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PF will not support Tasila Lungu for Deputy Mayor elections-Davies Mwila

Headlines PF will not support Tasila Lungu for Deputy Mayor elections-Davies Mwila

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila
PF Secretary General Davies Mwila

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila says Mpulungu Ward 23 Councillor Christopher Shakafuswa remains the party’s candidate for the position of Lusaka Deputy Mayor.

Mr Mwila said the party has since instructed all its councillors to vote for Mr Shakafuswa.

He said anyone going against that decision will be subjected to disciplinary action which can include expulsion.

Tasila Lungu, the daughter of President Edgar Lungu yesterday declared her intentions to stand for the position of Lusaka Deputy Mayor.

Tasila who was elected as Nkoloma Ward Councillor in Chawama Constituency in the just ended 2016 election said she is now ready to serve the greater city of Lusaka as Deputy Mayor.

She said it is only fair that she becomes Deputy Mayor of Lusaka especially that the city has a male Executive Mayor.

And PF SG Davies Mwila says the Central Committee is yet to sit and decide on Miles Sampa’s re-quest to re-join the party.

He has however stated that the Central Committee is not in a hurry to sit because the PF managed to win without Miles and others wishing to re-join.

Mr Mwila who was responding to a question on UDF President Miles Sampa’s apology and his wish to rejoin the Party said the Party won elections without the members who ran away thinking they would lose the general elections hence will not be in hurry to welcome them back because the Party won the elections without their help.

He said though Party has decided to welcome members who left, the PF is not desperate to have the people who thought the party would lose the elections back in Party.

He said members wishing to rejoin the party will have to write to either him or President before being readmitted to the party.

Mr Mwila also said the Party will table the issue of candidates who stood as independents after being left out by the the Party during adoption of candidates.


  1. Tasila is a opportunist to the core, Is this the girl who was in AMERICA AND RESURFACED when she head that Dad was a President. Weed out chancers for politics!

    • Forged President and Chancer daughter, they a very bad family entrusted in so much and so many people. No wonder he is spending time dancing to Dununa in USA when he should be thinking about explaining xenophobia image of Zambia on the Rwandese people. Image Sata, Mwanawasa or Kaunda dancing to Dununa during such an important undertaking visa vis a trip to the UN to champion the case of Africans in terms of the refugees situation. Lungu selako ku UN kabombe ku Zambia.

    • The Zambians gave Mwila the job! Political jobs are a service to the Zambian people and all the jobs even the party ones belong to the people. How are the people of Zambia connected to Tasila? Or where you thinking that the PF SG job niyanyina Lungu? Mushota you sometimes exhibit high level of $tupidity (actually mostly).

    • Davies Mwila will be fired by Jameson Vodka Chakolwa Rungu if he is playing.Let her stand so that the results can be rigged by the chief rigger

    • Let’s not discuss fiction here; you mean you cannot see that this is pure fiction?

      This is a fake and fabricated story, there is only half truth and that is about the position of the party on Shakafuswa. But Tasila is not in the picture; someone has just maliciously put her in this story.

      As usual, it has been made by fabricators in the UPND. This has become the trade mark for UPND. That is why now they are saying the cannot publish their petition, allegations and purported evidence because it was also a mere fabrication.

      If they can refuse to give evidence in court for 14 solid days, what makes you think that they can release the purported evidence in public.

      Jokers will always be jokers until they remain jokers.

    • While it may not be a good idea for Tasila to contest for the post, it is totally unacceptable for Davis Mwila to continue entrenching old and archaic undemocratic practices! As new SG, Mwila should be quickly working towards making democracy work in his party and improve its image …

    • Ha, ha, even the daughter’s logic is stupid. she says it is only fair since there is a male executive mayor. So it is only fair that as a woman show should get the job? Spare me. She and those other political prostitute like ugly Priscilla need to go sit down. her alcoholic father stole the election. Zambia will go to sh*t and all the world will laugh.

    • Mwila and Shaka something can kiss my Nubian as.s. Yasuka is the he right candidate. We are shaking up the norm. Zambia on the rise!

      Miles Sampa has PTSD from Sata’s death. He needs to be on anti depressants not back in Govt. for you UNZA graduates PTSD stands for Post Trauma Sress Disorder. Bye!

    • She’s an over ambitious little girl. Why the hurry when you can comfortably wait as councillor while your father serves his five years?

    • Time for millennials let the young girl take it up?? these old people with no brains should be out.. Why threats, Zambia is a democratic country so anyone can stand.. leave the young girl alone..

    • Your thinking is warped. After ukupataula ifisungu you are all over like a rabid dog ranting and growling…

      Analyse your English!!!

    • Kanshi nalalemba mucibemba. Kwaciba shushushu uwacilandolesha ilyo nucilalemba iyi posting (inkalata nangu ilyashi). Nacilalemba mulubilo elyo icisungu telulimi lwandi iyo. Mukwayi ba Vizungu munjeleleko. Nga wapudi (warped) finshi, ninsoka mwa?. Nga rabidi (dog nimbwa tefyo?) na lantingi na gulowulingi finshi? Shut up!

    • Don’t use the language of thieves here. Open your own Benba website where you can daily be strategising how to steal.

  2. She has not matured enough politically to be in charge of the city of Lusaka.let her use her first term of office to learn how to debate issues in the chamber.

    • Lusaka is so raw as shown and proven by PF. Lusaka deserves the most disorganized leadership that Tasila and her dad can bring.

    • Ba Mwila SG u were apointed graciasly not elected by people no! But our President my dear no wonder walushile. Pliz dont bring anach in PF am a Ndola resident recently i visited your foma constituency that’s why it was to early for u to be there you may blunder. For Tasila pliz my dear if there will be election stand wen u loose it’s fine just then consentrate in your ward and gain respect/experience from your voters . Ignore mwila lose just ended election And Pliz don’t play with an independent it’s people choice if they wanted you u would have been there. Loosers ton down your voice hh can even learn from u fellow loser.

  3. Tasila is not imposing herself. Shes offering herself for the position upon which the party will decide. She has done nothing wrong. I’d do the same given half the chance

    • You offer yourself if you have a lot to offer. I am not sure Tasila has much in terms of track record in the business of local governance. Bye the way what has the young lady done other than dish out a few chitenge material (stolen from government resources). Is she even schooled? Lusaka is a fast growing city which needs people the likes of Sata’s experience, when he was Governor, at the helm. Cheap family politics won’t do here. Tasila will crush land let alone not take off given such a big responsibility.

    • 7.1 ‘analyser’. you seem to know her more that she knows herself. are you her creator? to tell you the truth, it’s actually you who has nothing to offer and think others are like that. Very dangerously retrogressive thinking indeed. Democracy has it’s own way of settling such matters without the need for dictatorial interventions! We must be so far away from embracing real democracy in Zambia following the death of MMD (May Its Soul Rest in Peace). UPND does not inspire either as they clearly have no room for it!

    • If I gave you an impression that I had anything to offer, I apologise. I am just bored today so I thought I should call in here. I do not know Tasila and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. Shut up!

  4. Its interesting though that the party has made its position very public. Are they, in a way, blocking the father from interfering? If he decides to over ride this position, its put him in a very bad light with the general pF membership.

  5. To start with its the constitution right of every councillor to aspire for that position. Whats wrong for tasila excercise her right ?

    • She needs to be cautious by listening and learning first before moving forward. Look at the case of Miles Sampa and Mulenga. We can’t afford to lose especially people like Miles form the political scene. Sata would have developed Miles and Mulenga. Lungu is letting the young lady drive herself to destruction. Yes she has the right like everyone else but she is moving too fast ridding on dad’s popularity. There must be someone with more experience to take up such a challenge. As I understand she has no password between he legs among other weaknesses of lack of experience. We need someone who can at least put a password on Lusaka City’s affairs when it matters-This is a metaphor.

  6. No surprise here if Mwila is overruled. Mwila has a history of making poorly judged statements. Remember his fiasco before the elections?

  7. Davis Mwila relax or else you will be kicked out from that post the way chipili residents rejected you on 11/08/2016!!!every councillor is free to stand for that vacancy and allow your people to vote freely!!!RECALL TASILA IS ECL’S DAUGHTER,SO SHE HAS THE FATHER’S SUPPORT!!!THAT SHAKAFUSWA GUY IS VERY DULL!!

    • Eddy – Davies Mwila is saying the Party already made a decision to support Shakafuswa. Is it wrong for Davies to stand by the Party’s decision as Chief Executive of the Party?

    • Davies Mwila is a highly principled man who cannot sacrifice hi integrity for a position. Remember that Mr. mwila was the first minister in PF government to resign after noticing that his superior then, GBM was becoming big headed and not entertaining any advice. Further Mwila refused the position of Secretary general of PF when Guy Scott appointed him because he did not agree with what Guy Scott and the infamous cartel were upto following the demise of MCS. As for losing the Chipili seat, first and foremost you should realise that Mr. Mwila lost by a very small margin to a very formidable glass-root young mobilizer Javis Chabi. For you who may not know Chabi, this man was the Provincial secretary for PF the time when PF was in opposition,and he working with others managed to sell the…

  8. Let’s not discuss fiction here; you mean you cannot see that this is pure fiction?

    This is a fake and fabricated story, there is only half truth and that is about the position of the party on Shakafuswa. But Tasila is not in the picture; someone has just maliciously put her in this story.

    As usual, it has been made by fabricators in the UPND. This has become the trade mark for UPND. That is why now they are saying the cannot publish their petition, allegations and purported evidence because it was also a mere fabrication.

    If they can refuse to give evidence in court for 14 solid days, what makes you think that they can release the purported evidence in public.

  9. Hon. Mwila that is not democracy. Most of us agree that she needs to take time and learn basics. Most importantly, she needs to get some good education somewhere to be relevant to us in future. But you cannot threaten with expulsion those that go against the party directive. As SG you can address your Counselors and give reasons why Shakas is better than she. A threat simply means it is not ideals but money that determines success in PF elections. PF is the most intolerant party in Zambian history. Members appear united only behind the national treasury. Remove that from them and they would scamper into different directions. Even those going back are being invited back by internal functionaries that see the future of their party going to non founders. That is PF for you!

  10. Ba Mwila this is very worrying and reminds me of the one party state. Are there no laid down qualifications to fulfil in order to become deputy mayor? If there are and Tasila satisfies them, then what the heck are you screaming about? Aren’t we in a democracy? The time for blocking her candidacy was before the general election. You make us look like North Korea! Councillors should choose the best candidate, not some spineless party cadre promised a job! The fact your party ascended to power doesn’t mean that your councillors will be absolved of responsibility to the electorate. What a plonker!

  11. Let the girl stand. Whats wrong with that. The votes will speak. Let the councilors voted for who ever they want. This is a party of thugs. Tasila should do what Ken Livingstone did to labour in the UK and shamed them. Women should stand up for Tasila

  12. So if your father is president people will control your ambitions? Tasila is Tasila and Edgar is Edgar each one with there own paths and lives.

  13. Let her be . Its her right.. Nothing to do with the fact that her father is the president. She is her father’s daughter but not the father… These are two different people..

  14. Just wait and see this young woman will cause more problems in PF than people realize now. She has never heard of party discipline and collective responsibility.

  15. The sweetness of political power is at play here. Tasila’s so-called ambition is a well planned strategy by her father to eventually make her Zambia’s vice president. Being Chawama councillor and soon Lusaka deputy mayor are mere stepping stones for her. Just like her father, Tasila doesn’t go through genuine and decent elections. Most African despots don’t even feel ashamed of their crooked ways and think the people are so docile to see that.
    My advice to my auntie Inonge is, ‘Tasila has been unleashed and heading your way, start packing your bags and clear the office for her’.

  16. This is negative publicity for her. It’s always better to pose personal ambitions behind closed doors so that you suss out whether you will be supported. It’s not great publicity to be at logger heads with her Fathers party and seemingly making suggestions PF is not meeting Female targets. Sound things off first before public announcements. That goes for Mr Mwila as well, could this idea have been removed from her head by diplomacy? Or is there mutiny in PF?

    However, FULL MARKS TO PF, for this stand. Even the President has to tie the line. No family tree handouts. Forget UDF President, he has his own party, meaning he returns to it before next elections, when probably he rejoins UPND!

    • Full marks for paragraph 1; Tasila has clearly shown lack of experience in the handling of her interest in the D. Mayor job, which is why she shouldn’t have it.
      Paragraph 2 is warped, a word I learnt from @2.1 Vizungu. What the hell are you trying to say? Firstly, Miles is the son of the soil and he can do what he wants when he wants. Secondly, Tasila and Miles are not to be mentioned in the same paragraph and I do not have to explain. Well, maybe I should, Tasila just resurfaced while Miles (note the rhyming …ile) was there from day 1 at the right hand of the father (or Uncle), Sata. Thirdly, shut up!

    • Who does Tasila think she is? A long lost beautiful Princess who resurfaced from the great Kingdom of USA and has come back to change our lives. How can she just jump the queue?

    • Ooooooooh, we are getting shirty in para 2! If you are going to act like a teacher approving and disproving comments, then you can’t say shut up! It’s like unprofessional. No, I stand by para 2, in relation to both on family trees. Tasilla has been more faithful to her dad than miles has been to his uncle in death or to Lungu. His presence is of no positive effect no matter how much longer he’s been around. Cheers, have a nice day, what’s left of it.

    • Blogging professionalism is not allowed. I am trying to be shi Mushota today. Am definitely having a nice day. Tasila the unfaithful Princess who resurfaced only when the course was clear. When Edgar was a drunk struck off by LAZ and swindling clients the princess was unheard of. Miles has, as he has said himself, had a torrid time since his mentor died but princess has no excuse to have abandoned dad only to resurface and start climbing dad’s dangling, ‘thing”, rope. Forgive the chap then then we can carry on as one PF family and Tasila can be the Executive Mayor’s helper. I represent a constituency, myself.

  17. I actually have no issue with Tasila’s intentions. In fact she has a point. The one who does not have good points is Davies Mwila, and the PF too if

  18. ..if that is the party’s position. Look ba Mwila, let”s stop this nonsense of instructing PF councillors how to vote. I understand when we are fighting those freaks in UPND. But on this allow democracy to prevail, if it’s Tasila so be it!
    If you continue this kind of lunacy of choosing for us even when it is not necessary and even when the councillors want somebody else, I will be looking for another party. NOT UPND, of course NOT!!!!

  19. On second thoughts, why don’t we give HH a shot at Deputy Mayor for Lusaka so that we give him.some grass roots experience for 2021?

    I don’t take the responsibility though if Tasila stood her ground and trounced HH. It’s him to take the risk, I end at proposing his name.

  20. On Tasila; Blood is thicker than water bane…

    On Miles; (I repeat, Miles is still the sot that I have always known him to be…)

  21. Davies mwila is only a day old as SG and he is already showing signs of dictatorship miles sampa has apologized, that’s all politics is about numbers and there are no permanent enemies. We need a bigger PF come 2021.
    Tasila has a democratic right to vie for the post. No need to threaten other councilors with expulsion.
    President Lungu has made a terrible mistake on Davies not even winter would act like that .
    We surely shall miss Hon. Davies Chama.

  22. Davies do not be vindictive you will kill the party. It may not be today but who knows. Take it easy before you eat your own vomit.

  23. executive mayors are elected by the entire district electorate. where is the idea of deputy mayor coming from?, is it constitutional and where will the authority be drawn from? can someone educate me please

  24. Surprisingly Mr Mwila is missing one point about Civic Council, or is deliberately ignoring it. The fact that one finds themselves in the council, they cease to be part cadres but are expected to follow the council resolutions in their duties. Theres already an elected Mayor in place. The position being sought is that of Assistant Mayor which anyone elected to the council can manage. If PF continues meddling in council issues, our cities will not develop. Let councilors across the country be free to battle amongst themselves. The argument we should be bringing is that of balance in leadership. The Mayor is PF we should be encourage councilors of other political parties to contest for deputy position not instructing grown ups who to vote for. That’s dictatorship ba Mwila.

  25. Fire this Mwila chap! This is Zambia my friend. We are corrupt to the core (president, ECL)!

    Let us try and build a Political F**king LUNGU Dynasty. KK tried, FTJ tried (no brain stupid children), Mwanawasa tried and Sata tried.

    Don’t worry about Rupia, he is still having children. Hahahakikiki!


  27. What kind of democracy is that ba Mwila in particular and the PF in general? We need to sober up as a people. Everyone has a democratic right to vie for a position of their choice in this country. There is NO need to entrench people in positions if our growing democracy is to stand the test of time. Party or no Party, people should elect people in any position without fear or favour. In this case let Councillors elect people of their choice.

  28. The sad truth is that most in this forum would at least do the same to take advantage of the opportunity, that is just the cancer of our society.

  29. IMWEEEE TASILA DOES NOT HAVE THE EXPERIENCE PLEASE SHE HAS HAS JUST BN ELECTED AS councilor,Learn the way up democratic as is is please lets no abuse terms and rights tomorrow she will go for Presidence and we will be abusing everything.Tasila dont let anyone to destroy you political carreer you have just started and dont be demoralized.

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