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President Edgar Lungu and Vice- President Inonge Wina sworn in

Headlines President Edgar Lungu and Vice- President Inonge Wina sworn in

chagwa-swornPresident Edgar Lungu and Vice- President Inonge Wina have taken oath of office at a fully packed Lusaka’s National Heroes Stadium and have given their collective vision for the nation for the next five years.

In his 43 minutes inaugural speech this morning, President Lungu has assured the nation that he will leave the nation better than he found it.

The Head of State has also disclosed that he will appoint a commission of inquiry to investigate post-election violence experienced in certain parts of the country.

President Lungu has thanked the people of Zambia for exhibiting maturity after the elections by remaining peaceful even to extents of provocation.

He says even though there were some pockets of hostility in certain parts of the country after the elections, Zambians generally conducted themselves in a peaceful manner.

He has warned public workers not to engage in any corrupt activities saying they will face the wrath of the law without protection.

He has also assured that there is no time for him to settle scores saying he has a lot on his table in terms of development.

President Lungu has appealed to all Zambian citizens that he needs their full support during his five year term of office.

Speaking at the same event, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, who represented visiting Presidents, says according to the election observers, Zambia’s elections were held in a free and fair environment.

Mr. Mugabe has also advised against using violence just to be in office saying Zambia has been known as a beacon of peace for many years.

He has also encouraged the nation to avoid tribalism but rather remain as one people.

The inauguration of President Lungu and Ms Wina was witnessed by some foreign heads of states which include Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni, Botswana’s Ian Khama.

Tanzania President John Magufuli was represented by his Vice President, Paul Dlamini, the Deputy Prime Minister of Swaziland, Namibian Vice-President, Nicky Iyambo, Malawi’s Vice President, Saulos Chilima and Kenyan Deputy President, William Ruto.

Others who have attended are African Union Commissioner for Economic Affairs, Dr. Anthony Mothae Maruping, Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Secretary-General Sindiso Ngwenya and African Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) Chairman, Joseph Chilengi.

Dr. Stergomena Lawrence, who is Southern African Development Community (SADC) Executive Secretary as well as Vice Chairman of the Chinese People’s Pacific and Consultative Conference and International Conference of the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) representatives were also in attendance.


    • Chapwa I don’t want to hear anything about ghosts, petitions ,courts of all kinds, fighting and any sort of rubbish… Nomba twikaleko kumatwi tondolo… Even the funural has its end.

    • congratulations my president and your running mate, may the good Lord Richly Bless you. ALELLUIA mamamia…Aluta continua!!

    • You mean sworn in Lusaka times, and not “swron”? Take it easy and time to edit. The beginning of dictatorship under PF forged leadership.

    • Job well done Zambia!! We are free at last from the tenderpreneurs who were in the race for the contracts and tenders for their companies.

    • Congratulations PF,now let us start working not stealing, five years is too short or next you will the ones watching on tv like HH today.

    • Country is polarised, lawyers, professors, politicians and the elites are interpreting and re-interpreting and reinventing , reversing, re-reversing their understanding, interpretation based on where their personal interest lies.

      HH camp had ex-PF leaders who were close to late Mr. Sata but had their dream of ruling Zambia shattered when Lungu was elected president in 2015. They were benefiting from ruling Zambia and suddenly it was dark.

      HH and his financiers are bitter because they lost millions and there is no chance of them recovering a ngwee of those millions they Invested in Horse named HH. It was a derby they lost. Many will be broke for life and die poor. Chilala’s Kapiri Glass project is in shambles because he funded 2015 and 2016 elections. GBM put his stake on Horse HH,…

    • …. GBM put his stake on Horse HH, and it seems it is end of his trucking business, and if he is not careful his milling business will be gone as well. As for HH, he is the cunniest out of all these betters. He did not put much out of his pockets. He can live on his cattle.

      All those supporting and helped Lungu to win (or declared winner-whichever way one see the election results) are not his friends or in their out of any ideological alignment but Political-Milking the Treasury Cow. They did not bet on Lungu but the big fat cow which they all want to milk day in day out till it is next general elections and new bull on the run.

    • People of God who is the man that swore in the President and Vice President. Do we have a new Chief Justice. Thought our CJ is Irene Mambilima. I watch the ceremony on TV, did I miss something? Coz both Ba Irene and Ba Mervin Mwanamwamba were present. Why did the man do the swearing-in when those two were there?

    • It is wonderful, that the confusion and delays that HH brought concluded.
      HH went to far in showing his lack of integrity and selfishness coupled with extreme arrogance.

      You cannon call judges thugs and criminals on account of not ruling in your favour.

      This is utterly uncalled for and unacceotable. You cannot insult the judges merely on account of falsehood and lies, when you even avoid discussing your own petition due to lack of evidence, and in fact due to lack of a case.

    • Mr.Lungu, with his hypocrisy has added to a specimen of “Christians” who have repelled potential christians from coming to the Lord. How can an election thief–some body engaged in blatant electoral theft–raise a bible to justify something evil. God, God, do something. Why should mere man mock you, O, Lord.

    • Hopefully am wrong, but i don’t see a succesful five year term. I hope Lungu is clean on this one but if not then God is not in it and he will be judged for using his name in vain.
      The declaration of Zambia as Christian Nation is deeper and more serious than it seems, Tell me why Kenneth Kaunda and Rhupia Banda are the only survivors out of the five previous leaders.
      Watch and see!

    • Life Is A Serious Enterprise … What A Sweet Life!

      Congratulations Mr. President!!! Let get busy right away.

      God Speed and good luck … May God bless you and may He continue to bless the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise.

    • For those of you jumping up and down in celebration, here are some cold facts you may want to consider. Since January 2015 when ECL took office, the Kwacha has been devalued by half, inflation shot from 7% in January 2015 to 20% today (2016) even as we speak. In January 2015, ECL declared that he had K10.9 million in assets, only to declare that he had K23.7million in assets 15 months later. He has never explained where the K13million in assets came from in 15 months. His ministers and deputies were recently ordered by the ConCourt to vacate the offices they were occupying illegally after the dissolution of parliament. They were also ordered to pay back the salaries and allowances they had illegally obtained. And remember they were doing all these illegal stuff with ECL’s full…

    • (Continued)… knowledge. And also remember that this is YOUR money as a taxpayer that these ministers were illegally getting. Recently, Sweden and Finland asked to have their money back that was donated to ZNFU. K34million that was meant to help poor Zambian farmers, someone in Zambia pocketed it with impunity, forcing these two countries to intervene, and rightly so. Load shedding is back with no foreseeable solution in sight. Lastly, if you know how to google, google this: “Third hungriest country in the world.” Right now Zambia is holding that spot. So the future looks quiet bleak, with your illegally sworn in President. Also look up the video on YouTube titled: “Stealing Africa–Why Poverty?” and see what’s happening to Zambia. (While the video starts in Europe, it’s about…

    • Continued)… Zambia, so make sure to watch the whole thing). Against this background, I foresee a tremendous increase in unbridled corruption in the coming years in Zambia. Unless you’re one of the few in the upper echelon of this regime, you need to be worried about the coming years. With the coming of IMF and their austerity measures, you better get ready to tighten that belt even tighter to hold your pants up.

    • Guys I heard that one of pigeons lungu released fell to the ground! I did not believe it until I watched a ZNBC clip.

      Only f00ls think that Zambia will be a better country after its leader is being mentored by Mugabe a leader of a failed state across the boarder.

      The old adage goes”birds of the same feathers fly together”. To expect good leadership from a leader who is copying Mugabe is utter stupidity.

      Any way zambians should not worry as lungu ‘s doctors abroad have confirmed that he has 8
      months to live as his cancer has reached an advanced stage. Even the pigeon today send that message clearly.

      What I have said has come to pass.

      By Wanzelu.

    • @ 1.15 Real African,

      Jesus a teaching having observed the behaviour of pharisees, saying do not be like them because they go to God saying, ‘God you know me I am righteous man. I am not like sinners, so hear me’.

    • The Bemba Buffon who will bring Zambia to its knees. Just wait and see. What is the matter, no other president only the tyrant Mugavbe. Shame on Zambia

    • ya well done indeed though ECL and his supporters have to brace themselves for more insults and hate from these losers and failures. Time to move on has come and we will do better.

    • Not that again of going after the violent Southern province, kulabako fye naimwe abena Edgar. 43 minutes speech, without fainting? Awe sure Edgar nakosa.

  1. Good news Good news to all those who are hurting with the outcome of the petition, zimangilile general dealers the Registered suppliers of all suicide equipment for all your suicide missions. in stock we have: ropes and wires of all sizes, electric cables, high voltage Zesco transformers, a variety of poisons / chemicals, tall buildings where you can jump from, mukwa trees where you can hung yourself, razor blades to quickly cut your throat, battery acids and a variety of sharp and dangerous objects, busy roads if u want to be run over by vehicles, doom etc, for more information email us on [email protected] source of death .com. hurry hurry while stocks last.

    • Country is polarised, lawyers, professors, politicians and the elites are interpreting and re-interpreting and reinventing , reversing, re-reversing their understanding, interpretation based on where their personal interest lies.

      HH camp had ex-PF leaders who were close to late Mr. Sata but had their dream of ruling Zambia shattered when Lungu was elected president in 2015. They were benefiting from ruling Zambia and suddenly it was dark.

      HH and his financiers are bitter because they lost millions and there is no chance of them recovering a ngwee of those millions they Invested in Horse named HH. It was a derby they lost. Many will be broke for life and die poor. Chilala’s Kapiri Glass project is in shambles because he funded 2015 and 2016 elections. GBM put his stake on Horse HH,…

  2. It’s not the swearing in that bothers me. It’s the service to the citizens that most of our official title holders have a big problem providing.

    Ba LT – is it excitement on that headline? SWORN not whatever typo of the day you have.

    ED2.0 Corruption Clock – Day 1. The ceremony itself. Waste of money. Time to pay the piper. Let’s see the appointments.

  3. My regards to Hansungule and Ndulo. We invite the two profs to ZIALE to learn the living law so as to familiarise themselves with the intricacies of how courts operate. Wishing UPND luck as it embarks on a witch hunt crusade. Ciao!

  4. Speaking at the same event, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, who represented visiting Presidents, says according to the election observers, Zambia’s elections were held in a free and fair environment

  5. Pew!!!! Done and dusted no more buchililalila please. The the head of the armed forces as now taken his rightful seat.weyu weyu we have our commander in chief…..


  7. Free from tenderpreneurs, now we are slaves of looters & tenderpreneurs as they invest big in Dubai while IMF does the reaping!

  8. Only 2 OLD DICTATORS & a ONE-PARTY Democracy accepted invitation. Embarrassment, musebanya!

    RSA refused to send even a permanent secretary. KIKIKIKIKIKI.

    • PLEASE GET AN EDUCATION PROPER, to interpret things properly.
      Their Embassy officials are going to attend on their behalf, that’s usually the protocol. Imagine if Western gov’t heads attended all inaugurations worldwide, they’d have very little time to run their country! I think if Mission heads based in Zambia do not attend then we have a problem…! I think you know that but UPND a chancers, in spreading dissent.

    • The inauguration of our beloved President and his Veep was televised live in six nations. Is that not good enough iwe loser? Don’t swallow your bitterness spit it>

    • OLD FARTS like Dictators MUSEVENI & MUGABE are now LUNGU’s Mentors.

      For u its normal for opposition leaders to be caged, independent media to be shut, judiciary to be bribed, becoz u r BRAIN-WASHED like a NORTH-KOREAN worshiping KIM JONG UN.

      For me it’s an insult, an assault on our hard-fought Democracy. LUNGU will use the same Cadre Violence, ECZ, Kang-Court, tribalism to go for a 3rd Term/Life-term, mark my words! Don’t cry foul.

      LUNGU is also a human being, don’t worship him. It’s a sin.

    • Also just to add the ECL is a sitting President being inaugurated. So it is not a surprise that few heads of state attended. You should note that for many international observers this was a formality…a sitting President being re-elected whereas for us in Zambia who know how tough fought the fight was with HH, we appreciate more the re-election of ECL. If you have to do a head count also note that the Tanzanian President was definitely going to attend except for the tragedy of the earthquake that be fail the East African region this past weekend a killed several Tanzanians

  9. Tis a Glorious Day to Behold!
    Thank you Lord Jesus, God Almighty, for delivering unto us a Man of Peace to bring your Peace unto us.
    For, yea, we shall eat of your fruit of Peace and prosper.
    Guard us and protect us jealously, from our enemies who shall fall and be made into our footstool as you have promised us of old.
    Oh Great and Peaceful one, we Glorify and Magnify your Name over this Land. AMEN.

    • Uttering all those words with a clear conscience I guess? You better not be mocking others otherwise you will swallow those words faster than nshima and okra.

  10. @ HH waitaya you are crazy ala wankontola ibafu kunseko netuka lyobe .Kindly give me all you details so I can sent a lot of UPND customers. Hopefully you are fully stocked coz ba UPND abali muma shocko ebafulile.
    UPND hurry hurry while stock lusty


    Emperor, King, Prof., Dr., Hamangalo Hambali has been inaugurated this morning by the Chief Injustice Gremlin Bootkicker Mambala as the new President of the Republic of Dundumwezi. Amongst dignitaries who attended was Professor Bane Indolo to ensure that the function was legally constituted!!!!!!!!

  12. LUNGU will appoint a commission of inquiry to investigate post-election violence = He’ll hunt down UPND cadres one by one & charge HH & GBM with treason. Thats why DICTATORS have graced the inauguration ceremony. Those are LUNGU’s Wanna-bes
    LUNGU has warned public workers not to engage in any corrupt activities = He’s talking about himself, amassed K23Million in 1 year. He’s corrupted even the Judiciary. Kang-Court Judge Palan Mulonda is being rewarded with a job at USA embassy.
    LUNGU has also assured that there is no time for him to settle scores saying he has a lot on his table in terms of development = If you call IMF – SAP as development. The days of Chinese-backed road contracts are over. Didn’t u get the memo Mr. President?

  13. Congratulations Mr President and congratulations Zambia. Democracy is not easy in Africa but we are maturing @ fast rate especially in Zambia. Because we are a Christian nation God will always guide us because His grace & favour are sufficient for us. We don’t need mortal man to be an answer to our problems but hearts inspired by the Holy Spirit to work for the common good of Zambia, Africa, the world & God’s Kingdom. God Bless Zambia & God Bless you President Lungu!

  14. HH will never be president of Zambia. After Lungu, the potential presidents include Nawakwi, Kambwili, Lubinda, Kalaba, Mutati, and others.

  15. This type of leading Zambia has already been achieved by KK and Chiluba.KK fought for Zambia’s Independence While Chiluba ushered this eara of Democracy this was all political. What Zambia needs most is Economic liberation and NOT Political liberation being celebrated over and over like today. If No economic liberation is achived Institutions like IMF will continue putting poor countries like Zambia under there control.Nations like China will continue getting resources from Africa.and Africans will continue living in abject poverty.

  16. All those who are talking IMF, we understand you have no good wishes for Zambia for as long as Zambia is not being governed by your small god Hakaivotela Humwine. You have been wishing Zambia evil ever since we started rejecting the tribal under 5 regional cult. We will overcome all the evils name of Jesus.
    And for all none Tongas in UPND, you are no longer needed. You will feel the segregation now that your services for helping getting votes from other provices are no longer needed except for GBV until his coffers are depleted by one selfish, arrogant boy.

    • PLEASE note that IMF comes into a country by invitation only. KK “divorced” IMF until he was forced to invite it again when the economy deteriorated. If the price of copper was to increase by magic we would not need IMF. That is the price you pay for being a mono economy. Look at Venuazuela (sp). The queues I see are even worse than the ones in KK’s time. There is this guy called Charles Blow, a CNN political commentator who has an uncanny resemblance to Frank Bwalya.

    • @Kci, It’s becoz u were not born or too young to remember when IMF Structural Adjustment Plan left so many Zambian homes in disaster. Ask your daddy or uncle.

      People were retrenched.

      Kwacha bled

      There were food shortages, food riots

      People died

      Our sisters/mothers were forced to prostitute their bodies to make ends meet.

      IMF is a BLACK-MAMBA, it should not be played with. Only a STYOPET VISIONLESS LEADER can invite IMF back

  17. This is a very sad day for Zambia. A dark cloud will hang over Zambia for the next five years. It is crystal clear Lungu and his supporters have no respect for the law. Zambia is now a country permeated by corruption where illegal practices have become legal and where people have accepted that fact as being normal way of life. The objective here is to continue to steal government money. However, something has to give: public services will worsen, the economy will get into stagflation or already has and households will be devastated. I rest my case.

    • what do you mean by alleging that “Lungu and his supporters have no respect for the law”? Please cite any particular court ruling they have gone against to substantiate your allegation.

  18. Ungasalile, congratulations Mr President and Ima Inonge. Haterrrrrrrrrrs will hateeeeeee sign off. My business is done I have closed my blog. NJOKA Siyenda NAMWANA till 2021 God bless you all. Saulos love you mate meet you at PF victory celebration. Kikikikikikikikikiki


  20. Congrants Mr. President. Please continue being humble and we will continue supporting you. We love you and God richly bless you.

  21. CJ Irene Mambilima & her deputy have refused to swear in LUNGU.

    He has been “sworn in” by a Registrar of the Courts. Constitution clearly states only CJ or deputy shall swear in a president, not a Registrar!!

    Lack of rule of law is sign of a failed state. kikikikiki

  22. Its time to make money when everyone else is busy politicking and kwacha is weakening then export business is good. Too much politicking lets get back to serious business. A country was not developed by politicians but collective individuals taking advantage of good government policies.
    Let those who are lining up for government appointments continue their business as well….some will be happy and majority naturally will wait for ever. That’s the name of the game.

  23. Kawalala sworn as President illegally!! LT, why are you NOT telling us who swore President Lungu? It is so embarrassing that you have deliberately or conveniently chosen NOT to tell us that Lungu was NOT sworn into office by the Chief Justice or her Deputy.
    Everyone knows that Mambilima was NOT going to swear Lungu into office because she knows that Lungu lost the election!

    • You live in Germany and you could not have a reliable net streaming the inauguration live!? the chief justice herself *****!!!

  24. Could we have a commission of enquiry why only two heads of state came. We know they can’t all come and will send representatives but we need to find if they were all busy to have shunned our occasion.

    • @Bridget. You scared them with your violence in Namwala and your senseless and endless petitions and your vows from not to allow the inauguration to proceed. Even me as a Zambian was apprehensive that something might go wrong. If you were as brave as Arab Muslims a suicide bomber would have sacrificed his life. Thankfully Zambians are cowards. Have the courage of your convictions.

  25. Sadly, most people insulting HH and GBM are people who have nothing. These men you are insulting don’t go to bed hungry but I guess most of you do, at least looking through your profiles some of you have no stable jobs. Guess what these two have been fighting your corners, all they are saying is that if they could do it in Zambia under the circumstances, they can do better in trying to improve you as people. How ignorant can one be. HH is a millionaire or Billionare by your Zambian standards, he has not lost, but you have, FIVE more years of ‘Pamela’ doh.

    You are just showing your ignorance by your vulgar languages, I am sure to some of you HH and GBM are of your parents’ age, tamwafundwa mebana mwe.

  26. It is time to move on. There are no losers and no winners. No need to insult one another just because we hold divergent political views. If we work hard as individuals to develop our country we will all be winners. May God bless this great nation for our sake and that of future generations.

  27. It is done, time to start working now and stay focused we are going to make it to our fellow UPND please lets work together and develop our nation congratulations to Mr Lungu and Inonge Wins

  28. @Maloza am not sure you are following events in the region, RSA has a disaster a mine collapsed killing many, ANC is in shambles so they asked the man we call the High Commissioner to help, as for TZ we know the issues there with the earthquake so east African community head a meeting, I could go on, but I wont its people like you that hurt the process of lets go forward 2021 is not far for now we have ECL we now await his cabinet tomorrow since he has a lot of time to reflect

    • @Denis nio:
      You can tell us a million excuses but that will NOT do even in a million years! Before we go far, can you tell us why Mambilima and Mwanamwambwa didnt grace the swearing in ceremony – it is their statutory duty which they didn’t perform today and we need an explanation from Lungu Ar.se lickers like you!!
      Zuma or his Vice could have easily afforded a 1 hour flight amidst their busy schedules to celebrate with their compatriot and so could John Magufuli.
      However, the fact remains that Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia and many other African countries take their Democracy seriously and cannot entertain the stupidity surrounding the stolen elections. Even Nigeria that usually attends such occasions stayed away! Lungu know there are problems AHEAD – shut your Ar.se up!!

  29. The Constitution of Zambia says:
    Article 105 (1) The president-elect shall assume office after being sworn in by the Chief Justice or, in the absence of the Chief Justice, the Deputy Chief Justice.

    So tell us who swore the president?
    Lungu and the Inonge,
    kindly let us know?? Because if anyone else did, its treasonable, both ECL and the one who swore have both committed a treasonable crime.

    Just wait for the time bomb.


  30. But Please help me here. Why was the Chief Justices or his Deputy not inaugurating the President and the running mate as per article 105(1) of the Constitution? The constitution allows any other legal personnel to take up this duty only in absence of the Chief and the Deputy. To my surprise both were present. Me am now suspicious. I don’t want to support blindly. I have to find out. I must have real answers.

    • Me too – surprised. No PF Cadre has any other answers either! Given the virtues of Mambilima, I know she is never impressed with the behaviour of Zambian Politicians would never let herself do an illegality!
      Everyone is asking the same question and I am sure even Lungu is NOT amused by the turn events. In fact it is 2 middle fingers up to Lungu by the CJ and DCJ!!

  31. Zambian has gone to the dogs, as long as you have money in your pocket, you can get away with murder. Coz the judicial system is rotten and corrupt. What a failed system. Corruption is the order of the day. I hope you starve to death and let ECL enjoy

  32. Some trolls on here did not watch the inauguration and still contend that CJ was not present. I wonder whose signature I was admiring on the oath of office papers if not Justice Mambilima’s.

    Someone needs me to send them the pictures..?


    • Btw, I just loved William Ruto’s speech at the state lunch. Sharp and to the point. He followed exactly what the President stressed in his inauguration speech.

      Bravo brother…

    • @Vizungu nio:
      Dont cheat us that you know Mambilima’s signature – you are a big liar! Yes, she attended the inauguration BUT she didnt swear any Rat or Caterpillar – Charles Kafunda did. What kind of an ID.IOT are you that cant even be honest to yourself? It was made clear yesterday and even reported on this on-line paper that Irene Mambilima was NOT going to swear Lungu into office! Remember, she has a more serious Duty of upholding the the constitution than Lungu already has a criminal record as a criminal as an ex convict!
      Just explain the ambiguous deeds of non deeds of the Chief Justice at that ceremony – it is as simple as day and light.

  33. Welcome to dundumwezi sir. Visit all the schools, agric sheds, roads, clinics, vet clinics, poverty in homes and convince yourself if that 200 votes where even neccesary. We are not consumers but producers who have never torelated poverty, who are free to say no when things are bad. We vehemently said no to kk wamuyayaya mentarity when things where bad but alas others wanted to ignore the poverty they were subjected in. Dundumwezi uprising was a real reaction to the growing insecurity in homes.

  34. Lungu is the worst hypocrite at his level. Pretending to be a humble man, a democrat, a peace lover and pretends to be against tribalism and violence.
    In his 43-minute rhetoric he said among other things that ‘there will be a commission of inquiry into the post election violence part of the country’. That’s fair enough but one wonders why he did not call for a commission of inquiry into the violence at Mulungushi where his violent supporters following his orders put Sampa’s life in danger and followed it by damaging his property. Through that violence he went on to be president.
    He started sarcastic mockery of the Tongas calling them bakachema and his lieutenants Mumbi Phiri and Davies Chama continued the kachema ridicule at every opportunity.
    In Eastern Province while campaigning…

  35. (Continued from 49 above)
    While campaigning for an easterner in Chipata last year the ‘humble’ Lungu publicly declared that the easterner must be voted for and not an outsider. This was clearly the Wako ni wako tribalism at work.
    Lest anyone forgets, Lungu and his PF have said without shame that Southern province, Barotse and NW Province will be denied government development for not voting for Lungu/PF. One wonders whether this lot use their brains before making such primitive statements. Have Zambia’s financial resources meant for the development of the whole nation become Lungu’s personal wealth kept in his pockets to use as he pleases? The damage he has done in the past 18 months will be like nothing compared to what is to come in his next 5 years, so severe that even his…

  36. The chief justice refused to swear lungu in…..only mugabe showed and Ian kama by virtue of being sadac head.

    Ati even the dove refused to fly……that is what stealing does you end up paying

  37. AThe President of Zambia has been sworn in, amidst speculations of a disputed legitimacy?? He seems to be enjoying every moment, and it’s time we call upon him, to work with the United Nations Security Council, USA, UK, AU, ICC, and other International organization to hold his members accountable for the crimes against humanity they inflicted on us, and to help him reform the dysfunction in all Zambian state institutions. I urge the President to disband the LAZ, as its relevance is non e is tent but most Zambian lawyers are responsible for abusing the court process and running organized criminal syndicates amongst state institutions. To me it is a criminal organization which has failed to hold its bandits accountable for the banditry inflicted on us.

    Corruption in Zambia is…

  38. Who swore in the forged president ECL. If any other person did other than the CJ of the Deputy CJ then not only the votes that were stolen but also the presidency which is treasonable together with the one who swore him have to be tried for these serious offences

  39. @46.3, chilyata. What is the matter with you? Stephen Kafunda was doing the announcements and the rites but he did it in the name of the Chief Justice if your ears were blocked. More importantly she is is the one who signed the papers and I saw her hand and writing with my own eyes. I was actually telling my aunt that Inonge Wina’s sugnature was so short like an initial whereas the one for Chief Justice Mambilima was long and legalistic. This is what happens to people whose sole objective is to find faults in others: they cannot see finer detail.

  40. The President of Zambia has been sworn in, there is no other His Excellency the President. If you are still dreaming HH, know that he is not the President, and he now has more important things to attend to than politics. HH is now busy compiling his legal bills which will not be less than K3million, his debts for the campaigns and good .

    • And that has made you happy? With a clear conscience you will sleep….. not after stealing. It’s a matter of time before the accussing spirit sets in. It can’t be silenced not even the best if sedatives. People have ended in mental institutions as a result of it. You’ll wish you hadn’t helped rig the elections when it stirs your conscience. No one is immune from it. Anyways, as for me, my president is HH and not the imposter.

  41. The one who stole is hh see how God has punished him losing 5 times. From the courts now he went to Aljazzera to cry. How many people in Dudumwezi watch Aljazzera

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