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Dora pledges Agriculture boom in five years

Economy Dora pledges Agriculture boom in five years

Mister of Agriculture Dora Siliya
Mister of Agriculture Dora Siliya

Newly appointed Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya says she will work tirelessly to make the agriculture sector the mainstay of the Zambian economy in the next five years.

Ms. Siliya who was today sworn in President Edgar Lungu as Agriculture Minister stated that the sector has immense opportunity which needs to be exploited.

Ms. Siliya said a lot of promises were made during the campaign period especially regarding the agriculture sector and that now is the time to actualise the promises.

She said she will work towards growing the volume of agriculture exports to regional markets as a way of increasing foreign exchange earnings.

Ms. Siliya said one of her commitments during her tenure as Agriculture Minister will be to make the country food secure.

She said her Ministry will also invest heavily in research and development in order to maximise the country’s earnings from agriculture.

Ms. Siliya said most countries that have recorded significant agriculture development have invested heavily in research and development.

She said the Ministry of Agriculture will modernise and revamp all the existing agriculture training institutions in order to carry out extensive research in agriculture development.

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  1. We will be monitoring your performance very closely Ms. Siliya starting from now. The rain season is almost here…giving you an opportunity to show case your mgt skills. Our eyes are on you.

    • Sis, you have our unwavering support to building national food security. We will support you in driving national agribusiness industry shifting it into a mechanized system, irrigation and aquaculture. There is high appetite of investing in Agriculture. Food insecurity is clear and present danger confronting population burst across Africa, South Asia and beyond. Let turn it into a cash cow.

    • Dora to be mixing manure and inspect cassava fields, these PF are a worst. Dora is a Minister of Gardens.
      Growing rape in Bauleni is not agriculture, that’s gardening.

  2. Kikiki very laughable. What has this woman achieved apart from insults and failed marriage

  3. How l wished you served in the Energy ministry? I felt your efforts were paying off. Congratulations though for your new position.

    After You fail in this Agriculture ministry, Chagwa will probably create for you the new “Ministry of Matak0 a soft”

  5. You failed as energy minister, what can you achieve this time. You’re in wrong ministry. You belong to broadcasting where you can be useful. Chagwa has no vision

  6. You insult PF yet first to benefit from their programs. Minister some pipo are like babies who cry even when their mothers feed them


    Looking back at Dora at Min of Energy, I’d be very greatiful to give her more than 20% rating.

    On her way out, we still have load shedding, nothing has been done on alternative sources of energy, the price of a modest gen set is higher than time she was appointed minister.

    Not a word was made by Dora through out her tenure on massive grants out there that the USA is offering Burundi & Rwanda to give citizens of these two countries alternative affordable Solar Power for Homes, Schools & Health Centres.

    Now coming to Agriculture, she’d do well by starting with World Commodity List available on CNN Business page. There are 18 World Traded Commodities.

    Of the 18, 8 including Copper can be grown in Zambia. Any leader worth to be called a…

  8. It’s not like she is saying something new. Every recent past minister of agric said those things: investing more, increase food security, agric as business, etc. It’s talk talk talk in front of cameras!

  9. As our President said, do not concentrate on the negative bla bla from the other side of the fence but listen to hear and quietly analyse then act. It does not matter whether the idea is from the opposition but whether it is progressive or not. The suggestions that are voiced are not trade marks that you can not implement without a permit. Many men and women who listen to answer have never said anything worth the term wisdom.

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