and the West will start the new scramble for Africa in earnest…how Mama Africa weeps, with bloodied loins and her misguided greedy children…BUT AFRICA SHALL RISE, AFTER ALL THE IMPOSITORS ARE GONE, God bless Africa – I weep for my Motherland, but then so be IT… ?

    • You are best to stay away from Zambia. Give up your Nationality and let those that love Zambia stay! There….easy solution fir you! No one will muss you! If there us little to go around, it means your portion goes to someone else!!!!…….you can do soooooooo much good for your fellow compatriots.

  19. Thank God for this day.I went there and celebrated with my hubby.it was a great moment where the destine of Zambia was born not only to our president Mr Edgar chagwa Lungu but to all Zambians as a people. It is God that choose leaders. We like or not viva to ECL.am proud to call him my president

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