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“Just pay back,” Nevers Mumba tells ex-PF ministers


Dr Nevers Mumba during the news briefing
Dr Nevers Mumba during the news briefing

THE Attorney General has nowhere to appeal the Constitutional Court order for former PF ministers to pay back illegal salaries, says MMD leader Nevers Mumba.

And Mumba says Minister of Finance Felix Mutati has been paid for his mercenary work.

On Wednesday, newly appointed home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo told Hot FM Radio that former ministers had written to the Attorney General asking him to revisit the ConCourt ruling which ordered them to pay back salaries and other emoluments they had drawn when they illegally stayed in office after the dissolution of Parliament.

Former information minister Chishimba Kambwili also told Hot FM that it was unacceptable for people to suggest that the former ministers’ stay in office was illegal when they “were rendering a service to the Zambian people”.

But in an interview yesterday, Mumba observed that the PF had the capacity to defy the ConCourt ruling which they don’t like.

“There’s no way that the Constitutional Court can revisit that decision, they should just pay. Those ministers should not have even been appointed. They are being petitioned and based on that ruling, they are still going to lose their positions,” Mumba said.

“That decision cannot be reversed, they are not the owners of the justice system, the justice system belongs to God and to the Zambian people so they can’t say that the Attorney General should revisit that decision, how can he revisit it? He is not the court and the ruling has been made and we are confident that the court decision will be enforced.”

He further suggested that President Lungu might also pay for staying in office when the Speaker should have acted as President.

“It is the same thing with President Lungu, he has many problems, he has gone beyond the line of being considered a responsible person because he should have stepped aside and allowed the Speaker to act, the ruling has not yet been made and they rushed to get him inaugurated in an irregular manner but I think that he is going to pay in the same manner that the ministers are going to pay by being penalized and paying back the money. The time that he was president when he should not have been, we have to deal with that by law and see how the law is going to treat him,” Mumba said.

He, however, noted that the PF had ignored many court decisions in the past.

“I want you to know that this PF party is a great danger to the rule of law and order and is also a danger to democracy. They don’t respect the law and we have just started a battle to free Zambians in terms of their liberties and freedoms,” Mumba said.

And Mumba said Mutati was being rewarded for his mercenary work.

“I usually don’t comment on what Mutati does because what he does is of no consequence to the MMD at the moment, he is not considered as one of us, he is an expelled member. But having said that, I think that the entire MMD team is now justified and I think that the Supreme Court’s decision is also justified that Mr Lungu had to find a weak link in the MMD to sponsor so that he could destabilise MMD and Mr Mutati is now being paid for it; obviously now he is being rewarded for the destruction that he and Mr Rupiah Banda did to MMD,” said Mumba.

“He was a mercenary sent by Mr Lungu to destroy MMD and now he is being paid for his mercenary work by the mercenary sponsor. His appointment does not affect MMD is any way. MMD has never been under Mutati. There’s no legal statement that gives him authority to be called MMD president. He was only being called president by the public media; ZNBC, Times of Zambia, Daily Mail plus the PF controlled Daily Nation. He has no legal standing and there’s a Supreme Court ruling against him but because the gentlemen are in power, they thought they could change the law by insisting that he is president. But he has never been president of the Courtesy of The Post Newspaper MMD.”


  1. When the idea of creating a Ministry of Religion came up,ELC had Nevers Mumba in mind and he knew Nevers would do a good job in setting it up, but alas the man likes ku jumpa jumpa like Daniel Munkombwe!!

    • This failed pastor should have in jail by now for inciting violence. The courts kindness so him released on bail but still talking about the very things which put him behind bars. Nervous mumbwe your rantings have no bearing on the Zambian people. Just coil up and go back to your cave. Kikikik asanga baleteya

    • Before you call Mumba all those names, think of the issue at hand. They stole and abused resources, later they said they will respect the concourt ruling, now they say they want the issue revisited. Put your politics aside and think of this daylight rape of our systems

    • You would have to be extremely dumb not to see the hypocrisy of these PF gangsters, or maybe they think Zambians are just plain s.t.u.p.i.d. These are the same people who were condemning UPND’s appealing of the ConCourt decision, or lack thereof, to the Supreme Court, saying the ConCourt’s decision is final. But, evidently, what these plunderers of taxpayer’s money meant was that the law only applies to others and not to them. The money they illegally obtained belongs to the Zambian taxpayers and they need to pay back. They need to be given a due date on which to pay back the money, and the general public notified that they’ve paid. If you don’t do that, you’ll be encouraging more theft from PF ministers, as they’ll think they can steal without consequences.

    • @ HH Techilema, you’re either one of the PF ministers who was involved in this daylight robbery of Zambian taxpayer’s money, or you’re just extremely dumb. Try and be objective for a second, and put your partisan politics aside. You believe that ministers in your PF party illegally obtaining salaries and allowances from the hard earned money of the Zambian taxpayers is okay? Wow. If you think it’s okay, then why don’t you pay back the money on their behalf, since you seem to approve of what they did?

  2. Nevers Mumba all Zambians know that Felix Mutati is the mmd president and even the new 3 mmd mps in parliament today will be reporting to Hon.Felix continue living in denial like hh who thinks that he is the republican president and not ECL!!so yes Nevers Mumba in your dreams,you are still mmd president but in reality Felix Mutati is in top of mmd till 2021!!you only have yourself to blame for joining regional party upnd!!!ANY NORMAL POLITICIAN IN 6.5 PROVINCES MUST KNOW THAT STANDING ON UPND ON THOSE PROVINCES IS WORSTING TIME AND MONEY!!!TODAY PATRICK MUCHELEKA,LEVY NGOMA,SYLVIA MASEBO ARE DEAD POLITICALLY BECAUSE OF STANDING ON UPND!!!same,all PF members who wish to stand in 3.5 provinces shall only waste time and money because as long as hh is on top of upnd,tribal voting…


    • Iwe shi changwe, Iwe Kamushi, threatening Lusaka Times with closure because they call Nevers MMD president? You’re evidently extremely dumb. The flag on your profile shows you’re in the USA but, apparently, you haven’t learnt anything there. And closing Lusaka Times won’t help much, as many Zambians outside the country will just launch some more online news outlets. Remember, they don’t need permission from the Zambian government to do so.

  4. Why many few comments here by pf cadres. Please payback our money. Why is that hard to do you thieves. How can Zambians trust you with public funds.

    • I wonder why you 1mbeciles are not talking about Mmembe regarding the issue of public fund. In fact what the entire ministers own altogether can not even be 2% of what Mmembe has been asked to pay.

    • is mmembe a politician iwe? Is mmembe a member of parliament, or of pf or even upnd? What has a private citizen owning a private limited company got to do with anything here? wake up pwazi iwe

    • @HH Techilema…you seem extremely dumb. Mmembe does not hold a public office like a minister does. A minister is a public (civil) servant accountable to the Zambian people. A minister is just a custodian of the people’s government. The Zambian people are his/her bosses. So, he/she is therefore expected to be a good steward of that which the Zambian people have entrusted to him/her. On the contrary, Mmembe is not a civil servant, but a private citizen whose tax problems should be handled by the ZRA. You show a profound lack understanding of how government works. Maybe you need to take some grade 8 civics lessons to acquire some basic understanding.

  5. PF should honor their word which went thus:
    “We Respect the Decision of the Constitutional Court-PF August 8, 2016. The Ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has said that it will respect the decision of the Constitutional Court Cabinet Ministers to vacate their position immediately. In a statement made available to the media by the party’s media committee, the party said that today’s decision gives credence to a robust and independent judiciary that Zambia has where the courts can enter judgments against the state, contrary to assertions previously made by the Opposition. Earlier today the Constitutional Court has ruled that Ministers and their Deputies are in office illegally following the dissolution of Parliament”. Give back to Kaisara.

  6. And the Lazy Bum Edgar stated he will respect the ruling simply to buy time….they know that they could not payback as they had ranked up millions in allowances campaigning using GRZ resources.

  7. This mad fake man of (god) will soon commit suicide ka. He is too much talking nonsense than ever before. Start getting your legal team together for your case coming up in court than talking about other people’s cases. Chi mutembo chanchito is dead and fired so expect no more nole proseque

  8. Indeed they should pay back Mr. Nervous Mumba the Form 5 drop out who had to undergo the compulsory 20 months National Service because he had failed. Now on the other issues every one knows you are haunted by the fact that Felix is better off in life than you. We have not forgotten how you went to squat at your sisters house in Northmead and when LPM saved you you bit the hand that fed you; RB bailed you out despite losing an election in your home for MP …So even as you are set to make them pay back…please also pay back the money you fraudulently obtained in Canada and personalized…oh hope u still servicing the mortgage in the US

  9. @J J are still watching this space! Unfortunately, the losers are still in denial! Congratulations M. President. A Tonga Party will never win an election in Zambia.

  10. For sure this is a comedy. So now Nevous Mumba and UPND are pushing for the upholding of the constitution court ruling against pf and the then ministers that they should pay back the funds for illegally occupying office but the same people rubbish the constitution court’s ruling on the presidential petition. You cant have it both ways. Either you have confidence in the CC or you dont!!

    • Upnd only has confidence in the Judiciary when the decision goes against pf. Nervous fails to accept the fact that it was upnd that failed to call their witnesses in 14 days. The pf lawyers were waiting for them for 14 days. There was no gun on the head of Nervous, Martha or Maureen that made them fail to speak in court about the stealing they saw. After failing they insult the 3 judges which upheld the Constitution. What a life

  11. Stoopidity by pastry Mumba. Everyone has got freedom for redress just like you applied for bail.It’s not like they will not pay but our law gives us avenues to seek redress. You don’t look like one who’s on hunger strike?

  12. Nevers is also sponsored using the same “illegal” money via contributions from MPs. Lucky if he has just put it aside waiting for things to die naturally or else he shall find it tough to organize money to pay back. The true MMD leader is the one who is working for the people and NOT Nevers who is just waiting for donations from MPs who one day shall just say enough is enough, you wont have anything from my sweat.

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