OC is giving his fans a chance to win $1000 by submitting a dance video to his current single with Iyanya, “Tie your wrappa”.

He posted the following on his facebook page:

 Submit your best dance “Tie Your Wrappa” video and get a chance to win $1000, VIP tickets to the annual #AEAUSA awards in New Jersey held on Oct 22nd 2016. Winner will also be featured in the Official Music Video.. All you have to do is make a video of you with the song “Tie Your Wrappa” playing in the background. Get the song in my bio or download at http://indimba.com/song_listen.php?id=1757
Contest ends on Oct 15th 2016

Winner will be picked by Organizers of AEA USA Awards and OC.
Video will be judged on skills, quality and number of views.

Please Post your Video on your Instagram and tag @OC_Osilliation @Iyanya @aeausa #aeausa#oneafrica #tieyourwrappa #oc #iyanya



Example of a dance video done by Trybe Dancers


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