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UPND has not been given permission to match to HH’s residence to present a Petition-Police

Headlines UPND has not been given permission to match to HH's residence to...

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja
Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja
THE Zambia Police has described as total misinterpretation of facts, the reports circulating on social media indicating that the Inspector General of Police, Mr Kakoma Kanganja has allowed UPND members to conduct a procession from their party secretariat to the residence of their Party leader, Mr Hakainde Hichilema.

Dismissing the reports in Lusaka today, Police Deputy Spokesperson Esther Mwaata says the correct position is that the party has not been allowed to proceed with the procession based on security concerns.

She says party officials were advised to present their petition to their party leaders right at their secretariat after which they would be expected to disperse peacefully.

“We would like to advise party officials to take heed of the advice and avoid creating confrontational situations,” says Katongo.

Last week, the opposition UPND had written to the Inspector General of Police to allow party members hold a peaceful walk from the Party Secretariat to the residence of their President Hakainde Hichilema.

Party Secretary General Stephen Katuka said that the objective of the walk was to petition the UPND President and his running-mate Geoffrey Mwamba to take the presidential petition case to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and International Court of Justice (ICJ).

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  1. I would like to inform our colleagues in UPND to stop wasting people’s time they have lost election period. Katuka leadership comes from GOD and not from what you’re trying to do. you’ll be jailed don’t think you’re a public figure but you’re just a nobody. Ubutungulushi tefyo bwisa, Kwata amano muchipuma chobe stop provoking the instrument of power to be used on you, desist from foolishness.

    • I am so damn tired after that Global Citizens concert in NY city last night. My woman passed out, and what I come to read is this Kanganja’ PF picking up fights with Zambians.
      Can’t people just make love?

    • Just present the petition at your secretariat matching will cause a lot of disturbances just consider the distance between UPND secretariat and HH s house UPND better be serious with what you are doing.

    • No need to match nabo. Just do one of those paper plane things. It will reach HH on his veranda eating mabisi and insulting ECL.

    • @ Ngolwa, Wisdom and, Nubian Princess better you don’t place your comment after Mushota BB2014 if you can’t distinguish between MATCH and MARCH!

      What credibility and trust is there for Zambian police among the common people?

    • These people have no evidence to take to the ICC. They will go any length to create one now so that they can show their funders something. I pity them, they will be beaten by the same people HH was parading in the post that they have joined their party. Hahahaha, prepare some rub-on for your bruises ZP will inflict on you.
      How I miss Sata, everytime he lost an election, he immediately went back to campaigns. Them busy crying for something they did not win.
      The US embassy in Lusaka can not allow an election to be stolen. They were going to be in the fore front to protest you people of little brains. Do you think the US can call a president “LEGITIMATE” if he stole votes? Ba mumbwe mwebo.
      Stop wasting our time.

    • It is you silly girl that is naive. Have you ever heard of an election petition being taken to the ICC? The ICC is for serious crimes and not petty and unsubstantiated claims of vote rigging. It looks like even the UPND lawyers have no inkling of what the ICC was established for. So do not support the UPND for the sake of it. You will end up just as lost as the UPND has become. Next they will take their case to Mwinemushi’s Ichilye cha Milandu.

    • And you are supporting “educated” lot which does not know difference between “matching” and “marching” ?
      Because you are well versed in law?
      Or in human rights?
      Or just because they are (like you), members of PF intelligentsia (LOL)?

  2. I believe Mr. Hakainde Hichilema has not refused to receive the petition from members of the UPND. I am therefore at a loss on why there is need to march and go and deliver the petition.
    The view of most members is that a petition should be made without neccessarily marching, especially if the police will not provide a permit and protection. Have a blessed Sunday.

  3. Avoid Confrontations, who will confront UPND memebers? PF not so? Why not just arrest those confronting others. If PF members can match without permint and without being confronted, why can’t others also match. These are human rights being violated.

  4. Typical of Zambia police . They will never make an objective and fair decision so long as pf are in control. One can see that this big headed ugly man is acting on impulse from lungus remote control and yet it is our tax money that pays for this pillock. Trust in public institutions under the dictatorship of lungus is now gone. We need a revolution in Zambia as Zambia is a failed state. We need to get rid of the status quo who have failed us.

  5. The alternarive suggested by police is brilliant. Yes let UPND assemble peacefully and present their petition at their secretariat.
    It is cheaper and more convenient for everyone for one Hakainde to drive in his luxury car to the secretariat than for hundreds of cadres to walk in the scorching sun for 15 kilometres to Hakainde’s house and another 15 kilometres back to town. They will achieve the same thing much quicker and much more economically. HH is an economist, I am sure he would see sense in what I am saying.

  6. It’s important to understand the gist of matching. While the petition can be presented anyhow anywhere, matching simbolizes public displeasure of what’s going on in the country and draws public sympathy and condemnation. That’s exactly what UPND intends to achieve. That I believe will not break anyone’s leg.

    • Not public displeasure, UPND displeasure. We are happy with what’s going on in the country. More over, we are happy HH lost.

  7. However if UPND is under the illusion that HH is also president of Zambia and his house in new Kasama is another State House, then we must politely remind him and bring him back down to the real world.
    Or is it that they want to use the procession to create anarchy and force the hands of the police? Perhaps they want to use the ensuing anarchy to sacrifice another poor young girl? Has HH forgotten so soon that that he called on people to rise against the government? Under those circumstances which responsible police will give them a permit to destabilise the country when the newly elected government is just settling down to serious business?

  8. They matched with whom? Oh! You mean they marched!? OK. Now guys, just let them ‘walk’ ensuring that they are matched well and not with turbulent or trouble-making elements. I don’t think the Police are in a position to suggest how demonstrations must be done as it is beyond them constitutionally.

  9. Alternatively HH should sponsor those hundreds of cadres who want to march to instead fly with him to The Hague so that they give him Zambian solidarity when he presents llhis petition to the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court?

  10. This is not even news. Satamic Kaponya Hakainde Hichilema AKA Kalusa is no longer a factor on the Zambian political scene.
    I see Hakashinde Hichilenya (HH) being ousted by GBM and Nevers Mumbwe.

  11. UPND is now being broken up from the inside by the many parasites who joined for the belly. (HH) has no option but to feed them. I personally know Lupando Mwape and Bob Sichinga so you can imagine how ashamed I was of these two FO0LS we used to call Uncle.

    Katuka was disappointed to hear that Kaponya (HH) paid the dull lawyers so much money for 2 weeks. Katuka also wants his share through marching fees.

  12. Secretly behind the scenes Jack Mwimbu is organising rebel UPND youths to oust GBM but GBM and Nervous Mumbwe have already ousted Canicius Banda and next they are targeting the leader Kaponya (HH).
    Naive and politically untrained Under 5 Kaponya (HH) thinks he’s in control after buying his Free Manson soul from the devil. Satamic cult UPND

  13. Things are bad in Zambia. Other day trying to put full tank in my 2015 range rover felt like I was making life and death decision. Economy in shatters

    • Live within your means and you will discover that things are not as bad as you portray them. It is wisdom to always drive or live in a house you can afford to pay for without wanting to borrow. The car you have is nice but if you are struggling to put fuel in it then it’s not yet your size. I can imagine what will happen when it’s time to service it. That’s why in Europe or Japan, people buy vehicles for convenience of mobility and not class. It’s your financial status that determines the kind of car one drives.

    • advisor you must be lungu’s advisor because your reasoning is very flawed. How can you assume my financial capability when the price of fuel keeps yoyoling? My point is that there isnt any certainty in this economy. How can we do busienss when one day we can afford something and the next day we cannot? please open your head. The same europe you are talking about, they have stable economies which means that their people can make stable decisions. Look now how ignorant you look.

    • @NEZ
      Why drive a range rover if you cannot afford fuel for it? Be real and buy yourself a corolla. These are the UPND cadres who were contributing their monthly income to UPND in the hope of getting GRZ jobs and contracts if UPND won. Now they have no money and are struggling to even buy fuel for their range rovers.

  14. Typical of dictators.

    But dictators’ finishing always disastrous.

    Lungu and his PF will regret when time to account comes.


  16. Icc and icj doesn’t deal with election disputes. Instead they handle issues like the ones which happened in namwala. Moreover hhgbm already have a case against them waiting.
    Katuka think twice where you want to send your paymaster. He will be clamped upon arriving there.

  17. ALI BONGO has also copied from LUNGU & has also compromised Constitutional Court & extended his rule for another 7 LONG years after losing to Opposition leader Jean Ping.

    There’s a new breed of Shameless CORRUPT Leaders in Africa from BURUNDI, DRC, ZAMBIA, UGANDA, ZIMBABWE, to RSA that is refusing to relinquish power to legitimate winners to a point of buying election officers, police & judges. It’s a really a SAD TIME FOR AFRICAN DEMOCRACY.

  18. Do UPND leaders live on Jupter where there are no traffic jams? As the City of Lusaka tries to find lasting solutions relating to resolution of traffic flows at peak hours, why on Earth would UPND leaders want to cause traffic havoc just because they failed to institute political havoc?

    The rich Party can just hire many coaches to ferry its overzealous members for a cup of tea (is it glass of beer) at HH’s house. Yet the rains are about to set for hard working Zambians to till the land for crop planting. Indeed UPND leadership has sank to its lowest ebb.

  19. Well done they just want to provoke the situation so that they have a point to prove that PF govt.means no good.Please elections are won when majority favours your party.In this case PF has the mandate the international community have all welcomed the outcome of the results please stop instigating violence you will not succeed trust me.

  20. peaceful match is not an offence, pf last month matched in kabwe.why not upnd too much dictatership in pf governance.permition must be given to any group with escort by police.


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