HH should express gratitude to Dr Banda as opposed to punishing him-Frank Bwalya

Frank Bwalya
Frank Bwalya
Frank Bwalya
Frank Bwalya

The PF says it agrees with UPND Vice President for politics Dr Canisius Banda that his President should express gratitude as opposed to the punishment he has received.

PF Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya said Dr Banda joined the party when it needed high profile politicians to diminish the tribal tag which had become indelible on the party skin.

Mr Bwalya said Dr Banda has worked hard for the Party and has enhanced Mr Hichilema’s image as a presidential material.

“We agree with suspended United Party for National Development vice president for politics Dr Canisius Banda that what he should have expected from the UPND Mr Hakainde Hichilema was gratitude and commendation for his loyalty and sacrifices and not the malicious suspension he has been slapped with.

“The reason we agree with Dr Banda is that he joined UPND at a time when the party desperately needed high profile politicians from regions beyond Southern province to join them as party of the project to diminish the tribal mark that had become indelible on the UPND skin,” he said.

He added “Zambians have not forgotten that Mr Hichilema’s ascendancy to power in UPND having emerged from without after the death of founding leader late Mr Anderson Kambela Mazoka was characterised by scandalous tribalism.

“During the succession process the UPND made it clear that the party wouldn’t accept a non-Tonga to take over as leader of their party. The move to exclude non-Tongas for the top position caused the exodus of many senior members who accused the party of tribalism. Those who left UPND include Mr Sakwiba Sikota SC and Mr Patrick Chisanga, to mention but a few.

“Against this background, we believe that Dr Banda made a great contribution to project the UPND as a non-tribal party. He also added value to the UPND top leadership owing to his wise, sober and thoughtful leadership. We are aware of the many sacrifices that Dr Banda made for the UPND and Mr Hichilema as an individual. He helped to launder Mr Hichilema and did a lot to enhance his profile as presidential material,” he said.

He said Dr Banda is a classic example of how the UPND has been using people to wash off their tribal tag.

“Therefore we believe that the suspension of Dr Banda is a classic example of how UPND has been inviting people to their party and use them as detergents to wash of their tribal tag and thereafter get rid of them. In this case, Dr Banda was used to help Mr Hichilema become appealing mainly to Easterners. This explains why each time Mr Hichilema visited Eastern province as part of his party mobilisation and campaign programme he always went with Dr Banda.

“As such, we think that the suspension and impending dismissal of Dr Canisius Banda from the UPND should serve as a timely warning to the many newcomers to the UPND who were invited for the sole purpose of changing the party’s tribal complexion. These members including the likes of Mr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM), Mr Mulenga Sata and others will soon realise that they are not wanted in UPND,” he said.

He added “Finally, we wish to advise unsuspecting politicians in our country who may think UPND is attractive to consult those who supported Mr Hichilema in the 2015 presidential election and swiftly distanced themselves from him. These include Dr Katele Kalumba, Mr Lameck Mangani and now finance minister Mr Felix Mutati to mention but a few.”


    • Instead of working that now they are in power, they are pre-occupying their mind on what is going on within UPND. Very soon it will be five years and they would have done nothing, but will still be telling us not to vote for UPND coz they are tribal…..

    • The man has been suspended and asked to exculpate himself.

      Why write a letter of thanksgiving

      I am sure HH will thank him were he to expel him

      He is not expelled and remains a member of UPND.

      This is an internal disciplinary letter, that Banda has every reason to defend himself and hopefully, recede the letter.

      I dont understand where Father Bwalya is coming from, and or how he has responded to something that if he is a PS, should have netter things to do.

      Another example of a man, who is not qualified to hold a position in Father Bwalya.

      How the man is a Father or a PS is a mystery


    • @Mushota, is there anything you understand in this world?

      No offense intended, but you always come across as a very naive wannabe intellectual going by the stuff you write. If we are to believe the stuff you write even yourself “understand” them!

  1. Father if the news of Dr Banda is good for pf, then i advise you to celebrate quietly. PF has its own problems and time will tell. UPND might even be better off because they have 5 years to reorganize after after Dr Banda saga. Everyone knew Banda’s life in UPND would end like this but i think PF’s situation will be worse 2 or 1year before 2021 elections. I see your status in PF not different to Dr Banda’s in UPND.

  2. Since Mr Bwalya is citing tribalism as the cause of Dr Banda’s seeming fall out, can some one educate me whether GBM who is alleged to have been attacked in the press is Tonga- thought the attack on him was the climax of everything?. Canisius is indeed a great guy and if I was him, I would have avoided tantrums but remained stead fast in responding to opponents. Storms come and storms go. Remember its just politics.

  3. Why is Frank Bwanya worrying about UPND affairs? If Dr C Banda is so good PF should take him and give him a job. Dr Banda has been longing to board the PF Gravy train driven by Ku mozi kumaawa driver. Dr C Banda should enjoy the ride and the fruits of electoral theft,fraud and human rights violations. Dr Banda should enjoy the PF Gravy train while it lasts. The violent panga thugs will reach Dr Banda how its done in the PF thuggery world. Good luck Dr CB. Bon voyage!

  4. I pray that the internal wrangle in UPND be settled amicably so that the party remains intact to offer strong checks and balances

  5. But is it Mr. Bwalya`s business to mingle in UPND issues? He should be enjoying what he wanted – winning election!!!
    Now he should leave UPND alone, why is talking about UPND all the time, non of his business.

    Please, Bwalya, SHUT UP!

  6. U yu Chimbwi he is still talking, Mwandi Chagwa, No position for this man. He is a snake, he want to trick you to put him very close. Can’t you see that he wants to be president too. He made his own party remember. He abandoned his followers when he saw an opportunity without SATA in PF. Just wait, he is still wiving his web in the PF, Then, he will hit you in the face. U zagwa zoonadi.

  7. A true LEADER must act under the following characteristics:
    3: WISEDOM
    4: INTELLIGENCE. and
    5: PATIENCE.
    HAKULALUSAFYE HEVERY HATER 5 YEARS has got none of the above qualities as exhibited by his action towards canicius banda.busy decompaining himself and again in 2021 he will blame the ICC, ECZ,ZNBC THE CONCOURT and the electorates.when God says NO its NO.

  8. even you canicius we told you what these tribalists are capable of and you didn’t listen,its true when we say”UMWANA ASHUMFWA AMENENE UMWEMFU KWIKOSHI”anyway we will shave that beard since MALIBU YAKUILOMBELA.

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