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ZNFU president Evelyn Nguleka steps down after being arrested by DEC

General News ZNFU president Evelyn Nguleka steps down after being arrested by DEC

President Edgar Lungu with Dr Evelyn Nguleka ZNFU President during the Launched the Electronic Voucher System for the Farmer input Programme in Choma Mbabala constituency on Monday 12-10-2015. Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/ Statehouse.
President Edgar Lungu with Dr Evelyn Nguleka ZNFU President during the Launched the Electronic Voucher System for the Farmer input Programme in Choma Mbabala constituency on Monday 12-10-2015. Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/ Statehouse.

The Drug Enforcement Commission has charged and arrested the Zambia National Farmers Union(ZNFU) President and the Union’s Executive Director.

Union President Dr. Evelyn Nguleka and Executive Director Ndambo Ndambo were arrested following audits from KPMG and EMM Corporates.

And ZNFU President Evelyn Nguleka has tendered in her resignation following the developments.
Dr Nguleka has also stepped down as President of the World Farmers’ Organization (WFO).

ZNFU Spokesman Kinsley Kaswende said Dr Nguleka has stepped down in order to prepare for the upcoming court case regarding allegations of misapplication of funds at ZNFU.

“Constitutionally, ZNFU First Vice President Mr Richard Lisimba will act in Dr Nguleka’s capacity. ZNFU will henceforth be restrained to give further comment on the matters, as they will now be before court,” Mr Kaswende said.

She has thanked the government, the farmers and the agricultural industry in Zambia and outside, for the good working relationship she has had with them and that she now looks forward to the full process of the law to take its course.

Dr Nguleka further wished ZNFU well in its future endeavours.

Both Embassies of Finland and Sweden in Lusaka commissioned separate forensic audits that exposed extensive fraud, embezzlement and theft of over K34 million at the farmers institution.

The donors have since with-held further funding and demanded criminal prosecution of the culprits and demanded a refund as the money was from tax payers in their respective countries.

Deputy Head of the Swedish Embassy David Wilkins disclosed that the second audit by KPMG confirmed the high level misappropriation, fraud and theft of their funding to the institutions.

Instead of funds going to farmers, the resources were diverted to unauthorised expenditure of inflated personal allowances, and contracts designed to be vehicles of fraud and theft.

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  1. Don’t just arrest people, do a good job and get people convicted. It is now common for authorities to want to make us believe as if an arrest is equivalent to a conviction. The money involved is a lot, that is why we also need laws that will ensure forfeiture of proceeds of criminal activities. But that is not the end, we need improved controls in management of these institutions so that another person does not do a similar thing lest we go through the same cycle again.

    • As long as you’ll be arresting people, give them a slap on the wrist and let them go, corruption in Zambia will never end. What’s wrong with you people? It’s incredibly frustrating. Do you know how much damage these people caused to Zambia’s image abroad? When two donor countries (Sweden and Finland) decide to have their money back, do you think they’ll be willing to make any donations to Zambia’s causes anytime soon? Not likely. And not only these two countries, but other potential donor countries are watching too, to see how serious you’re with your corruption fighting. Make an example out of these thieves(sorry, even if you’re a woman, if you steal you cease to be a lady, you become a thief too). Freeze their accounts, make them pay back the money, and then send them to prison…

    • (Continued)… for some 15 years minimum. Others will learn from that. Anything less than that is just playing around. Get serious!

    • @Me you are absolutely correct. Infact even government leaders should emulate Dr.Nguleka.When you are accused of embezzling public funds step aside to allow for proper investigations. But Dr.Nguleka looks like a straight woman. I will be very disappointed if she’s convicted.Ndambo Ndambo should also step aside. Infact him should have done so much earlier. This is what has caused Africa to remain under-developed: Plunder and Corruption.

    • Indeed too bad for Evelyn. I met Ndambo often when he was undergrad at Unza and a few times recently at a watering hole frequented mostly by Tongas called Comfort Lodge near Marshlands on Great East Road. Ndambo usually displayed the attitude of know it all and quite frankly pompous too. That was in sharp contrast with one fellow I know as his ‘twin’ and companion of a long time who is also a senior employee of ZNFU. Only greed has landed Ndambo where he is now.

    • Nsimbi
      You are obviously referring to Coillard Habasimbi.A very down to Earth person and a Gentleman for all seasons,always available with advice.You could not have put it clearer,sometimes birds of the same feather don’t flock together.

  2. Surely why has it taken so long for Evelyn & Co to step down…is it because the donors have tightened the screws on the govt…this is not GRZ money were you get away with; this is taxpayers money of people who believe in accountability!!

  3. This is a sad development for farmers who have been affected by this theft. Honestly l can’t believe that even Dr. Nguleka was also involved in this scandal. ZNFU has been well funded by donors and with this scandal, funding will definitely reduce and ultimately local farmers who were left out of FISP will suffer as a result.

    • True indeed thus I give Madam Nguleka a thumbs-up as being one of integrity no matter what follows, that is leadership! Kwena ukusambilila kusuma she is a professional PhD and understands what being professional entails nokuba kuti kuli kusiyana muhikolo motwiinka kwiiya in the way the mind gets shaped, she must have attended one with exemplary ethics!

  4. Oh dear, how sad. Nguleka was so impressive as a female head of this union. Last year, she appeared to be hosting international Farmer events with so much aplomb and appeared to be the Boss Lady personified. I hope she has been found wanting during her watch, rather than to have actually been part of the fraud.

    I think Sweden is upset that Zambia is close with the Chinese. I bet they did not get the contracts they wanted! Usually, they just turn a blind eye to these…..BUT I AM HAPPY TO SEE them before the law. Unacceptable.

    • Ati “…I think Sweden is upset that Zambia is close with the Chinese. I bet they did not get the contracts they wanted! Usually, they just turn a blind eye to these…”

      That is PF way of thinking. They think everyone is a theif or condons stealing….

      You should be ashamed of your self.

  5. In Zambia you cannot trust anyone not even your wife. Even educated people continuously fail our people. Its a funny place where people live beyond their means. What exactly is wrong with our people? Who can you work with? Who can you trust? We are disgusting sub humans who don’t have any discipline and morals whatsoever! In families it is the same story, in public service every year the auditor general reports theft of government resources every year. I dream of the day when we are going act and live as normal humans which due discipline and morals.

    • I feel you X. Sometimes I lose faith too in our people. I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with us Africans. It’s very painful. No wonder enemies of Africa keep laughing at us, saying we’re incapable of ruling ourselves. It’s like corruption runs in our veins. Honestly, how can you take money that’s not yours, and is meant to help poor struggling farmers…how do you do this and sleep at night? I mean what happened to conscience? I mean how do you enjoy some ill- gotten wealth, fully knowing several people have been made more destitute because of your greed and selfishness? It’s evil to say the least. But more painful is the fact that we let corrupt people like these go scot- free. It’s a shame.

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  7. She got her hands soiled by the chief thief Executive Director Ndambo. Working with such a person it was inevitable and now she has ruined such a promising career. What a waste! This is what corruption does. It makes educated people the worst thieves! Imagine all this at the poor farmers expense and this is happening everywhere including at Women For Change where a prominent woman at the Electoral Commission was Executive Director for many years and was even awarded a PHd for looting the Organisation dry!

  8. She will soon be in diplomatic service… whether or not she is convicted. Usually in Zed it is a win-win situation when such things happen. Liato recently contested a parliamentary seat which he (thankfully) lost. Precedents are rife.

  9. So tell me ba LT, how does DEC get involved in this case? Has it got anything to do with drugs or any prohibited material? I thought the the ACC would be the government wing making the arrest in such a case and not DEC, just an observation. Wake up you useless LT editors!!

    • Iwe @ ka pf leader uletenya.Even the DEC can make an arrest were fraud, misappropriation of funds and money laundering is concerned.Are you already drunk early in the morning @ ka pf leader?

  10. These names are strage!!! Nguleka, Ndambo,

    Do these names know anything about farming???.

    We need farmers to head farmer organisations for they understand what it means.

    • This lady Dr Evelyn Nguleka is a vet and a farmer and meeting her in South Africa last year was a privilege. Like a previous commentator said I believe it is a matter of being found wanting in her watch rather than guilty of plunder. She comes across as a humble person of integrity and I would choose to give her the benefit of the doubt until a court decides otherwise.

  11. @ECL2021 Nafuti Nafuti: Are these two Bemba’s?
    No, they are not BEMBAs? For sure you know they are TONGAs, aren’t they?

  12. What I know is that women are generally compassionately good beings but when you get one who decides to cross the line into wrong doing, they know no bounds whatsoever! So all men must pray that they do not fall victim to any female mercenary!

  13. With lungu and PF in charge everyone knows that this is the time to steal if even state house is stealing.

    They were brought to book only because it was the donors that forced the issue.

    As for GRZ funds, awe, it’s monkeys in a maize field.

  14. Such an educated woman being arrested for theft of donor funds! Could never think that she can be a suspected thief. Anyway they say poverty is a relative term. It affects everyone in one way or another.

  15. Dr Nguleka has integrity and she has resigned unlike Southern province PS who keeps on protecting thieves an indicator that he could have been a beneficiary of the misapplied funds at Provincial Admn, Choma.The guy cheated that the Auditor who carried out the audit is not affiliated to ZICA but Daily mail of 12th September clearly shows that Auditor Ntumbo is duly registered under number F 000708.So who is a liar,the PS or the Auditor ?

    President Lungu should fire this Dundumwezi man whose interest is personal gain and not development for Zambians.Being the overall boss who allowed the rot,the guy was supposed to resign on moral grounds than behaving like he is in court defending civil servants looting scarce govt resources.His actions do not inspire juniors in the civil service.He…

  16. I hope the DEC has done its homework. they are very quick to arrest and only to have the accused acquitted over very simple technicalities.

  17. Those who steal big are let go to continue with the enjoyment while the one who steels a tea spoon remains in custody without trial until Jesus comes. There is NO fairness in this world.

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