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RTSA orders for re-test of 200 driver licence applicants


Road Transport and Safety Agency has ordered for a re-test of 200 Driver Licence applicants for not following the procedure in obtaining Drivers Licences between January and March 2016.

The move is pursuit to the provisions of section 68. (1)) (c) of the Road Traffic Act No.11 of 2002, which states that Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Act, the Director may—(c) order a fresh driving test by a driving examiner in the case of any holder of a driving licence who appears to the Director to be so deficient in driving ability as to be a source of danger to the public, and if the licence holder fails to pass such test, the Director shall revoke that person’s licence.

From the forgoing, the Agency has since ordered for a retest of the said driver licence applicants and have since withheld such Driver Licences from distribution.

The Driver Licence Cards will only be issued to the applicants upon undertaking a fresh driving test.
The Agency has further urged members of the public to follow the right procedure when accessing services from the RTSA.

The RTSA has since put in place corrective measures to address such challenges.

The Agency is currently implementing a project with the Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) to populate and publicise RTSA services to the general public so as to encourage members of the public to follow the right procedure.

The RTSA staff are equally being trained in integrity and corporate governance programmes so as to deliver RTSA services free from corruption.

The RTSA is also concerned with an increase of impersonation of RTSA officers in order to extort money from members of the public.

The RTSA would also want to warn members of the public that will be found impersonating RTSA Officers that they will be prosecuted according to the law and those that use agents will be made to restart the process of Driver Licence examination upon discovery of such dealings.

This is according to a press statement issued by RTSA Head of Public Relations Frederick Mubanga.


  1. The move is very good, let all the 200 drivers be retested .I see a lot of mistakes on the road when I drive every day, some drivers drive too fast and they do not know where to go even where to turn as a result they cause traffic jam because they were in wrong lane. Please offices do the right thing .Remember to be faithful at all time as you are aware we are just strangers here on earth but our permanent place is where the Lord our Lord Jesus Christ has gone to prepare for each one of us. The Kingdom of God is for those who trust and do right things, seek the kingdom of God first, then all that you want will follow you.
    Best Regards

    • what could you have done, make suggestions not only condemning. wise people see oppotunities for improvement when things are not going on well.

  2. Pathetic pf government. Full of failures and corrupt structures. Things are only going to get worse. Don’t say nez didn’t warn you. I now currently in ibiza on holiday enjoying my life. Good luck

    • Thanks for the help out there in Ibiza! but real issues need to be addressed back home and people are dying on Zambian roads because of the incompetent corrupt cops, but now lets get drivers tested and educated and just maybe we don’t have to see a bus full of school kids die on their way to sports day. You need to start somewhere and this is it! It seems that dununa skonkey really hurt yeah? Get with the program ECL is the President of the Government of The Republic of Zambia and Ministers are being appointed while you enjoy Ibiza work needs to get done at home! Maybe next time you can take your family to Nsobe and camp out under African skies its a thrilling experience! get on board or Sela! Elections are over its time to work!

  3. The action amounts to abuse of authority. Its not the applicants who are corrupt but rtsa itself. If the ststem is showing that the applicants qualified, then the decision to award the linceses is final
    i would urge the applicants to sue the director in the court of law, the applicants should ensure that rtsa should prove beyond all reasonable doubt that corrupt elements took place. Let rtsa produce those corrupt officials before the court. Corruption is conducted betwween two parties. Zambians knows that rtsa have the habit of failing applicants so that a back door method os employed. Well trained drivers have been failed at ratsa.

    • Boss the fact of the matter is that the issue has been rectified that there is movement to correct the matter. The accidents have been high for country like Zambia and if its ok with you before more people die because an ***** cant indicate or flips a bus loaded with families because he is overworked and peddle happy, lets start with those first 200 and try to stay alive and protect our citizens on the roads.
      I am not minister of transport or state house advisor but if this is the first route I have faith clean house will be next already some officers where arrested for selling fake licenses. Control the bleeding clean the wound and patch it up you heal better and that’s the difficult task of curbing corruption and with the issue as sensitive as road safety you have to start somewhere…

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