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Constitutional Court dismisses Mutembo Nchito’s appeal

General News Constitutional Court dismisses Mutembo Nchito's appeal


Dismissed Director of Public Prosecution Mutembo Nchito has lost his final ditch attempt to keep his job after the constitutional court dismissed his petition.

President Edgar Lungu on August 9th 2016 fired Mutembo Nchito after receiving recommendations from a tribunal chaired by former Chief Justice Annel Silungwe report on the account of misconduct.

But Mr Nchito took the matter to the constitutional court challenging the legality of the tribunal.

But in the judgement delivered on Friday, Constitutional Court judges Mungeni Mulenga, Enoch Mulembe and Margaret Munalula said the petition by Mr Nchito that the tribunal was unconstitutional lacked merit and is misconceived.

“The transition period in terms of the tribunal is up to the submission of the report to the appointing authority. As such, the tribunal was on firm ground to proceed with the investigation. A tribunal is an investigation and to suggest that it was supposed to be stopped abruptly on the coming into force of the amended constitution is absurd,” part of the judgement read.


  1. Of course this is now expected under the corrupt biased pf legal system. Rb is back in power so it just follows that nchitos case will go against him. Nothing surprising. The only way to deal with undesirables like pf is to let nature eliminate them one by one. Fools die is a famous song by the great Peter tosh.

  2. Of course this is now expected under the corrupt biased pf legal system. Rb is back in power so it just follows that nchitos case will go against him. Nothing surprising. The only way to deal with undesirables like pf is to let nature eliminate them one by one. Fooz die is a famous song by the great Peter tosh.

    • It is surprising to see someone like Nez support the crook like Nchito. A DPP who can manipulate evidence just to fix his victims. Nchito is not upright and unfit for that office. He is the same crook who swindled DBZ. He knows the laws of this land and how can he acquire a loan of K14,000,000,000 form DBZ without collateral. He is the architect of the cartel.

    • Just kicks of the dying horse. Those of us who know MN will support the decision to get rid of him. He does not repent and if comes back, he would have committed more dangerous crimes. He is the main man who has destroyed the judiciary in Zambia.

    • So these Kangaroo judges are still exercising their weak and corrupt minds around court cases? I thought they would be back on holiday in the US or wherever enjoying the kickbacks they got from Chakolwa. And isn’t it funny that they can come up with a judgement after all in this case within one month but they took 3 months to determine that Ministers could not continue after dissolution of Parliament. Is this what Chakolwa ordered these Kangaroos to determine, before they doze off?

    • NEZ is one of the people together with his Watchdog who have made UPND unattractive to some of us and our families coz all they do is insult and demean others whose opinions differ from them. Thats why we express our dissatisfaction through the ballot. They need to get lead of these characters like vulgar Chilyata, bitter Black teeth, lazy bum Jay Jay, Mad Ndobo otherwise even 2021 nipobo

    • The foo that killed him is now dead too get it? The only monkey that need repent is one that stole election by paying off ecz officials

  3. No place for the cartel morons in zed. Only our newly formed Chilufya Tayali cartel will operate officially. No more all these crooks ruining our country, viva ecl

    • What I like about the downfall of Mutembo Nchito and Mmembe is that it is their lilombamema called PF that they nourished and has now swallowed them whole. There’s no cure for lack of wisdom and stoopidity. There’s (twisted) justice after all!

  4. Bye bye fat desk lawyer Nchito with your chief vuvuzela little fleddie the accounts clerk and night school lawyer wanna be scribe…remember what I told you when you began your witch hunt? ‘ukafwa bwiminine’ you translated this into the little Bemba you thought you understood, but youth defeated your understanding of this Aushi idiom. Now get a life no more business class flights with your concubine (yes we knew about her) under the guise she works hard, no more expensive watches as presents from spouses working with you and no more access to plot 1…. Good riddance and may the soul of that great DPP Mukela rest in eternal peace

    • what have you studied and what makes you think they have no shame. The Nchito case is straight forword and well meaningful Zambian should support it. Dont mix with other rullings look at aech case as it is.

  5. When you are a cadre you fail to see the trueth in any thing that does not go your way. Sober minded people should not side with Nchito, he is dangerous then you mighty think. He knows how to manupulate the judicially in almost all angles. Just look at how he and the cartel has Manupulated LAZ. The president of LAZ is a former employee of Nchito, the vice president is former partner of Musa Mwenya in a ka law film and the secretary general is the young sister to Nchito. This is how this group of Nhito and company can operate. Nchito is not the write man to be DPP. Do not let politics cloud your judgement all time, try to be neutral at times and look at the issue the way it is without nay predijuce. Insulting one another at open forum like this one just shows how emotional you are and big…

  6. Mutembo please have a rest. Your crusade was about self, protecting your own interests while persecuting innocent people, hounding them to their deaths. You are a proud and vindictive chap. You have a lot to do before God can forgive you.Whatever genuine task one persues in life against other people, one must persue with honest intentions and with human compassion.

  7. Zambians Airways was a vibrant company until Mutembo and Mmembe became directors. Just ask those who worked for this Airline how these two mafiaso manipulated their way into this company

  8. Good judgement Concourt. Expect more insults from the losers but continue carrying out your national duties.
    I encourage The Post newspaper to take its case to the Concourt to finalize it. No appeal after The mighty Concourt.
    UPND spend time on preparing g for 2021 not expending your energy on bitterness. Move on otherwise you risk the party going into oblivion. HH has demarcated himself after failure to manage his loss responsibly. I therefore advise you to look at the unworking strategies employed for the last 15 years and revise them to formulate applicable ones to all the provinces. HH is a fine man at corporate level though not fine for an ordinary Zambia.
    I personally wish to thank HH n GBM for having opened up the eyes of the legal, LAZ inadequacy n misdirection towards…

  9. Well that’s done and dusted, very nicely then! Thank you Your Hons. For upholding Gov’t Authority and working in line and in support of His Excellency President Lungu.

    Your innovative, progressive and fearless interpretations of the law will create a strong Judiciary in Zambia, that has now become lawless and confrontational with Authority.

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