Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Commission of Inquiry cheap politicking – HH


HH speaking to Journalists outside the Cathedral
UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has described as cheap politicking, President Edgar Lungu’s recent announcement that he will institute a Commission of Inquiry into the recent election related violence.

Speaking from his residence in Lusaka, Mr. Hichilema said that Zambians are aware that PF under Mr. Lungu have been cheat architects of violence.

He cited the killing of UPND members in the past elections as one sure way that President Edgar Lungu is a chief warlord.

Meanwhile, Mr Hichilema has called on the nation to remain strong amidst what he called justice mischief.

He also called on UPND members across the country not lose hope saying the battle for a free Zambia has just begun.

And Mr. Hichilema has expressed confidence that justice over the alleged stolen victory from him and the people of Zambia shall truly come to pass.

He says having won the 2016 elections, he will not watch Zambians be taken for a ride anymore by unscrupulous individuals with dictatorial tendencies.

Mr. Hichilema further appealed to the country to oppose strongly any dictatorial tendencies such as the promotion of a one party state.

He says PF under Mr. Lungu has established a plan to turn Zambia into a one party state but that this will not be allowed to happen.


    • HH speaks with dignity and conviction.

      He speaks from his heart as well unlike robotic president lungu.

      Just a level headed head.
      We deserve better than lungu.



    • QUOTE: “Mr. Hichilema said that Zambians are aware that PF under Mr. Lungu have been cheat architects of violence….He cited the killing of UPND members in the past elections as one sure way that President Edgar Lungu is a chief warlord…”

      One would think that if what he is saying is TRUE, he would be the first to welcome such an INQUIRY so that PF can be put to SHAME for perpetuating the violence he is talking about. How can finding out the cause of electoral violence be politicking? Or is this the case of the “GUILTY ARE ALWAYS AFRAID?”

    • HH, are you trying to politick yourself?

      How can the commission of enquiry be cheap politicking when we have so many people who have been displaced following the past elections?

      Mr HH, do you value the life of those people or all that matters to you is getting to State House?

      You have told people that you want to serve people. But look, how do you claim desire to serve people when you are not moved by the displacement of people?

      You wouldn’t mind having the displacements repeat in future.

      In fact from the way you conducted yourself before, during and after elections, shows that you would have loved so see more confusion.

      That is why you say setting up an enquiry is cheap politicking.

    • continue…

      I understanding the ICC (International Criminal Court) have acknowledged receipt of the complaint filed by a Zambian Lawyer/Law firm on behalf of the DISPLACED PEOPLE following the violence that characterized SP and other UPND strongholds. I am sure this scares him to death. He knows EVIDENCE of high ranking UPND officials, including himself, COMPLICIT in the violence that took place will be unearthed, which in turn the ICC can use against him. This is the only plausible reason why one would be against such an inquiry.


    • @Yambayamba CHINIO:
      You monkey eater!! Those monkeys you have eaten have eroded your brains! Your Chief Rat eater was talking of ALLEGED POST (NOT PRE) ELECTION VIOLENCE (FICTION)! Mapenzi and many other UPND supporters were killed before the election so that enquiry wont cover them and that is what HH is saying here.
      You Mother Fuc.king Kaponyas don’t even understand what your leader says!!

    • @‘Arm Chair Critic’, please stop abusing and misusing words unnecessarily. Do you know what an ‘ethnic cleansing’ really means or you enjoy peace so much that you think these issues are just kids’ play.

      I think what HH is saying is that this commission of inquiry announced by Lungu is just hypocrisy and cheap propaganda. Do you really need a commission to investigate who the source of violence are?

      But I will tell you what? This may actually boomerang into Lungu’s face. This may be an opportunity to even reveal the election rigging evidence by Lungu and PF. Remember FTJ dragging Mmembe and The Post to court for calling him a ‘thief’?

    • HH ulekwatako nensoni, chimoneni, kafyone nefimina iwe mukukulu, bitterness teyakwangalilako yalakwipaya. You think every Zambian is with you. We,Zambians have spoken through the ballot and it is not Edgar Lungu who store your vote, we the people of Zambia store your vote by voting for the best man for the job,one Edgar Chagwa Lungu. The problem with you is that you over rated yourself and declared yourself the winner long before the election day. We know very well that you hate our president but sir,for the very last time swallow your pride and go back to your farm. You will never be the president of Zambia. That is the hard truth and a bitter pill for you to swallow.


    • Is UPND run from HH’s house? don’t they have a secretariat where these briefing sessions can be held? Or do their office stink of pain, hatred and vegence?

  1. The devil has awokened & its speaking!!! So if u say u won the 2016 elections, r u the President of the country? Were is yo cabinet – in yo living room? 5 yrs mo of yo muyaya leadership of yo bantustan party, that’s o u ve. 2021 Zedians will decide, again. So good lucky Mr wamuyaya tribal leader!!!

    • PF Dunderheads do you know what constitutes a genocide.Zambia is very far from that.At least 1000 people mostly from one ethnic tribe or race can constitute Genocide.ICC does not act on impulse but proof.The question is how many Bembas were killed in Namwala?The answer is Zero.

  2. Bitterness fo the next 5 yrs. Ukakota bwangu mine!! Nama blood pressure o heart complications efyoyamba. Viva wamuyaya, viva mu opposition!

    • @wilz nio:
      You Evil minded Ar.sewhore! You cant even feed your and your Grandmother AND you don’t even own the simple computer you are blogging from – so what the are you talking about. Even your Ar.sewhore Grandmother knows that Lungu, the convicted thief, stole HH’s vote and the case is still in courts! you Wilz and remember to put that in your mother’s smelly and slyme pus.sey! ID.IOT!!

  3. HH is a bad analyst of issues, this explains the delusional 10 point ” i will fix it”.
    He still want to ride on anger as a vehicle to state house despite the same failing him.
    He lost the ballot, time to use the energies on finding plans to improve on the gains he made and review the wrong decisions that didn’t do well.
    Hating is never going to work. Zambia is in need of a strong opposition and its time you grew up and stop crying like a baby and start doing the needful.

    • Kakoma Kanganja knows who murdered Mapenzi Chibulo in cold blood. What became of the Police Investigations on this Chawama shooting and murder? U don’t need a Commission of Inquiry on this murder becoz Kanganja already knows the murderers. PF thugs committing these murders and acts of violence are well known and in any they are armed,financed and deployed by PF. So why waste money on a useless Commission of Inquiry investigating what u already know. This is just a ploy to incriminate opposition supporters and leaders. Lungu wants to kill all Opposition Parties so that he can establish a One Party Dictatorship.

    • This guy is full of anger and hate. Talk of bitterness! This man is evil – he cannot even denounce his own supporters who displaced people in Namwala.
      Mumba is also something else – man of gold. Sour grapes! By the way has he died of hunger since he was on hunger strike until his accomplice’s petition is heard.

  4. This is very insulting to all sane Zambians because why does this buffoon lungu want an inquiry when he claimed that elections were fair and free. This was one of reasons he fought hard to prevent petition being heard. So today why does he want to inquire about violence. The same drunk told us before left for new York that he would tel world how peaceful Zambia is. So why inquire about violence you very dull lawyer

    • And why are y’all UPND losers so scared about this inquiry if you know it is only the PF that perpetuated all the violence? I can see someone being scared of what will come of the ICC complaint filed on behalf of the displaced people in Southern Province. This is why someone doesn’t want evidence of his complicit in the mayhem dag up!

      And if you want and need to blame anybody for the failure of your petition, blame your Martha Mushipe and Company. They really f**Ked their KALUSA CLIENT up!!!

    • So iwe Nez why don’t you want the inquiry. If you dont want the truth to be told tough because it will eventually be told. Just wondering are really on holiday??? Why cant you unwind and get away from it all. It has been rough for you and your president (ichilishilu). He will keep continue speaking from his veranda .

  5. Which, one party state lungu is trying to create??? its you HH who have created wamuyaya syndrome in UPND, more tham 10 years no party Conventional, No intra party democracy in UPND, Change is need in UPND,

    • Exactly! And when did UPND have elections to elect !d!ots like GBM? This guy just entices “pinheads” in his Party as leaders and imposes them on everybody else in the Party, yet he wants to pretend to be a fighter for Democratic values. Go figure!

  6. The president doesn’t need your approval to a point an inquiry kalusa. Just work on your loss and let big people handle big business. Its good you now know ecl is your president at least. So whatever the fear is , an inquiry is coming mwaiche

  7. I’m lost for words at this man’s ranting. But I can only think of one word to describe HH. He is showing signs of INSANITY. Surely how can he claim victory when he lost convincingly under the watchful eye of the whole world. He is the one who is a war lord in the making, but we Zambians will not give him as much as a chance. He is sick in the heart and needs healing. Take it up men of God!





  9. Ati “having won 2016 elections”!!!. Who told him. This guy will never cease to amaze people with his stupidity. Who told him that having won Dundumwezi guarantees presidency for the whole Zambia regardless of losing in all the other provinces. You need to have won in all the provinces baba. Not just Dundumwezi – ba Dundumwezi president. Stop dreaming or you will lose even the little sympathy some tribes have for you.
    This man can irritate people… what a retard for a president!

  10. President of the Sovereign Republic of Dundumwezi – His Excellency Halusa Hagain (Professor of begging to Constitutional Court to be heard after expiration of petition)

  11. So this means that not even one person in UPND thinks Hapitilila Hagain should resign? Surely, how can somebody who has lost so many elections not stand down? He talks about democracy but wants to be the Mugabe of political parties that never win elections? If he thinks that his recent behaviour will enable him to get to plot 1 in 2021 then he is sadly mistaken but I guess he is a bit like Mrs GBV who has now got accustomed to being pummeling by the husband – Hakalusa Hagain has got used to being pummeled by the electorate!

  12. HH, are you trying to politick yourself?

    How can the commission of enquiry be cheap politicking when we have so many people who have been displaced following the past elections?

    Mr HH, do you value the life of those people or all that matters to you is getting to State House?

    You have told people that you want to serve people. But look, how do you claim desire to serve people when you are not moved by the displacement of people?

    You wouldn’t mind having the displacements repeat in future.

    In fact from the way you conducted yourself before, during and after elections, shows that you would have loved so see more confusion.

    That is why you say setting up an enquiry is cheap politicking.

  13. The hatred shown towards HH’s simple expression of his opinion, a Democratic and human right, is the reason most of us from pre colonial Barotseland no longer believe in the One Zambia One Nation nonsense

    • Your HH is being childish, that’s the only reason people are on him. He needs to grow up and start acting like someone who has been to school and appreciates how Democracy works. He should for once emulate how Mazoka conducted opposition politics in UPND. Even how Sata made PF what it is today.

      UPND is older than PF and it should have formed Govt by now if it had leaders who think beyond regional politics and genuinely worked with others as compatriots. Not people they can use on their way to State House. This my dear friend, many a Zambia can see in Hichilema’s politics. The selection of GBM over Canisius Banda for Running Mate tells you everything you need to know about HH’s approach to politics—it is cunning and deceitful!

    • It’s not hatred. The majority of the bloggers are simply flabbergasted at this supposedly learned human beings lack of humanity, lack of analytical skills, and his refusal to face up to reality. He lost what more is there to say.

    • If HH is expressing his opinion against Lungu, then of course everyone here is expressing their opinion against HH.

      So why do you want to promote only the opinion of HH and not the rest of of the people who have decided to express their opinions above?

  14. So this means HH will still be trying again in 2021. You cannot lose all these times and still carry on. You stop appealing to people. He is the one creating a one party state because if Zambians voted like those from Dundumwezi, he would be nowhere.

    And, may be we need first past the post criteria. How can one be president with fewer MPs?

  15. HH, true your vote was stolen. Even these pretenders here hurling all sorts of insults at you know the truth. Please follow this matter up to the ICC and even beyond wherever possible so as to clear this issue. As a matter of fack their foo1ish president must have given you space to prove him wrong or right but all he is trying to do is cover up his asss as can be seen from what his foo1ish plans are! You may be wrong or right and you may not even succeed but nobody should stop you from proving that you won the elections. Everybody here hurling insults at you must leak their assses. for me you are a noble person. In other countries we would have had some war of some kind by now. to hell with all haters and thieves. Some people are born thieves. They will use all the monkey and rat tricks…

    • Lungu foolish? What reasoning is this? How do you turn out to be foolish when installed by the majority.Stop being delusional. Simply accept the fact, Lungu won. 80 plus pf MPs against your 50ish Upnd MPs will help you understand how it all adds up.

    • @hereigo what was your kakusa’s legal team doing in court in those 14 days given by the contitution?
      Did Kalusa & Fatty provide evidence or they were relying on the evidence from Martha Mushipe.
      Note that the petition was time bound so please close this chapter of ranting we are sick and tired of your childishness.

  16. Some people here in Zambia are naturally thieves. By inclination and by birth. They will use all the monkey and rat tricks to get whatever they want because they have the same traits as monkeys and rats. To hell with all thieves and HH haters. HH keep my words in your head and remember them. It is not about tribalism, it is about what these peopleI have alluded to above are capable of doing. HH you will be our President by 2017.

    • HH is a thief you should ask him how made the money he has hidden in foreign countries,if at all you watched BBC hard talk the man was grilled on how he made so much money in Zambia the chap couldn’t say a think.the people of copper belt lost relatives ,fathers all because of the part he played in the sale of mines,he really deserves what he is going through now,the God we save is very just and fair.very soon he will migrate to the other side of the town just like the rest of them thieves, who gave away our mines which our fore fathers fought hard to give them back to us,they were given back or sold for a song to the f….k..n capitalists whos interests is only to fatten themselves .You are very silly to call or relate your fellow country men to rats and monkeys, i…

    • A Bull which is weak and stupid. A bull which is always beaten in fights. it was beaten by Mwanawasa,RB, Sata and now the young rat ECL. what a bull.

      I have never seen a bull which is weak and always loosing fights to rats and monkeys. A bull always win fights but this bull is a weak Bull not worthy being called a bull. lol

    • The Trueth you are very right in fact it is impotent, if ever there is such a thing for bulls. If he is the only impotent bull then he deserves the Guinness record. He is even scared of having some sort of election in his party. He decides everything and answers for all his party members. His supporters are so in awe of him that they can’t envision the party without him. How sad

  17. Simple thing that should get every PF cadre and Edgar Lungu worried is:
    1) darkness vs light – light eventually triumphs
    2) Truth vs Lies – truth eventually triumphs

    These are facts not myths. Let’s wait and watch!! Enjoy yourselves for now.

    • We ain’t scared. HH had unrestricted 14 days to show us his overwhelming evidence which he failed to do. It is bad for both sides that he failed to do that because we would have judged for ourselves. But for him to be given 4 more days was unconstitutional.

    • You you are telling us that HH is darkness?

      He has always been defeated.

      Light does not fail to defeat darkness. It is darkness the fails to triumph.

      ECL has triumphed over HH twice. It can’t be true that HH is placed on the side of light. I have never seen darkness that triumph over light, thus by you analogy ECL must be on the side if light.

  18. Zambia is bigger than all of us. Please start thinking right.. ”And Stop telling your people to stay strong”. There is nothing to stay strong for. “That stay strong message is a serious subliminal tool.” You can only use it when you are being abused, in captivity or oppressed., When an individual has to find a way to escape for fear of death, Now Zambia is not under siege……. He should say to his supporters to focus on unity, acceptance and support the current president and its governance.. Mr. HH should start preparing him self for 2021, if his heart and intentions are in the right place, he might be the next president of this land. STOP WITH THE TRIBALISM PEOPLE. FROM WHERE AM STANDING ,RACISM AND TRIBALISM ARE NOT DIFFERENT.ITS ONLY THE COLOUR OF THE SKIN THAT IS DIFFERENCE…

  19. SO PLEASE WE ARE ALL ZAMBIANS. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAN.. We all never applied to God , to be Zambians, he decided for us..

  20. So what are you afraid of HH? Hehehehe this guy does not read the ground? Last week he called on Zambians to rise against the government. Not a single Zambian has responded or will respond. The ones from UPND have put a condition that he should put his wife and children at the forefront of any rebellion or rebel activity before they join. What does that tell HH? Nothing, bwcause he cannot read the sentiments on the ground, he is totally unconnected to the people.

  21. Stolen election … stolen election … stolen election. This is Master HH’s best selling song since time immemorial. Problem is, HH declares himself winner before elections. Here, listen to him: (1) We have already won this election, declares HH as he calls Bishop Chomba a scam, a cheat and a rogue Bishop January 9, 2015;(2)Without rigging, I would have won by 33,000 votes, insists HH January 30, 2015 (3) UPND will easily win 2016 Elections -HH October 30, 2015 (4) I won’t concede defeat, I’m the winner, PF stole my vote-HH January 29, 2015 (5) UPND Constitution allows HH to be a party President till he wins the general election February 4, 2015. But for lack of space, the tears can fill the Kariba Dam. Point is … for as long as HH continues to blame others for his loses, this won’t…


    • @29 JAY JAY LOW
      Zimbabwe is an extremely sad story. Today, Robert Mugabe has become a liability even to himself; the monster having being created, not by himself, Mugabe, but by the army. They deified and idolized him.

  23. You are a true leader. You had the option to go to the streets, but you chose the civilised route. We were all let down by the unprecedented thuggery and corruption in our public offices, particularly the justice delivery system. Viva HH. Posterity will judge you as a gallant fighter and courageous democrat. When all the voices were silenced including the church, you remain the lone voice of sanity and reason. We are all let down by the huge numbers of people vociferously embracing mediocrity and injustice.It wont be long. Justice will prevail.VIVA HH

  24. Kalusa is back. gearing for the seventh loss. Six elections have been stolen from him so far. Why cant he learn how to hide his victories beyond the reach of the thieves.

    • lol.. akose mambala ….alechimona. this HH cracks me i mean,if he is very rich like the way his followers or his Minions portray him to be.let him set up industries in that way he can contribute to the development of this great National as he will be able to create employment for the masses .But am sure he does not think in those lines because i hear the guy is very greedy..

  25. The commission of inquiry is designed to recommend the return to one party dictatorship as a means of “stopping” this deliberately engineered political violence. Then PF will bribe a few MPs and pass a constitutional ammendment in parley. Don’t dismiss this as cheap politics. It’s a calculated move. Be vigilant!

    • Dont alarm people we have passed that stage..we are not in the 70s anymore UNIP had its own reasons for that…..Visit a library and do a research on that may be you will understand why it was done

    • Alarming who? And Which Library. How old where you in the 70s. Shaa! Who ever imagined we would go be back to the banning of Newspapers (The Post) and independent Media outlets Muvi TV, radio Komboni and ITT after FTJ promotion of Freedom of Speech. Tearing down of campaign posters, maiming ad killing of political opponents. Which opposition leader was ever locked up on tramped up charges under MMD. Not even UNIP (after the introduction of multi-party politics) went to the extents that Lungu’s PF has gone to in rampling on peoples’ rights, just to retain power. Again Shaaa!

    • Yes cos am waiting to take over spokesperson for Upnd. This guy NEZ has failed in his propaganda because of his tendency for insults and deafness.

  26. This nez guy is surely a blind guy who analyzes things just as a blind person.HH YOU lost purely and you are still dreaming of victory.wait for the icc to visit you.You are scared of the commission of inquiry,the big one is on the way.

    • Pathetic little cockroach you are. Can you please tell me who was attacking who during elections. Can you tell me which party’s member was killed in day light by overzealous pf police. You think we are kids who easily fall for lungu political gimmicks m. Grow up and for once be truthful to yourself. Silly cuuunt

    • Pathetic little roach you are. Can you please tell me who was attacking who during elections. Can you tell me which party’s member was killed in day light by overzealous pf police. You think we are kids who easily fall for lungu political gimmicks m. Grow up and for once be truthful to yourself. Silly kunt

  27. Brother HH, Who told you that you can rule the nation when 6.5 Provinces rejected you what a wishful thinking. Currently votes are counted on polling stations and your people told the results just as PF people sent their results at totaling centres. So your PVT and Movie TV cheated you. STOP CRYING OVER SPILT MILK. And mind you next election in 2021 you won’t be KAMUNYAMATA, YOU WILL BE CONSIDERED USELESS. THE WAY YOU USED TO CALL THE LATE MCS.

  28. The campaigns are over long time ago ECL is in New York attending the UN General Assembly with other dignitaries. Inonge Mutukwa Wina is Acting President ruling. Indeed it might appear like politicking to you are yours sir truth is we villagers of Maala have not forgotten how we were displaced and speared because we voted against you and since you think the Commission of Inquiry is a waste of time we are proceeding to the ICC you will dance ‘aleyisa’ for crimes against humanity. Lastly we know you issue empty threats you vowed to sue KBF we are still waiting. You are a laughing stock you thought elections are won by feting diplomats at your home? Wake up u are not street wise.

  29. Us in UPND have nothing to be ashamed of. We won the election cleanly and clearly, but victory was robbed from us by vicious thugs who connived with thieving immoral judges. Bitter as it may, we have to move on like my dearly beloved President HH has said. This government of crooks shall collapse as it has no moral basis to build upon. All we can do for now is to work harder and stronger; build on the spirit of intellectual excellence as opposed to cadre-rism and mediocrity our opponents are good at. Let us show the hoodlums that we more advanced than them by working truthfully based on the principle of tolerance and wisdom. Time will soon vindicate us, since only time is the witness of the truth.

    • People never learnt from history Old Man Sata was in the same boat fighting for years but by the time he won…the man was depleted and his body could not continue anymore.

    • Osman
      I agree with you
      You won the elections in 4 Provinces. namely:
      1: Watchdog
      2: Tumfweko.
      3: 360?
      4: Facebook
      The one who won elections was sworn in on Tuesday. 13th September, 2016, and it is no other than Edgar Chagwa Lungu

    • @37 Osman
      To allow yourselves robbed of victory is too costly an undertaking. You should be ashamed that you allowed it to happen. You are yet to understand politics. It’s a dirt game.

    • True. Your colleagues (PF) know that politics is a dity game and so they play like that. UPND you wanted to play clean and you lost. You had better realise that monkey and rat tricks can cost you.

  30. The moment ECZ refused to barge on choosing an Arab firm to print ballot papers is the time you would have excused yourselves BUT your sturborness got the best of you….who in their right mind would trust an Arab.
    Now you are crying like a baby and will have to wait 5 more years watching the shambles…just go to court and get more seats for your MPs before they turn on you.

  31. The only prophecy that suit all UPND Carders and HH would go as follows; ” I see men and Women in Red with someone who appears to be there leader identified by one letter “H” this letter is said twice “HH”, these people have just lost an election and have gone into an overdrive of self destruction. They are morning of the loss and are saying almost anything to seek sympathy from anyone but nothing is coming forth. They might plot something but they are being watched even from within there ranks, they might claim God is on their side but that is all self delusional. if they go on at this rate they all may have severe heart Attacks”

  32. Zimbabwe was once better than Zed.

    Mugabe was once loved more than Edgar.

    The judiciary in Zimbabwe was once unrivalled in Central Africa for its independence and judicial activism making a pale shadow of Zambian judiciary.

    ZANU-PF was once the embodiment of the people’s struggle more than PF.

    The Zimbabweans were once much much more united around common purpose and leadership than Zambians.

    But Mugabe like Edgar and ZANU-PF like PF were the poisoned chalice of that once great nation where today due to Mugabe_ZANU-PF tribalism, corruption, looting, intolerance and gross mismanagement Zimbabwe is a pariah banana outlaw failed State.

  33. HH always reacts to what ECL does or say. He does not bring new ideas to the table. ECL has moved on. He met all his elected MPs the following day after inauguration. HH have you met your MPs? Have you sat down to map up the direction of your party?

  34. Stupid fool. This treason nonsense has been tried before by dean mungomba who ended up in detention. so will you, we kapuba. pf has a very big majority in parliament, how can they steal your vote with 93 mps. walaponoka chabe tulabeko we mbwa iwe.

  35. Fact check:
    1. Nazis and their remnants are still running and being prosecuted
    2. Rwanda genocite organiser are still being prosecuted and followed where ever they run to
    3. Obama is president of US today despite white supremacy and opposition
    4. A thief shall know peace all the days of his life as he is pursued even by his own shadow.

    Enjoy wisely!

  36. It doesn’t who was killed and who killed who, we need healing. Only a Devil worshiper will be against this inquiry and unless you’re afraid that the buck will stop at your door step you will not assist.

  37. Now he has nothing to say and no court to run to. He is just hallucinating ati I won. How did you win when even the police you showed us with upnd placards are ready to arrest you if you do or say anything st.upid. JUST SHUT UP AND MPOURN YOUR LOSS BABA. You look miserable and drained even of wisdom

  38. Power and the law are not synonymous. In truth they are frequently in opposition and irreconcilable. There is God’s Law from which all equitable laws of man emerge and by which men must live if they are not to die in oppression, chaos and despair. Divorced from God’s eternal and immutable Law, established before the founding of the suns, mans’s power is evil no matter the noble words with which it is employed or the motives urged when enforcing it.

    Men of good will, mindful therefore of the Law laid down by God, will oppose governments whose rule is by men, and, if they wish to survive as a nation they will destroy that government which attempts to adjudicate by whim or power of venal judges. – Cicero


  40. @Yambayamba
    When are you going to celebrate the stolen victory or is it that you are not yet sure whether to celebrate or to wipe off the real winners? PF supporters ALWAYS ARE SHALLOW MINDED, why?

  41. I’m not a politician & never interested in politics. However I’m left wondering how someone can claim victory when all his councillors in Lusaka lost. What type of brain does this person called HH has?

  42. If you read the insulting comments from HH’s nephews such as chilyata and buckteeth it shows why these blood thirsty animals were rejected by normal thinking Zambians and why they alongside their Hungry Hyena uncle will never rule this peaceful land.

    Chilyata and co keep taking you BP medication bafikeze! Your uncle HH will soon appear in Guiness Book of World Records as the biggest Presidential faliure in the recent history of the world!

  43. Chilyata nio, or is chilyata nyo in his language?

    What amuses me about you guys is that your vice president and running mate is bemba and yet you still insult bembas. Ati monkey eaters, are you reading this GBM?

  44. So Mr HH, so now you will spend your days responding? 60 months is a long time ka. You can use it more productively writing your memoirs because for you the Presidency is now out of the question. Sorry Chilyata something-in-tonga, but those are facts.

  45. This pathetic under 5 party president is a threat to our one Zambia one nation Moto. He is brain washed his supporters to believe that he is alpha and omega. Please HH grow up and stop those fake claims. Zambia is bigger than anyone of us.

    • @Chimps:
      Just put that into your filthy and some of it in your stale Grandmother’s ancient and smelly pu.ssey that puked you!! There is no cure for Kaponya – you Rat and Caterpillar eater!

  46. @52. Silly ass. History is not made on three provinces. Its insurrection by the minority like rwanda, biafra in nigeris, sudan. You. Cant rule zed with 50 mps against 93 mps. What of gvt is that? Its only in your foolish brain.

  47. LT, please show us the latest picture of HH? Has he developed wrinkles yet as a product of bitterness? Is he losing weight because of misery? Please show us the picture, we need to document how he is wasting. This is surely slow suicide, in a few months when he no more they should not claim.that he was poisoned. This bitterness is as good as taking doom, maybe in low doses but the end result is the same: sure death. When it comes don’t even blame HIV, those live longer these days.

    • that imbecile you call your mother or father because with its ugliness it is hard to tell whether it is a woman or man, will actually die before HH. You are forgetting that with the poverty in zambia your life expectancy is lower compared to a man like HH who lives a far much better life than you or your great grandchildren will ever live. poor chap

  48. HH what a loser! He never sees anything good in what others do or say. Interestingly there is not a single thing or several that he has said or done that has delivered victory to him, not even his rantings in court with his lawyers. Now is that the kind of person rational people would pay attention to?

  49. It is time for UPND to start planning for 2021. Here are my suggestions:
    (1) Conduct a balanced postmortem of the party’s 2016 performance,
    (2) Show that there is democracy in UPND by allowing eligible and interested individuals to stand for the party leadership positions,
    (3) Plan and hold a convention to either confirm or elect new leadership to lead the party in the 2021 election, (4) Ensure UPND is active in all the provinces of Zambia
    (5) Ensure that in 2021 rejects from other parties do not hijack the leadership

  50. Politics 101 – Zambia and Immaturity Political Leadership

    1. Which party comprises 99.9% Tongas? Ans. UPND
    2. Which party do not know how congratulate a winner? Ans. UPND.
    3. Which party exhibits witch-hunting tactics? Ans. UPND. It believed ballots were pre-marked, refused they were not to accept the result even before elections were done! They hunted for ECZ trucks even when the trucks were carrying toilet tissues.
    4. Which party refused its vice to take over the presidency “because he was not Tonga?” Ans. UPND – denied Sakwiba Sikota to take over after the death of Mazoka because he was told he was not Tonga!

  51. Politics 101 – Zambia and Immaturity Political Leadership, ctd

    5. Which party did a “window dressing of its leadership” with a Bemba thinking Bembas would be as tribal as them and elect this regional party by virtue of putting a Bemba as VP? Ans. UPND. They learned that other regions cannot be duped and are inclusive.
    6. Which party went to court buying time and amending their complaints every time to play delaying tactics? Ans. UPND.
    7. Which party displaced and destroyed properties of other ethnic groups? Ans. UPND Tongas attacked other people different from them (see photos on this blog).

  52. Politics 101 – Zambia and Immaturity Political Leadership, ctd

    8. Which party will NEVER win an election in Zambia in its current form? Ans. UPND.
    9. Which party comprises people who are in denial of the loss of the election? Ans. The Tonga Party. The have a minority MPs and still believe they won the election.
    10. Which party does not understand that to win an election you have to win in majority of provinces in Zambia? UPND.

  53. hh yo b.alls, the problem with you tongas you think you Zambia belongs to you and even when you do stupid things for you its fine. How many people where displaced from Southern province. How many people where displaced in Luapula northern eastern Lusaka central! Tongas stop reasoning like Arabs.

  54. PF stop insulting Tongas. You are the worst tribalists. No wonder Zambia is now a failed state. Thugs in control of the nation and the country is doomed.

  55. You tell me, how many people where displaced in Eastern province for voting for upnd…Tongas Zambia is not Animal farm and we are all equal . Please you are not special then other tribes, Who told you that you tongas are the owners of this great nation. Have you ever thought if others had to conduct themselves the way you tongas did by displacing people some of these stupid things you do stop. Do you know how many families got displaced…Foolish.

  56. Mwanya all tribalists who hate HH for nothing,HH is not tribalistic as you think simply because he hails from a tribe you don’t like .it’s your pf and kadrunken master who is a chief tribalist .mwanya under Lungu kunfokoka pamala,kunya menshi,dununa reverse, poverty, starvation and regret 4 five yes.People don’t hate pf but lungu who has plunged the whole entire nation in automatic reverse gear.just watch the space failing to pay civil servants,borrowings for consumption

  57. HH you say many up nd members were killed by pf can you name them apart from that girl who was insulting police officers.upnd have killed pf cadres. The man who defected from up nd in chongwe, the man who tried to rescue that lady teacher in sinazongwe, the man in NP. HH you are such a liar. Go and face your friends in your party and be challenged you dictator. You are not that poular nobody stole your votes.

  58. Well come 2021 August people Zambia lets vote and make sure we give PF a lead by 50000 vote so that kalusa can start petioning again it was nice drama to watch
    Please rest a bit 2021 is very far

  59. HH failed to present the evidence in 14 days true but the proceeding were full of lies even you all pretenders here know that. Umulandu taubola. Yes if you fall once, do not fall forever. If you know exactly what you want you will fall more than once and rise more than once to get that which you think is right. So all yo foo1s here stop saying HH failed to present in 14 days because HH will rise again. Kikikikiki.

    • How true is it that HH paid some polling officers and some ECZ officials to rig election results? If it is true and things did not work out according to the scheme, this explains the man’s bitterness. Can someone comment please.

  60. Iam still waiting for tongas to tell me, How many people where displaced from eastern province for voting for upnd. This is not a laughing matter because if you do a wrong thing and you are not remorseful ….than its a big problem.

  61. The right thing to do please investigate; that is what we expect from the president.
    You can not allow the wrong to stay in hiding, don’t leave any stone un turned. Why did they display so much hatred for other people.
    No one was misplaced in seven other provinces, there must be something these people preached, they need to be checked.

  62. Hakainde can not see wrong for what his people in Southern Province did after the 2016 elections. Was that normal! Suppose people in other provinces did the same to the Tongas in those areas, doesn’t he know that it was going to erupt into Rwanda incidence. This boy HH is NOT ok up stairs. He needs to be checked at Chainama. No wonder most of his meetings are held near the mental hospital so that for anything he can receive treatment.

  63. I never voted this past elections but will ensure to vote in 2021. I am tired of seeing this HH guy and i can never vote for him in my entire life on planet earth. Will make sure even my households and everyone that is linked to me never ever votes for this man. No matter your insults for my choice i cant change my mind…this am vowing it shall come to pass!


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